Super Gene - Chapter 512: Sullen Tang Zhenliu

Chapter 512: Sullen Tang Zhenliu

Chapter 512: Sullen Tang Zhenliu

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Qin Xuan was overjoyed, thinking Han Sen was trying to teach her. She did not save any energy and cut at Han Sen with Thunder Knife at full speed.

Han Sen had been practicing Thunder Knife as well recently, so he was quite familiar with the skill. When Qin Xuan just raised her hand, before the skill was launched, she felt she had to stop.

Although Han Sen's hand moved later and slower than Qin Xuan's, he placed his hand at a spot that made marry feel very uncomfortable, stopping her from attacking. If Qin Xuan continued her attack by force, her arm would hit Han Sen's hand blade. Qin Xuan took back her hand and was ready to attack again, but the result was the same. Han Sen's hand was again placed at a spot that made her feel very uncomfortable.

Qin Xuan had changed the way to attack 7 to 8 times, but she was never able to make a complete strike. All of her strikes were forced to change in the middle, which made her feel so uncomfortable that she almost wanted to vomit blood.

This way, Qin Xuan was even more respectful toward Han Sen, believing more firmly that Han Sen was a martial arts master and some incredible figure in the military.

"I understand. Coach you are saying that even if my opponent is fast enough, as long as there is s.p.a.ce and distance, I could stay still to fight his moves and buy myself time using s.p.a.ce and distance so as to react…" Qin Xuan said happily.

"It is not completely like that. You do not understand. If you practice more, you will naturally understand it in the future." Han Sen was very happy, and he did not mean to put Qin Xuan down.

Qin Xuan was right, he did buy some time using the distance. However, this amount of time was not enough for him to beat the opponent. The key to win was the word "block."

In ancient times, there was a strategy in wars called attacking Wei to save Zhao, which meant attacking the opponent in his vital parts to make him give up the original target.

The explanation about the word "block" in Dongxuan Sutra was to attack where the enemy had to save and find out the enemy's weakness so as to tackle the enemy's strengths, making the enemy feeling uncomfortable to use his own strength.

This technique was also called "no kill." The aim of this technique was not to kill the enemy, but to force the enemy to take defensive position.

As long as the enemy turned from attacking to defending, then Han Sen could use his footwork. Since the enemy no longer had the ability to attack, it was just a matter time to beat him.

In order to use the blocking technique well, Han Sen must first figure out the importance of each moves, which meant he needed to understand the strengths and weaknesses of his opponent.

For example, Han Sen himself had also practiced Thunder Knife, so he knew what the positions that Qin Xuan had to defend herself were. If Qin Xuan uses a different technique that Han Sen was not familiar with, the effect would not be as good.

Currently, what was beneficial to Han Sen was that Tang Zhenliu who had the same level at using Tornado Knife was his sparring partner. All he needed to do was to fully understand Tornado Knife, and then he could reach the effect that Tang could not attack him at all.

Thinking of that, Han Sen wished that he could fight Tang Zhenliu right away so as to familiarize himself with Tornado Knife.

However, unfortunately, Tang Zhenliu had to many tasks in the front, so he only had limited time every day. When he was in the middle of a project, he did not have time at all.

Even so, Tang Zhenliu was astonished by Han Sen's performance. Initially, he only wanted for Han Sen to avoid the attacks when Han Sen got familiar with the knife skills. However, Han Sen was trying to block the attacks altogether.

Tang Zhenliu originally thought that was something couldn't be achieved. It was a family secret, and he knew very well how strong the techniques were, which were impossible to block.

However, the more he sparred with Han Sen, the more he doubted his own thought. When facing Han Sen, Tang Zhenliu felt harder and harder to make his moves. He felt like he was trapped in a barbed cage. Whenever he tried to reach out his arm, he would be stabbed. And when he was trying to reach out his legs, his thighs would be hurt. The feeling was so depressing that he almost wanted to vomit blood.

The more he fought Han Sen, the more painful Tang Zhenliu felt. He almost wanted to drop his weapon.

"Weirdo… You and Lin Feng are both weirdos…" Finally, one day, Tang Zhenliu could not take it anymore. He threw his weapon away and exclaimed madly at Han Sen.

Han Sen knew that his blocking skills were quite good now. Although it might not work against other skills, it will definitely function when it came to Tornado Knife.

All he needed to do was practice more in order to beat BlackG.o.d.

"This time, you better not give me the chance." Han Sen was thinking how he could get rid of BlackG.o.d the b.a.s.t.a.r.d.

Tang Zhenliu was feeling quite glad. Luckily, his family had more secrets than Tornado Knife. Otherwise, in the future, he did not need to fight Han Sen again and could simply call him grandpa.

In the meantime, Tang Zhenliu swore to himself that he would never use his family skills again in front of Han Sen.

Han Sen asked Tang Zhenliu to practice with him a few more days. In the end, Tang Zhenliu had become the one who was tortured. He could not make his moves, and he was beaten miserably by Han Sen.

Sometimes, Tang Zhenliu could not stand it and used different knife skills to turn the situation around.

When Tang Zhenliu no longer wanted to spar with Han Sen and avoided virtual camp, Han Sen then gave up.

Currently, Han Sen was very confident to face Tornado Knife. However, he was not sure whether BlackG.o.d had practiced other impressive skills. In addition, BlackG.o.d had many master fighters that it was almost impossible to kill him without a perfect opportunity.

"If I could not kill you, I must gain some profits first." After learning from Li Xinglun the recent moves of BlackG.o.d, Han Sen squinted his eyes.

At this time of the year, because of the ocean currents or other causes, on the beach of ice river where there were normally no creatures at all would witness the arrival of a large number of snake fish. They came to the beach from the ocean for unknown reason.

Most snake fish were primitive creatures. However, if the cl.u.s.ter of fish was huge enough, there might be mutant and sacred-blood snake fish among them.

The beach of the ice River was the territory of BlackG.o.d Shelter. Every year, tens of thousands of snake fish would climb up from the ocean. They could always harvest several mutant snake fish and a sacred-blood snake fish king.

This was one of the fixed benefits of BlackG.o.d Shelter. At this time of the year, BlackG.o.d would summon a large number of people to come to the beach to hunt snake fish.

Han Sen arrived at the ice river early. However, he did not go hunting, but dug an ice cave that only one person could fit in at a quarter of the beach. He then hid in the cave and piled up snow on the outside.

No matter how hard BlackG.o.d thought, he could not predict that someone would be hiding in the ice cave for several days. After the large cl.u.s.ter of snake fish had come to the sh.o.r.e, he led people to clear up the place and did not find Han Sen.