Super Gene - Chapter 520: Killing The Golden Crab

Chapter 520: Killing The Golden Crab

Chapter 520: Killing The Golden Crab

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It was so easy to kill fish creatures the bottom of the water.

"I must get my hands on the Crystal Palace. This is such a bug. With the Crystal Palace, I own the entire ocean." Han Sen was overjoyed.

He summoned Snow Charmer, asking her to shoot down the creatures in the water with her spear, while Han Sen was cooking the fish, feeling relaxed.

"Meat of golden anchovy eaten. One primitive geno point gained."

"Snow Charmer killed primitive golden swordfish. Beast soul of golden swordfish gained. Eat its meat to gain 0 to 10 primitive geno points."

Han Sen did not have to move a finger. As he was reading, Snow Charmer could help him kill the creatures and Mermaid Princess would cook the creatures for him and even feed them to him. All he needed to do was to open his mouth.

"This is such a life in heaven. I have wasted more than two decades. This is what hunting should be like." Han Sen felt so good as he could gain geno points while lying.

"If I could get that silver-haired royal spirit as well, that would be even better," Han Sen thought to himself.

There were all kinds of creatures at the bottom of the lake. Some Han Sen could not recognize at all. There were sh.e.l.lfish as big as a mill, lobsters as big as a motorcycle, and even sea beasts of different shapes.

There were many mutant creatures. However, because Crystal Palace could not be moved, Han Sen could only wait for the creatures to approach the shelter to kill them. If he entered the water, even he would not be the match of those creatures, not to mention Snow Charmer.

This made Han Sen want the Crystal Palace even more. If the Crystal Palace could be moved as he wished, he could kill all the creatures he liked.

Even so, Han Sen had incredible gains still. In just a dozen days, he had filled up his primitive geno points and gained seventeen mutant geno points.

In addition to the increase in his geno points, he also gained a dozen primitive beast souls and a mutant beast soul. These gains were much more than back in the days when Han Sen hunted alone.

The only shame was that he did not hunt any sacred-blood creature. There seemed to be only one sacred-blood creature which was the silver eel in the area of the frozen lake. Other than that, there was the golden crab.

For the dozen days, Snow Charmer had hunted a lot of primitive creatures. Since Han Sen could not finish all the food himself, he piled the food up, wanting to sell it after he got out.

Who knows that the golden crab was so shameless that it came to take some every day, treating Han Sen's place as its kitchen.

"d.a.m.n you, crab. I must get straight with you today." Han Sen had tolerated its behaviors for days and felt he should be on the same level as the golden crab in terms of fitness. So, he planned to try to kill it, getting the Crystal Palace back.

As usual, the golden crab came to Han Sen to steal the meat again. When it turned away, Han Sen used his claws to hit the crab's sh.e.l.l.

The golden crab quickly reacted. It threw away the two fish it had taken. Flipping itself around, it shot its pincer at Han Sen's claws.


The pincer hit the claws and sounded like metal. Han Sen stepped back three times before he could stabilize himself. The golden crab also fell back. They were about on the same level judging from this round.

Seeing that his strength was no weaker than the golden crab, Han Sen felt overjoyed and waved his claws again.

However, this time, Han Sen did not hit the golden crab head on, but walked around it using kiting skills.

Very soon, Han Sen found an opportunity to hit the crab hard on its sh.e.l.l. However, the claws only left three shallow marks on the golden sh.e.l.l and did not crush it.

"So hard!" After fighting for more than half an hour, Han Sen made several hits on the golden crab, but only shallow marks were left. The crab was not hurt for real.

Han Sen took his claws back and decided to use his fists to fight the golden crab. When hitting the golden crab, he secretly used the yin force.

However, since the yin force only penetrate 3 to 4 inches, Han Sen could not really hurt the crab if he was. .h.i.tting at the wrong spot.


Han Sen found an opportunity to hit the golden crab on its head. Suddenly, he saw the golden crab wobbling as if it were drunk.

Han Sen was overjoyed, going up to hit its head hard.

The golden crab seemed to be dizzy from the hit. Its strikes were no longer organized or forceful.

For several punches, Han Sen had hit the head of the golden crab repeatedly. The yin force went deep, and the golden crab became even more dizzy. It could no longer stand straight and fell on the floor.

Hitting madly on the crab sh.e.l.l with his fists, Han Sen sent yin force into its head. Gradually, it stopped moving.

"Sacred-blood creature golden pincer king killed. Beast soul of golden pincer king gained. Eat its meat to gain 0 to 10 sacred geno points randomly." Hearing the voice at last, Han Sen felt overjoyed. He quickly checked the type of the beast soul of the golden pincer king.

Type of beast soul of sacred-blood creature golden pincer king: armor.

Han Sen summoned the beast soul and golden armor suddenly appeared on his body, covering him up completely. He looked lean and strong, full of power.

At first sight, this armor and the black beetle armor were very similar. They were both golden armor that covered the whole body. However, their shapes were slightly different. The helmet of the pincer king armor was clearly a golden crab.

"Eventually I have a sacred-blood armor again. In the future, I will use the black crystal to turn it into a berserk sacred-blood beast soul. At that time, I think not even sacred-blood weapons could hurt it." Han Sen was very happy.

He was used to having sacred-blood armor with him. When he came to Second G.o.d's Sanctuary, he had always wanted his armor, and this was his dream coming true.

Putting the armor on, Han Sen climbed on the boat and walked slowly into the cabin.

After pa.s.sing the hall, there were corridors and rooms inside everywhere. He did not encounter any other creature. However, Han Sen could not find where the operating room was, so he had to summon Mermaid Princess.

Mermaid Princess guided Han Sen's way and they soon reached the operating room which was on the upper level of the crystal sailboat.

Seeing the crystal rudder, Mermaid Princess cheered and grabbed it. The moment she grabbed the crystal rudder, Han Sen felt the entire crystal sailboat was vibrating, making squeaking noises.

Looking from the crystal window ahead of him, Han Sen saw the weather was flowing and the sails rose. The entire sailboat was rising slowly.

"My dear master, where do you want to go?" Mermaid Princess looked at Han Sen, excited.