Super Gene - Chapter 511: Solving the Puzzle

Chapter 511: Solving the Puzzle

Chapter 511: Solving the Puzzle

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The next day, Han Sen logged into the virtual camp at the time agreed with Tang Zhenliu.

According to the ID name that Tang Zhenliu told him, Han Sen added him as a friend. Tang Zhenliu accepted Han Sen's request and invited him to enter the room, changing the setting to "no audience allowed."

Tornado Knife was one of the secrets of Tang Zhenliu's family. Although it was leaked once, the secret shall still be kept.

Tang Zhenliu demonstrated for Han Sen in a slower speed than normal. In addition, he told Han Sen about the keys of the Tornado Knife in slow motion, which could not be seen by outsiders.

The front was different from the back. Because Tang Zhenliu could not make much time every day, he was sacrificing his limited resting time and sparing one hour a day. Therefore, the two did not speak at all and went directly into the fight.

Tang Zhenliu slashed at Han Sen with his weapon, and Han Sen tried to block it. When the two weapons were about to clash, Tang Zhenliu's weapon weirdly disappeared at Han Sen's side. When it appeared again, it was already on Han Sen's chest.

Although Han Sen could use his footwork to dodge the strike, it would not be meaningful at all. If he could not block the strike upfront, the best Han Sen could do was not to lose. If he could not beat BlackG.o.d, it would mean nothing to Han Sen.

Han Sen did not continue to dodge Tang Zhenliu's strikes, taking the strike directly and feeling the rhythm of the skills.

"Again." Han Sen waved his weapon again, attacking Tang Zhenliu one more time.

Although Tang Zhenliu had explained the key to the skills, Han Sen still felt it was difficult to predict the Tornado Knife in actual fight.

It was mainly because the speed of the weapon was so fast that Han Sen could only stop it by attacking Tang Zhenliu. The best he could do was mutual destruction, and most of the time, Han Sen was killed off directly.

Neither of them could predict the other. However, because Tornado Knife was fast enough, Tang Zhenliu was able to cut Han Sen earlier, which Han Sen had no solution to cope with.

"Again… Again… Again…"

One hour had soon pa.s.sed, but the result was not that great. When Tang Zhenliu was using all he got, Han Sen still could not block Tornado Knife.

"There is a unique way to use force in my family, which is integrated in Tornado Knife. It allows the speed to be incredibly high momentarily. At the same fitness level, one is unlikely to block Tornado Knife. In addition, BlackG.o.d is even stronger than you. If you want to beat him, you can only rely on your footwork and wait for him to expose his weaknesses. Otherwise, it is hard for you to win. I am only sparring with you to get you familiar with the rhythm and attacking range of Tornado Knife, so that you will have more information when you face him again," Tang Zhenliu said and quickly left the virtual camp.

Han Sen knew that Tang Zhenliu was right. If it was the one on one, Han Sen could use his footwork to deal with BlackG.o.d, and it will not be easy for BlackG.o.d to beat him. However, that way, he will only have an opportunity when BlackG.o.d made a mistake, which meant handing the initiative to BlackG.o.d, which Han Sen could not accept.

In addition, the BlackG.o.d Shelter was huge, so Han Sen would never have an opportunity to fight BlackG.o.d one on one. BlackG.o.d would definitely be surrounded by other evolvers. In order to kill BlackG.o.d, Han Sen had to block Tornado Knife upfront.

"So fast. How shall I block it?" Han Sen thought to himself but did not have any conclusion.

Beep beep!

As Han Sen was thinking, he suddenly heard a call on the virtual camp. He took a look and saw it was from Ms. perfume.

Han Sen chose to accept, and Ms. perfume suddenly appeared in front of Han Sen. She looked at Han Sen and asked, "Coach, do you have time to teach me? I have several questions about last session that I want to ask you."

"I'm afraid today's not a good time." Han Sen shook his head. He was thinking what the solution to Tornado Knife was and was in no mood to teach Ms. perfume.

Qin Xuan was slightly disappointed. She had waited for a long time to see soldier on the wars.h.i.+p again, but she did not have the opportunity to ask him questions. Naturally, she was let down.

When Qin Xuan was about to say goodbye, she suddenly heard Han Sen asked, "do you practice fast sword or knife?"

"Yes, but I am not that good at it," Qin Xuan answered hastily.

Atomic fission that she practiced was great in both strength and perseverance. That was why her techniques were all quite balanced. There were no extreme techniques.

"Then, if you encounter someone who is much faster than you, what will you do?" Han Sen did not truly want to ask her, but only voiced his concern.

Qin Xuan thought about it and said, "Avoid it with my footwork and then find the perfect opportunity."

Qin Xuan thought he was using questions to teach her and felt quite happy inwardly, not daring to take Han Sen's question lightly.

"If you could not dodge and have to fight it out with your opponent, what then?" Han Sen asked again.

"If we are fighting for life and death, the faster one will definitely win. If I am not faster than my opponent, and I could only enhance my strength." Qin Xuan said after serious consideration.

"Why strength?" Han Sen looked at her in surprise. He initially thought Qin Xuan would say to increase her defense.

Qin Xuan thought Han Sen was testing her, so she organized her words and said, "If one is fast, then his strength must not be too strong. If I am strong enough, I will not die from his strike. However, my strike will kill him. That is a method."

"Although what you said might work, it is not the answer I want." Han Sen shook his head with a wry smile. This method would not work against Tornado Knife.

The strength of BlackG.o.d was stronger than Han Sen's to begin with. Even if they trade one strike for the other, Han Sen would be the one who suffered more.

"I am not smart enough. Please instruct me, coach." Qin Xuan could not think of a way to win when her opponents was faster than her. Han Sen wanted to say he did not know, but when he saw Miss perfume, Han Sen suddenly thought of one thing. Last time, when he was teaching her, he was explaining the techniques in Dongxuan Sutra. At that time, he explained several techniques that he was practicing. However, thinking of those techniques, Han Sen's eyes suddenly lit up.

It was not about those techniques, but about some other words in Dongxuan Sutra.

The other words were also included in the parts of Dongxuah Sutra that Han Sen had already translated. It was related to what Han Sen had learned about footwork, but Han Sen was not able to perceive it fully.

However, thinking back, Han Sen felt he suddenly understood those words.

He invited Ms. perfume to fight and said to her, "Come on, use all you got to attack me at full speed."