Super Gene - Chapter 522: Stealing the Spirit

Chapter 522: Stealing the Spirit

Chapter 522: Stealing the Spirit

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In front of the group of porcupines, a giant 9 feet tall covered in black iron armor ran into the army of humans on a huge boar, holding and tower s.h.i.+eld in one hand and a double axe in the other. There was no one among the humans who could do anything to him.

A human evolver who looked quite fit and should have a fitness over a hundred was slas.h.i.+ng a long broadsword at the giant. However, all the strikes were blocked by the tower s.h.i.+eld of the giant warrior, who was not hurt.

With the rampage of the huge boar, no one could stop the double axe in the giant's hand.

Han Sen took a look at it and felt surprised. This seemed to be an aristocrat shelter, so the giant warrior should be an aristocrat spirit, the equivalence of mutant creatures.

However, the defense of his armor and s.h.i.+eld was so good that even the human evolver with more than a hundred in fitness index cannot break his s.h.i.+eld, which was astonis.h.i.+ng.

Coupled with the spikes coming from the porcupines, the humans could not go inside the shelter at all. Nor did they have any opportunity to destroy the spirit stone of the giant warrior.

"What a nice meat s.h.i.+eld spirit! I will not miss it." Han Sen was very motivated. That spirit was very strong and muscular. Together with the tower s.h.i.+eld and armor, he had incredible defense. Although he was just an aristocrat spirit, he was no worse than some royal spirits in terms of defense.

If he could get this spirit, it would be much easier for him to kill creatures in the future with a s.h.i.+eld.

Han Sen summoned the golden armor and rushed out of the ocean. He directly went to the direction of the spirit shelter. There was no use to kill the spirit. He must grab the spirit stone as soon as possible.

The injuries were heavy in human army. As they were hesitating whether they should retreat, they suddenly saw a golden figure rus.h.i.+ng toward the spirit shelter at an incredible speed.

The group of porcupines bristled and shot spikes at the golden figure. A rain of spikes was flying toward him.

Many people were nervous as they watched. They had suffered a lot from the spikes and knew how good they were. Even mutant armor could not fully block their penetration.

There were at least a thousand spikes shooting at the golden figure. The man will very likely be killed in the end.

However, the golden figure did not stop at all and rushed into the spikes. The spikes. .h.i.t him like a storm, making noises continuously. All the spikes that touched the golden figure were flicked away or broken, yet the golden figure was not hurt at all. He was still charging toward the spirit shelter at a high speed.

Round after round of spikes did not affect the golden figure at all. The golden figure soon went into the porcupines. As he moved, he killed several porcupines already.

The porcupines guarding the shelter suddenly became a mess, while the golden figure had rushed into the spirit shelter.

Everything happened so fast. When the golden figure disappeared in the shelter, the army of humans then realized what had happened. As the porcupines were disorganized, humans started to charge with all they got.

The spirit giant warrior saw him entering the spirit shelter and became astonished. Riding on the giant boar, he ran into the shelter. Without the help of the giant warrior, the disorganized porcupines became even weaker in front of the Army of humans. Shortly, humans had entered the shelter.

Inside the shelter, they saw creature bodies lay everywhere. The golden figure rushed deep inside the shelter nonstop. Even groups of creatures cannot stop him at all. With no weapon, he killed every creature in front of him and entered the most magnificent hall in the castle.

The spirit warrior riding the boar chased after him like crazy, but it was too late. When the spirit warrior came to the hall, the golden figure had already walked out of the hall, with a glowing gem in his hand.


When the spirit warrior came to the golden figure, he did not launch a suicidal attack toward the man as people expected. Surprisingly, it kneeled in front of the golden figure.

"Mad s.h.i.+eld is willing to give his master the purest soul, follow his master all his life, and never betray his master."

Everyone felt astonished, seeing this incredible scene. It was so rare that a spirit would offer his allegiance. In addition, one should beat the spirit before the spirit offered his allegiance.

However, the golden figure did not even fight the spirit warrior, yet the spirit gave his allegiance already. The chance that this would happen was probably less than one out of ten thousand.

Seeing the golden figure placing the spirit stone on the forehead of the spirit, people were almost blinded by the strong light of the stone. Then, both the spirit and spirit stone disappeared. Obviously, they had been taken back by their master.

After the spirit was gone, the creatures in the shelter became a mess. The giant boar which was the spirit's mount roared and charged the golden figure. However, the golden figure did not try to dodge at all.

The moment when the giant boar had come to his face, his fist covered in golden armor hit the boar.

Facing the giant creature that were rus.h.i.+ng over like armored vehicles, the golden figure simply took back his fist casually, while the giant boar suddenly had blood coming out of all the holes on its body, dying at the feet of the golden figure.

"Strong, he's too strong…" Everybody gasped. Just now, when they were fighting outside, the humans had seen how strong the giant mount was. Even evolvers with a fitness index more than a hundred could not face it head on. However, the creature was killed by the golden figure with one strike.

"Dollar, he must be Dollar. Dollar is among us…" Someone suddenly exclaimed, making people having a chill.

Yes, the golden armor, the invincible att.i.tude, who else could it be other than Dollar?

"Dammit! It turns out Dollar is here."

"Dollar is simply invincible, even in Second G.o.d's Sanctuary."

"Dollar, I love you."

"With Dollar here, we will never be afraid of the creatures."

"That punch is so bad a.s.s."

Han Sen did not stay at all. After killing the boar, he jumped to the top of the palace and quickly left the shelter. He was basically stealing other people's spirit and felt too ashamed to stay.