Super Gene - Chapter 510: Tornado Knife

Chapter 510: Tornado Knife

Chapter 510: Tornado Knife

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At a remote corner of the frozen lake, Han Sen made an ice hole from underneath the water and climbed out. He shook off the water on his body and quickly left the lake for the icefield seeing no one was around.

Han Sen wanted to go to Starwheel Shelter to ask Li Xinglun about the detailed information of BlackG.o.d Shelter. Only when he had more information about his enemy could he hit his enemy harder.

Especially, Han Sen must find out about BlackG.o.d's knife skills.

Li Xinglun was very glad to see Han Sen visiting him. Hearing Han Sen explaining his conflict with BlackG.o.d, he frowned and said, "BlackG.o.d is more and more arrogant and wanton."

Li Xinglun explained the background of BlackG.o.d in details to Han Sen, which made Han Sen frowned slightly.

The family of BlackG.o.d was quite ordinary, but he was working for a force in the Alliance, which made it almost impossible for Han Sen to kill him in the Alliance. Among all the shelters, he was the strongest on the icefield. In addition, every month he provided a large sum of income to the force in the Alliance, which gave him strong support. It was not easy to take him down.

As for the knife skills of BlackG.o.d, all Li Xinglun knew was that it was called Tornado Knife. He did not know how it worked either. Li Xinglun only knew that when BlackG.o.d made the move, the knife would disappear for a moment, as if it was teleported.

Of course, BlackG.o.d was merely an evolver, so he could not have the ability to make the knife teleport. There must be some special techniques that they did not know of.

"Tornado Knife, it sounds familiar somehow?" Han Sen felt he had heard about the name somewhere.

Thinking about it, Han Sen then remembered that Tang Zhenliu had once said that one of his knife skills was Tornado Knife.

However, from what Han Sen could remember, Tang Zhenliu did not have the ability to make his weapon disappear.

"Would this BlackG.o.d be related to Tang Zhenliu?" Han Sen was determined to ask Tang Zhenliu first when he went back, to figure out what Tornado Knife was about.

After he returned to the Alliance, Han Sen asked Ji Yanran to get him the number of Tang Zhenliu in the military. Han Sen then contacted Tang Zhenliu.

"Han Sen, how does it feel to be a soldier?" Tang Zhenliu asked Han Sen, smiling.

"I don't feel much," Han Sen shrugged and said.

He was telling the truth. Although he was now Ji Yanran's guard, the actual guard was Annie, so Han Sen was merely a declaration.

In fact, no one expected that Han Sen could protect Ji Yanran as an evolver. His position was required by Ji Yanran herself, and initially her guard was only Annie.

However, since Annie had arrived, Han Sen had a lot less time to spend with Ji Yanran. That woman was following Ji Yanran almost 24/7, which made Han Sen very mad about it, even questioning whether she was a lesbian in love with Ji Yanran.

"Ha ha, your life is great. With the beauty on your side, it is not like an ordinary service. You are completely on vacation with your girl. Lin Feng and I are having a terrible time. We are either training or fighting the Shura, almost losing our lives several times," said Tang Zhenliu, feeling upset.

"How come you guys are at the front?" Han Sen asked, puzzled.

With the background of Tang Zhenliu and Lin Feng, it should be easy for them to stay in the back, but they were serving in the front.

"It is completely Lin Feng's idea. He said only by doing this can we exercise ourselves. He must stay in this h.e.l.l and the wars are so frequent that I have almost gone mad." Although Tang Zhenliu said that, he was smiling. Obviously, he was just joking stop

Han Sen looked at Tang Zhenliu carefully and found he had much darker skin than before. He also looked tougher with an injury that had not cured on his forehead, looking more like a man.

Tang Zhenliu explained briefly what was happening on his side. Lin Feng and he were warframe soldiers. And on their planet, humans and Shura were coexisting, fighting for the mines. However, because of the location of the planet, no one could take the entire planet. Both forces had armies on the planet and they fought once in a while.

When they had finished chatting, Han Sen then asked about BlackG.o.d and Tornado Knife. After hearing Han Sen's words, Tang Zhenliu hit the table madly and said coldly, "Dammit. Han Sen, if you have the chance, killed the b.a.s.t.a.r.d for me."

Han Sen was surprised to see Tang Zhenliu being so excited, so he asked Tang Zhenliu what had happened.

Tang Zhenliu told Han Sen that Tornado Knife was originally one of the family secrets of the Tangs. Later on, due to some incidents in the family, Tornado Knife was robbed by others, which was a huge shame for the family.

"Then I could act freely." Han Sen was initially afraid that there might be some kind of connection between BlackG.o.d and Tang Zhenliu, which might be awkward in the future. At this point, he was completely relaxed.

"Kill him, and I will treat you to drinks. Do not worry about people supporting BlackG.o.d. If you could kill him, I will take care of those people." Tang Zhenliu told Han Sen about the core secret of Tornado Knife, wis.h.i.+ng Han Sen could get rid of Tang Zhenliu, giving his family justice.

After hearing Tang Zhenliu's explanation, Han Sen understood why it looked like BlackG.o.d's knife had disappeared.

In fact, it did not truly disappear. Just because the Tornado Knife was so fast, it felt like it had disappeared.

The speed was not continuous, but a temporary effect in the attack. In a short amount of time, the speed of the knife increased greatly, making the high-speed even higher, causing a visual illusion.

In fact, the knife seen by the eyes was the shadow of the knife. The real knife had already changed its location.

Although Han Sen had understood the mechanism of Tornado Knife, it was still very difficult to tackle it. At that kind of speed, even if he knew what was happening, it would be useless if he could not follow the knife.

With Han Sen's eyesight, he could not even see the knife, so even if he knew the knife was elsewhere, he could not block it.

Tang Zhenliu did not have enough speed and strength in the past, so he did not achieve the same effect as BlackG.o.d. Currently, if he used the skills, he would not be worse than BlackG.o.d.

"Do you have time tomorrow?" Tang Zhenliu asked Han Sen.

"Yes," replied Han Sen.

"Okay then. You go to the virtual camp tomorrow and I will spar with you. Today I have something else, so I must leave now." Tang Zhenliu was a decisive person, so he directly hung up.

Han Sen knew that Tang Zhenliu was going to spar with him using Tornado Knife, which was great news to Han Sen.