Super Gene - Chapter 505: Blackgod

Chapter 505: Blackgod

Chapter 505: BlackG.o.d

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Han Sen glanced at those people. Those people did not have any fis.h.i.+ng tools or personal belongings, so they did not seem to be fis.h.i.+ng here.

"f.u.c.k off." Han Sen said coldly.

"You have quite a temper. But I'm afraid that you have not been told who this place belongs to." The leader of the group of people, a middle-aged man did not get mad, but smiled coldly at Han Sen.

Those people did not take Han Sen's words seriously at all. They walked to Han Sen sighed and started to pull the bag that Han Sen used to place the fish he caught.

"Didn't you hear me? Do not make me say it again," Han Sen frowned and said.

"Ha ha, boy, you are tough. However, BlackG.o.d Shelter is not the right place for you to get tough." The middle-aged man reached to grab the fish in Han Sen's bag. "Our boss at BlackG.o.d says that half of the gains in the frozen lake must be handed to the BlackG.o.d Shelter. You have seven fish here, so I will make it cheaper for you, only taking three gold anchovies from you."

Han Sen had heard that since the frozen lake was near one of the three biggest shelter, BlackG.o.d Shelter, people from BlackG.o.d Shelter would charge some fees from people who was fis.h.i.+ng there.

Normally speaking, only a primitive fish would be charged, and then the person could fish as long as he wanted to.

These people asked for three fish from Han Sen, which were the most valuable ones. Obviously, they were jealous of Han Sen's gains and planned to blackmail him.

Initially, Han Sen planned to give them a fish when encountering people from the BlackG.o.d Shelter. After all, it was their place. However, these people wanted to blackmail him, which made Han Sen reluctant to give them even one fish.

Seeing the middle-aged man reaching to his back, Han Sen did not speak but stepped on his hand.

The strike was fast and fierce, which the middle-aged man could in no way dodge. His hand was stepped on by Han Sen, and he suddenly screamed like a pig.

"Dammit. He dared to attack us." The rest people saw Han Sen making a move and quickly summoned their beast souls, hitting Han Sen immediately. It seemed that they were being merciless, aiming at Han Sen's vital parts. Han Sen's eyes became cold. When other people tried to kill him, of course he would not be soft. When the weapons were about to hit him, he waved his right hand. With the flash of three purple lights, all the weapons were cut into pieces, and three persons in the front were cut in the chest and died immediately.

The other two persons survived luckily because they did not run as fast. Full of terror, they turned to run while shouting.

"Go away now. People of BlackG.o.d Shelter are nearby, and they will be here in a minute," Guan Tong ran over and said.

Han Sen nodded slightly and said, "You should go as well. Avoid this area for the time being." After parting with Guan Tong, Han Sen left the frozen lake. He did not want to make things worse between him and BlackG.o.d Shelter, so there was no need for him to look for trouble.

However, as Han Sen just left the frozen lake, a dozen mounds ran to him and approached him shortly. Obviously, they were targeting him.

"Boss, he is the one who killed of our brothers." Among the dozen mounts, one was of the middle-aged man who had run away. He pointed at Han Sen and yelled.

The dozen mounts quickly circled Han Sen. Their leader, a man in black mail with eyes like hawk

stared at Han Sen and said coldly, "You killed my men?"

"They were trying to kill me, so of course I could not choose to be killed," Han Sen said, looking at the man in black mail.

The men in black mail quickly summoned a beast soul knife that was narrow and long. He pointed it to Han Sen and said, "No matter for what, you killed my men at the place of that G.o.d shelter, so you deserved to die." As he said, the men quickly slashed the knife at Han Sen. The knife was so fast that it was a black light, coming to Han Sen's face in a second.

Han Sen quickly changed his expression. The strike from the men in blackmail was so fast that Han Sen could not completely dodge it with his speed. He had to roar and summoned the gargoyle to block the strike with his claws.

As his claws were about to clash with the long knife of the man in black mail, the long knife unexpectedly disappeared. When it appeared again, it cut Han Sen's chest.

Blood started to come out of Han Sen's injury in the chest. Luckily, Han Sen stepped back in time and diverted the majority of the force from the knife. In addition, the gargoyle glyph also made his skin tougher to block the damage. Otherwise, Han Sen would have been gutted by this strike.

The knife skills of this man in black mail were very strange, and his fitness was incredible, definitely much tougher than Tie Yi.

Han Sen was not killed by the strike, which surprised the men in black mail slightly. However, he did not stop attacking, but slashed at Han Sen again with his knife.

Several people in the group also summoned their beast soul weapons to rush at Han Sen. Judging from their speed, they were all evolvers with fitness above a hundred. Han Sen knew that he could not stay, or else he would definitely die there. Using Heresy Mantra and Overload at the same time, Han Sen quickly stepped away, running.

However, those people besieged Han Sen and there was no place for him to go. Han Sen had to rush at two of them.

The two persons cut at Han Sen without hesitation. Han Sen moved left and right, like a willow tree in the wind, dodging the attacks from both persons.

However, he there was no way he could dodge the strike from the men in blackmail was chasing after him. His back became blood he immediately.

Han Sen gritted his teeth and state the silent. He rushed away as fast as his legs would carry him and broke the siege of the two persons, running fast on the icefield.

He knew he could not stay. The fitness of the man in black mail was even stronger than his. In terms of both fitness and knife skills, the man was the top of the top. With the help of the evolvers with fitness level above a hundred, Han Sen would definitely die if he chose to stay.

"We could not let him leave alive." The man in black mail led the group of people to chase after Han Sen, showing strong desire to get rid of him.

The resources on the icefield were so limited that it was completely normal to fight for them. The BlackG.o.d would not tolerate any challenge to his interests or authority, otherwise there was no way he could lead the BlackG.o.d Shelter.

Han Sen had known that the compet.i.tion for resources was heated, but he did not expect it to be as fierce as this.

Han Sen's speed was lower than that BlackG.o.d's to begin with. Without any place to hide on the icefield, there was no way he could run away like this.

If there were no other evolvers, he could try to fight BlackG.o.d, risking his life. However, under the circ.u.mstances, he could only try to run away.

Turning quickly, Han Sen ran toward the frozen lake again. Seeing BlackG.o.d approaching him, Han Sen jumped inside one of the ice holes and disappeared.