Super Gene - Chapter 506: Fighting under the Water

Chapter 506: Fighting under the Water

Chapter 506: Fighting under the Water

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"Guard the ice holes nearby. I don't believe he will not come out," BlackG.o.d commanded coldly.

The temperature of the water in the frozen lake was incredibly low. Even someone with a fitness level above a hundred could not last long under the water. In addition, Han Sen could not breathe under the water, which was why BlackG.o.d believed that Han Sen could not stay longer than five minutes under the water before he appeared in other ice holes.

At that time, even if Han Sen wanted to fight again, he would be almost frozen to death, which would make BlackG.o.d kill him more easily.

However, after Han Sen entered the water, he was not frozen to death as BlackG.o.d predicted. Although the lake water was incredibly cold, Han Sen still had Jadeskin and the snowy wolf mail. The cold did not affect him too much.

However, he did not dare to stay too long under the water. After all, he did not have the ability to breathe underneath the water. Although he could hold his breath for less than an hour because of his fitness, he could not survive longer.

In addition, there were fish creatures under the water. Han Sen was afraid to encounter advanced fish creatures. Under the water, his ability to fight was much worse than on the land. Han Sen was swimming underneath the ice. Some fish creatures would approach to attack him from time to time, which were all hit senseless by Han Sen's fist. None of them dared to approach him again.

The reason that Han Sen did not kill those fish was that he was afraid the bodies of the fish would float to the surface, which would expose his location under the water.

The frozen lake was huge after all. If he swam further away and climbed up, he could naturally escape successfully.

After Han Sen swam for a while, he felt there was something wrong with the current. The current behind him seemed to be moving. He turned around and found a silver creature that looked like an eel, which rushed toward him like a torpedo.

The silver body as wide as a bucket stirred up the water, which made Han Sen roll around before he stabled himself.

The eel turned around and rushed to Han Sen again. Han Sen thought it was not the way to go, so he moved sideways to dodge the eel and did his claws into its silver scales.

As if he were climbing a tree, Han Sen wrapped his arms and legs around the eel's body. No matter how the eel rolled, Han Sen stuck to the creature.

Although the claws were berserk, which made it tougher than ordinary sacred-blood weapons, it only pierced the eel's body by 2 inches. The eel was so strong that it was definitely a sacred-blood creature.

In the water, Han Sen was not its match at all. He closed his eyes and held the eel tightly as it rolled. With the toxins on the claws, the eel shouldn't be able to survive too long.

The eel rolled so hard that it was incredibly fast in the lake. Han Sen stayed on the eel for a long while and felt something was wrong. The eel turned out to be swimming deeper and deeper. Han Sen did not know how deep the lake was, but the pressure became higher and higher. Even with his fitness and snowy wolf mail, he still felt terrible from the pressure.

"Is it possible that this guy is immune to the poison?" As Han Sen was feeling depressed, he suddenly felt emptiness below his feet and fell.

The first thought Han Sen had was that the eel had jumped out of the water. However, he denied the thought immediately. He was falling down from the water and did not go up for it at all. Han Sen quickly opened his eyes to look, and what he saw made him feel dazed.


Han Sen and the eel fell on the crystal-like floor. Luckily, Han Sen acted fast enough to flip himself up on the eel's back, making the eel take the impact.

Having left the water, the eel wiggled like a snake on the crystal-like floor. However, the places injured by the claws on its body had become purple and black, easily to be spotted on its silver body.

Han Sen did not think too much and cut the eel with the claws like crazy, making injury after injury on the silver body.

The eel struggled to fight back, but it was very much poisoned. Having left the water, it soon left the ability to struggle and lied motionless on the floor.

"Sacred-blood creature silver eel killed. Beast soul of silver eel gained. Eat its meat to gain 0 to 10 sacred geno points."

Han Sen was excited. However, he did not look at the body of the killed creature. Looking straight ahead, Han Sen felt incredulous.

Han Sen did not know whether Atlantis the legendary city was real. However, this place shocked him no less than finding Atlantis.

A gigantic sailboat was sitting at the bottom of the lake. Water avoided the sailboat and formed a spherical s.p.a.ce under the water.

Han Sen and the silver eel fell on the left of the boat. Standing on the boat, Han Sen looked like an ant.

This sailboat was a dozen times bigger than Daphne. However, it looked too ancient to be a s.p.a.cecraft.

As far as Han Sen could see, there was no gaps on the material of the boat. It looks like it was carved out from an entire piece of crystal. Such a huge project was only possible in the Alliance. In the G.o.d's Sanctuary, there were no available mechanics, and it was impossible to be carved out by hand.

Judging from the huge silver oars, humans should not be able to manipulate this boat.

As Han Sen was dazed, he suddenly heard noises from the mysterious crystal boat. Looking to the direction of the noise, Han Sen saw something coming out of the chambers of the boat.

With the gleaming of golden light, Han Sen's eyes were even p.r.i.c.kly. The thing gradually appeared in his sight, and what he saw first was a crab pincer, followed by the body of a golden crab. It slowly climbed down the rope.

Seeing where the golden crab was going, Han Sen originally thought it was targeting himself. However, the golden crab quickly rushed to the dead body of the silver eel.

"Dammit. This guy wants to steal my food. Don't you know that I am famous for being petty?" Han Sen bristled. Disregarding his injuries, Han Sen waved his claws at the golden crab.

The golden crab was naturally much larger than ordinary crabs. However, it was not too big among creatures, about the size of a Jeep.

Like ordinary crabs, it could only climb sideways. Creatures with flaws like this were Han Sen's favorite. He went to the back of the crab and clawed at the golden sh.e.l.l.