Super Gene - Chapter 507: Golden Crab

Chapter 507: Golden Crab

Chapter 507: Golden Crab

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The seemingly clumsy body of the golden crab suddenly bounced, facing Han Sen with its head. The golden pincer blocked Han Sen's claws.

Feeling a huge force, Han Sen's right hand started to bleed. His entire arm was numb, and he couldn't help stepping back a dozen steps before he could stable himself.

Moving all its eight claws, the golden crab moved sideways toward Han Sen quickly in an incredibly nimble way.

"What kind of crab is this? So weird." Han Sen turned back and ran around the crystal sailboat. Since the golden crab was incredibly fast and strong, Han Sen found he could not take care of the creature at all.

Running after Han Sen for several laps, the golden crab failed to catch up with him and became so upset that it kept making noises with its pincer.

Because Han Sen was so good at his footwork, although he was slower than the golden crab, he could leverage the crystal sailboat as an obstruction to get rid of the golden crab.

As Han Sen was pondering what kind of tricks he needed to adopt to take care of this golden crab, the crab suddenly gave up chasing him and ran toward the body of the silver eel.

"I wonder if this guy eats the toxic meat of the silver eel, will it be poisoned as well?" Although Han Sen had this thought, the meat of the silver eel would be wasted if the golden crab was immune to the toxins.

Thinking that, Han Sen ran to launch a sneak attack against the golden crab from its back, trying to stop it from eating the silver eel.

Han Sen and the crab were both trapped in a dilemma. The golden crab could not catch up with Han Sen. Nor could it eat the eel peacefully. They kept fighting and none of them was able to take any advantage.

Guarding the body of the silver eel, the golden crab faced Han Sen, no longer wanting to chase him. However, it did not dare to turn around to eat the meat either.

With the golden crab next to him, Han Sen stared at the creature. Neither of the two knew how to proceed.

Han Sen observed the golden crab carefully, wis.h.i.+ng to find its weaknesses. If it were an ordinary crab, the links and gaps between its should be its weakness. However, this golden crab was obviously somewhat different. The links between its were of a deeper golden color. Although the links were narrow, he could tell that they were even tougher than the As for gaps, the golden crab did not have any. It was as if the crab was made of a piece of gold.

As Han Sen was feeling depressed, he suddenly saw the golden crab waving its pincer at him. Han Sen thought it was about to attack again, and then found it did not move.

It was waving its pincer to Han Sen. The act did not look like a provocation or an a.s.sault but seemed to be a "come here" between humans.

Han Sen thought he was mistaken, rubbed his eyes, and found it was still waving like that.

"Big crab, you are not a flirty girl. A there is no use for you to tempt me like this." Han Sen did not know what the golden crab wanted, so of course he could not approach it. Han Sen simply yelled at the crab.

Han Sen did not know whether the golden crab understood himself, but it most likely did not. After Han Sen said that, the golden crab turned around and pointed at the silver eel's body with its pincer and then pointed to Han Sen. Han Sen saw the golden crab making gestures, not understanding what it meant. He was so confused that he was full of questions.

At this point, Han Sen only regretted that he had never learned the language of the crab. Otherwise, he might be able to chat with this crab to see what was it that it wanted.

The golden crab made the gestures again and again, repeating its moves. It was blowing bubbles from time to time, seeming to be very anxious, wis.h.i.+ng it could speak to Han Sen.

Han Sen watched for a while and felt his talent in learning the crab language was indeed lacking. However, he suddenly thought of one thing, which was the fact that he still had the spirit Snow Charmer. Although she had lost the ability to control other creatures after it gave Han Sen her allegiance, she had been the master of creatures once, so she might understood what the crab was talking about.

Summoning Snow Charmer, Han Sen pointed at the golden crab making the gestures and asked her, "Snow Charmer, do you know its language?"

"No," Snow Charmer answered decisively.

Han Sen was suddenly very disappointed. Since even Snow Charmer did not understand the crab language, it was impossible for himself to know what it was trying to say.

"However, I do know what it means," Snow Charmer continued to say.

"What does it want to say?" Han Sen was excited and asked Snow Charmer.

Snow Charmer said quietly, "Its gesture is quite obvious. It wants to split the body of the silver eel with you."

Han Sen was dazed. Looking at the gestures of the golden crab, he felt it was true.

The golden crab made a gesture in the middle of the silver eel's body and then pointed to both sides and Han Sen. It seemed to be saying Han Sen could pick one side.

Han Sen blushed. Such a simple gesture, yet he was unable to understand it. How foolis.h.!.+

Han Sen quickly took Snow Charmer back. Making his servant see his foolish side, Han Sen felt quite embarra.s.sed.

"Half is no… Two thirds… Mine" Han Sen gestured as he spoke, sounding like an alien.

However, this time the golden crab was the one who was confused. It stared at Han Sen with bubbles coming out of its mouth and even scratched its head with its pincer like a person.

Seeing that the golden crab did not understand him, Han Sen did not dare to approach the body either. He had to gesture to the golden crab to ask it to step aside repeatedly.

Luckily, this gesture was easy to be understood. The golden crab moved aside and stared at Han Sen in suspicion.

Han Sen gestured it to move aside a bit further, and so it did. After a couple of times, Han Sen made sure that the distance between the golden crab and the silver eel was safe to him. He then walked next to the silver eel's body, gesturing at two thirds of the body like the golden crab. He then pointed the smaller part and then the golden crab, the larger part and then himself.

The golden crab seemed to be understanding this time. As its shook its pincer, it moved its claws and returned to the eel.

Han Sen felt scared and stepped back quickly, but the golden crab did not mean to chase after him. It gestured on the body again, meaning it insisted on half and half.

Han Sen could not believe that he would bargain with a crab at this place with gestures. And this golden crab looked like an older lady bargaining in the farmers market, not willing to sacrifice anything.

The man and the crab discussed for a while and finally reached an agreement. Han Sen could take about three fifths, while the golden crab was to take two fifths.

Eat as you want. I wish you the b.l.o.o.d.y crab would be poisoned to death. Han Sen cut the body of the silver eel according to the proportion they had agreed through gestures. Seeing the golden crab taking its part with its pincer, Han Sen cursed inwardly.