Super Gene - Chapter 503: Purchasing Beast Souls

Chapter 503: Purchasing Beast Souls

Chapter 503: Purchasing Beast Souls

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Han Sen wandered around in the market of the Starwheel Shelter, which was much more bustling than the G.o.ddess Shelter which belonged to Han Sen. However, mutant beast souls were still hard to find, and there was none of the sacred-blood beast souls.

Han Sen had his eyes on several mutant beast souls and asked for the price, but most of the owners did not want cash, but to trade for a beast soul on the same level. For the ones sold for cash, Han Sen did not like them as much.

One out of a hundred beast souls would be berserk. So, if Han Sen sold berserk beast souls in large quant.i.ties, someone would eventually suspect him, which was why he did not want to sell too many.

Currently, Han Sen was looking for a beast soul that could become a dozen or even dozens of times more valuable once it became berserk. Maybe he could even make enough money to purchase a sacred-blood beast soul.

That was not unlikely. He could not pick and choose sacred-blood beast souls, but he could pick some rare mutant beast souls that were highly popular among evolvers. Once he made them berserk, their value would be incredibly high.

Of course, if Han Sen kept the beast souls for a while, they would be useful to him as well.

Han Sen wandered slowly in the market and saw two mutant beast souls in a shop after a while, one of which he liked a lot.

"h.e.l.lo, how much do you want for the mutant snowy wolf?" Han Sen asked the owner, pointing at a wolf beast soul that looked like a s...o...b..ll.

Snowy wolves were not rare on the icefield. In fact, there were so many of them that they caused a lot of troubles. On the icefield, you could easily spot hundreds of thousands of snowy wolves wondering around.

Although most snowy wolves were primitive creatures, normally speaking, humans could not attack such a large group at all. Some snowy wolves even had a group of a hundred thousand. Without the team of thousands of people, humans could not fight the wolf's.

Therefore, unless it was in a large hunting campaign organized by the shelter owner, ordinary people could hardly kill any snowy wolves. To get their beast souls were even harder.

On the other hand, the ability of the beast soul was essential to people living on the icefield. The beast soul could even save people's lives. Even primitive beast soul of snowy wolf was several times of other primitive beast souls. Mutant snowy wolf beast souls were even more inaccessible.

Han Sen estimated that if he could produce a berserk mutant snowy wolf beast soul, it's price will not be cheaper than ordinary sacred-blood beast souls.

The type of the beast soul of snowy wolf was armor. Different from ordinary armor, snowy wolf armor had an effect against the cold. The more advanced the beast soul was, the warmer it got.

With a sacred-blood snowy wolf beast soul, one could survive snowstorms on the snow field and go back safely. Even if one fell into an ice hole or slept in the glaciers, one would not be frozen to death.

This ability was not to be taken lightly. Nature's force was horrendous, especially in G.o.d's Sanctuary. If one unfortunately encountered snowstorm and got lost on the icefield, unable to find any shelters, then even evolvers with more than a hundred in fitness level could easily be frozen to death.

Of course, Han Sen was equipped with Jadeskin himself, so the ice and snow were not that harmful to him. Unless he lost food supply for a long time, he would not die from the cold.

"Trading for beast soul weapon on the same level, better be heavy sword." The owner glanced at Han Sen, lacking the enthusiasm that a seller should have.

That was completely normal. After all, he was selling popular stuff which everyone wanted. Because the owner's request was specific, a deal was never made.

A dozen minutes before Han Sen came, several people had come by and asked, but there was still no deal.

"You want to trade for a Saint Hall license?" Han Sen did not have beast souls on his hand, so he could only trade with licenses.

"An S-cla.s.s license for evolvers. I could pay you extra. But I don't want anything below S-cla.s.s." The owner said directly.

"Although the mutant snowy wolf is valuable, it is not quite enough to be traded for an S-cla.s.s Saint Hall license, right?" Han Sen looked at the other mutant beast soul that the owner had.

It was a black ape beast soul, 6 to 9 feet tall. Its hair looked like tungsten. The muscles on his chest were so strong that they looked like bulks of iron, looking magnificent.

"You really have an S-cla.s.s Saint Hall license?" The owner's eyes lit up. He eventually got excited and looked at Han Sen expectantly.

"What is the type of this mutant beast soul?" Han Sen did not answer, but asked, pointing at the black ape.

"It is a shapes.h.i.+fting beast soul, violent ape. After shapes.h.i.+fting, your strength will be enhanced greatly. However, it could only enhance your strength, and would even hurt your flexibility a little bit." Being an honest man, the owner explained both the pros and cons of the mutant violent ape.

"How much strength can it give me?" Han Sen's eyes lit up a little bit. Beast souls with shortcomings would definitely have more outstanding strengths. Pure strength was quite useful to Han Sen. After all, his strength was not quite enough at this point. It was still hard for him to kill sacred-blood creatures with strong defense.

"This depends on your fitness. Normally speaking, the increase should be more than ten points," the owner pondered and said.

Han Sen calculated and found that more than ten points were quite good. With his current ability, he could easily achieve a hundred and twenty to a hundred and thirty. If he evolved it into a berserk beast soul, the increase should be higher.

"One S-cla.s.s evolver Saint Hall license for two beast souls of yours. How about that?" Han Sen took out a license and showed it to the owner.

The icefield was a small region after all. If it were in a more populated area, many people would kill to trade to mutant beast soul for an S-cla.s.s Saint Hall license. However, in this place, the resources were so limited that the owner was still hesitating about the deal.

After pondering for a while, the owner obviously wanted the S-cla.s.s Saint Hall license very much. He said decisively, "Okay, let's do it."

The deal was completed smoothly, and Han Sen got the mutant snowy wolf and violent ape. Feeling excited, Han Sen summoned them to try them out.

The snowy wolf turned into white leather mail that covered Han Sen's body. The helmet was shaped like the head of the wolf. Han Sen looked like the white werewolf from afar, looking quite handsome.

As for the effect against the code, Han Sen also experienced it. He was much warmer after wearing the mail, feeling like air conditioning. Shapes.h.i.+fting into the violent ape, Han Sen became a black ape and found empowered immediately. Obviously, the beast soul enhanced his strength greatly. Although his body did become much clumsier, Han Sen could accept that result because of the enhancement in his strength. Han Sen was very satisfied with this deal. In the future, if he turned this beast soul into a berserk one with the black crystal, he could choose to use it or sell it.