Super Gene - Chapter 504: Bluefish

Chapter 504: Bluefish

Chapter 504: Bluefish

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Han Sen left the Starwheel Shelter to hunt. Because the golden growler had not finished its evolution, Han Sen could not feed the violent ape or snowy wolf the black crystal at this point.

Han Sen was about to go to the frozen lake, which was near the ocean and possibly connected to the ocean below ground. Because of the cold, the lake was frozen all year round and could be treaded upon by humans or mounts.

Ordinary people only needed to drill a hole in the ice to fish creatures. Once creatures looking like fish left water, their abilities would be reduced greatly, making it much easier for them to be killed.

Han Sen bought the specially made fish lying and bait in the Alliance. When he came to the frozen lake, he found that it was no different from the glaciers. Under his feet war was thick ice. Even the thinnest place was 3 to 6 feet thick.

There were many people on the frozen lake. Because of the limited resources on the icefield, the frozen lake could be counted as a nice spot to go fis.h.i.+ng since mutant creatures could be spotted sometimes.

It took some patience to fish there. If he had good luck, it might only take one day for him to catch a mutant creature. If his luck was bad, it would take him more than half a month to catch one.

Han Sen mainly came to the place to fill up his primitive geno points. Since the fish in the frozen lake were mostly primitive and small in size, they were perfect for him.

Of course, it would be the best if he could catch a mutant creature. If not, it did not matter as well.

In the large area of the frozen lake, Han Sen could see many people fis.h.i.+ng next to holes of diameters around 3 feet.

Han Sen did not plan to make the hole himself. He found a hole no longer used, took care of the thin ice that had formulated already, put the bait on the hook and fished in the hole.

Han Sen put down his stool and sat down. Wearing the leather mail of snowy wolf, he did not feel cold at all. Taking out a textbook of ancient language, Han Sen started to read as he waited for fish to take the bait.

"It's you?"

When Han Sen just sat down for a while, someone who walked past with staff in her hand ran to Han Sen in surprise after seeing him. Han Sen looked up and found it was the tall woman, Guan Tong. Seeing what she had in hit her hand, Han Sen figured that she was there to fish as well.

"You're also here to fish?" Han Sen smiled at Guan Tong.

"You… Thank you for last time…" Guan Tong opened her mouth and did not know what to say.

"What?" Han Sen was dazed, unable to perceive what he was thanked for.

"Thank you for saving Starwheel Shelter," Guan Tong said hastily.

"There was a piece of cake. I needed to thank you for carrying me back the other day," Han Sen said with a smile.

Guan Tong who was rather carefree but couldn't help blus.h.i.+ng hearing what Han Sen said. She had understood that Han Sen was fine the other day. Different from what she had thought, Han Sen did not need to be saved, while she took him on her back by force.

"Go fis.h.i.+ng now. If you're late, you will miss the nice spots." Han Sen pointed to the ice holes.

Guan Tong nodded and quickly ran there. She did not know what to say, since this kind of situation was beyond her emotional intelligence.

Guan Tong started to fish about 20 feet from Han Sen, while she glanced at Han Sen from time to time as she fished.

Han Sen kept reading and did not notice her at all.

More than half an hour later, Han Sen who was reading felt some movements on the fishline on his hand. Han Sen put down the book in his hands and looked to the buoy floating on the water, which was s.h.i.+vering slightly.

Han Sen put his finger on the fishline and felt the s.h.i.+ver like a traditional Chinese doctor feeling the pulse. He did not pull immediately. After absorbing the red crystal, Han Sen's brain had much stronger perceptive abilities. From feeling the movements of the fish line, he could picture what was happening under the water in his mind.

Disability was out of Han Sen's expectation, but it was a great thing for him at this point.

Just by feeling the fish line, Han Sen had learned that the creature had not swaddled the bait at this point, but biting the edge of the bait. Suddenly, the fish line moved violently. Without any hesitation, Han Sen grabbed the fish line and pulled hard.

The fish line was pulled rather hard on the other end. Han Sen did not pull it by force, but relaxed a bit and continued to roll in when the creature became weaker. As the creature pulled hard again, Han Sen relaxed the fish line again. After several times, the creature eventually became quite weak.

Han Sen then pulled the fish line hard. It was a huge bluefish more than a foot long, with its scales gleaming dark blue light.

Han Sen immediately turned his hand into a blade, cutting at the bluefish using the Thunder Knife skill he was still practicing, cutting its head off quickly.

"Primitive creature bluefish killed. No beast soul gained. Eat its meat to gain 0 to 10 primitive geno points."

Although it was just a primitive creature, Han Sen was quite glad already. There was not any risks and the gains were great. Also, the creature was readily available for eating. No wonder so many people had come to the frozen lake.

Han Sen dissected the bluefish and cut it into thin pieces. Dipping the fish into the sauce he had brought, Han Sen felt the sweetness of the meat was stimulating his taste buds. It was incredibly tasty.

"Meat of bluefish eaten. One primitive Gino point gained."

Han Sen continued to read as he fished. In less than two hours, he had caught for bluefish and three gold anchovies. Although he had not gained any beast souls, his gains were considerable.

People next to Han Sen were less lucky. When Han Sen had caught seven fish already, the luckiest among the others had only caught two fish.

Many people looked to Han Sen with jealousy. Every time Han Sen pulled the fish line, many people nearby would glance at him.

Guan Tong was obviously less lucky. Like most people, she had got nothing since she came.

She was not to be blamed for that. Not everyone had the perceptive ability that Han Sen had. It was normal not to catch anything, otherwise everyone would have come to the frozen lake.

"Guan Tong, the fish tastes good. Come here and try it," Han Sen waved to Guan Tong and said.

Guan Tong had been there for a long time, but she had caught nothing, which made Han Sen feel a bit sorry for her. In addition, Guan Tong had carried him on her back. Han Sen then told her to share the fish with him, which he could not finish anyway.

"I have brought something to eat." Guan Tong felt quite shy, taking out some nutrition solutions from her pocket.

"Come here. It is rather boring to eat alone. There is so much food that it would be a waste if we don't finish it," Han Sen said with a smile.

As Guan Tong was still hesitating whether she should go over, several people walked to Han Sen. One of them stared at Han Sen and said, "Friend, you have a good appet.i.te, even for a tomboy like this one."