Super Gene - Chapter 509: Crystal Palace

Chapter 509: Crystal Palace

Chapter 509: Crystal Palace

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Seeing nothing dangerous had happened, Han Sen quickly walked up to the crystal treasure box and had a look.

Han Sen blinked and failed to react in time. In the treasure box there was a woman, whose lower body was a fishtail. Her upper body was naked and pale, with two scallops covering her

Her long blue hair fell like a waterfall, and her ears were blue fins, looking pretty but weird.

"Is this thing a mermaid?" Han Sen looked at the woman inside the treasure box and saw two other things next to her.

One was a staff shaped like blue coral, and the other was a s.h.i.+ny gemstone.

"Spirit staff… Spirit stone… Is this mermaid like creature a spirit?" Han Sen saw what the two items were and looked to the mermaid in the box, surprised.

According to the logic, once the shelter was conquered, the spirit had no way to run away. It could either choose to give its allegiance or destroy itself together with the spirit stone. How come this mermaid like spirit was placed in this box? Suddenly, a thought made Han Sen's eyes lit up. "The sailboat does not look like it was made by humans. Is it possible that this crystal sailboat is in fact a shelter?"

With the noise outside, Han Sen knew the golden crab seemed to be back. He quickly grabbed the spirit stone.

If the mermaid was really a spirit, as long as Han Sen grabbed the spirit stone, the spirit must be his.

Just when Han Sen put his hands on the spirit stone, the golden crab had rushed into the hall. After it saw Han Sen, it became furious, rus.h.i.+ng toward him waving its pincer.

He took the spirit stone in his hand and ran around the hall. He used the techniques in Dongxuan Sutra and ran from the golden crab using the pillars and other stuff as obstructions.

Han Sen and the crab were running inside the crystal boat, and there was nothing the golden crab could do to Han Sen.

When Han Sen ran, he suddenly heard a noise. Where the noise came from was the box that trapped the mermaid spirit.

When he turned around to look, he saw the mermaid had sat up. Her white hands rubbed her eyes and then stretched. It looked like she had slept well.

After the mermaid woke up, she saw Han Sen and the spirit stone in his hand. Her blue eyes were suddenly dazed, and she froze for a while.

The golden crab was still chasing after Han Sen. When Han Sen was about to continue to run, he suddenly saw the mermaid taking up the staff and pointing it to the golden crab. The golden crab went to the side immediately and did not chase Han Sen anymore.

The mermaid went out of the crystal box with the staff in her hand. When she walked, a piece of wave moved under her fishtail, supporting her to go forward.

The mermaid went up to Han Sen, bowed to him with a hand on her right chest. And then she said, "Mermaid Princess wishes to give her master her pure soul and become his loyal servant."

"Mermaid Princess. This mermaid is a royal spirit!" Han Sen heard her words and became overjoyed. He did not expect a mishap had come a blessing. Just by wandering around under the water, he had gained a royal spirit.

There were two types of Royal spirits. One was Princess and the other was Prince. Since the mermaid caught herself a princess, she was for sure a royal spirit.

Han Sen did not hesitate and put the spirit stone on her forehead. In blue light, the spirit stone and the mermaid became one. They both became a light that entered Han Sen's sea of soul.

Mermaid Princess: Royal spirit.

"She is indeed a royal spirit." Han Sen checked the information of the Princess. Although he had expected it, he still became overjoyed.

After the Mermaid Princess became Han Sen's, the golden crab suddenly became fierce again. It was no longer bound by the spirit and rushed to Han Sen again.

Han Sen ran out of the cabin to dodge the attack of the golden crab. He made it all the way under the crystal boat and the golden crab then gave up its chase.

Han Sen moved further away from the boat and summoned the Mermaid Princess. He then commanded her, "Get rid of the annoying crab."

Since it was a royal spirit, then her ability should be the equivalence of a sacred-blood creature. With her unique intelligence, she should be able to be the match of the crab even if she could not kill it.

However, the mermaid did not move at Han Sen's command. She took a deep breath, her ample b.r.e.a.s.t.s under white scallops s.h.i.+vered, and she said, "Master, I don't have the ability to kill it."

Han Sen felt dazed and looked at her. "Are you not a royal spirit? Even if you could not kill the crab, you should be able to fight it?"

"Sorry, master. I am not a fighting spirit. I do not have the ability to fight," said the Mermaid Princess.

"Then what is your ability?" Han Sen asked curiously.

He had heard about the noncombatant spirits, which were rather rare. However, that was mainly because the spirits that humans gained were limited in general.

"I could operate the Crystal Palace." The Mermaid Princess pointed at the crystal sailboat.

"How would that be useful?" Han Sen looked at the Mermaid Princess, dazed. The ability of this royal spirit was just to operate a boat. Han Sen could not think of what use it would serve.

"The Crystal Palace Shelter is indestructible internally. It could sail to any place in the water, and it could go to the bottom of the sea. Except for the fact that it could not leave the water, Crystal Palace could reach anywhere." Mermaid Princess was obviously upset about Han Sen questioning her ability.

Han Sen thought about it and reckoned that this ability was rather nice. Since the boat was a royal shelter, Han Sen now had a moving castle on the ocean with Mermaid Princess. He could go hunting without any efforts, which would solve the issue of the lack of creatures.

Thinking it was a nice thing to have, Han Sen commanded the Mermaid Princess again, "Okay, get the Crystal Palace over here right now."

"Sorry, master. I could not." The spirit said helplessly.

"How come you could not do that either? Didn't you just say that you could operate the Crystal Palace?" Han Sen looked at the spirit in suspicion.

"I must be sitting on the operating seat of the Crystal Palace to control it," answered Mermaid Princess.

Han Sen became somewhat depressed. The golden crab was guarding the cabin. So, it did not make sense for him to rush inside. In addition, G.o.d knows whether there were more impressive creatures inside.

"Forget it. When I think of a way to kill the crab, I will take back the Crystal Palace." Han Sen give up the thought of taking the sailboat by force. Other people did not have Mermaid Princess anyway, so they could not take the sailboat away even if they had discovered it.