Super Gene - Chapter 496: Strength Test

Chapter 496: Strength Test

Chapter 496: Strength Test

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"Brother, which department are you from?" In the warm-up area of the military contest, a young soldier asked Han Sen who was sitting next to him will stop

"I am from a wars.h.i.+p, a cookhouse soldier." Han Sen replied.

When the young soldier heard Han Sen say that he was from a wars.h.i.+p, he thought Han Sen was an elite. Who knows that Han Sen then said he was a cookhouse soldier, which made the young soldier change his looks.

It was not to say that cookhouse soldiers were definitely weak, but normally speaking, in the military, the cookhouse soldiers were trained less than others. Therefore, it was understandable that they were relatively weak.

"Ha ha, your wars.h.i.+p must be so good, sending cookhouse soldiers to take part in the contest," the young soldier joked casually, meaning nothing malicious.

"All other departments are quite busy, and we are the only one who have time. That's why they sent me," Han Sen said with a smile.

"Actually, we are only here to be onlookers. We are all counting on Zheng Yuze here. I hope that he could beat Tiger of Blueblood special force and make Southwest Galaxy proud," said the young soldier.

"Zheng Yuze?" Han Sen thought about it and it seemed he had heard of this name. Zheng Yuze appeared to be one of the other two candidates competing for the position of one of Ji Yanran's guards.

After chatting with the young soldier for a while, the warm-up zone suddenly became quiet. Everyone looked in the same direction, and so did Han Sen. A hunk walked over in large steps, giving everyone present strong pressure. When looking at him, one would even want to run away.

"Tiger of Blueblood, Tie Yi…" Whispered the soldiers from Southwest Galaxy.

Glancing at the soldiers in the warm-up zone with his black eyes, Tie Yi eventually gazed at a forty-year-old veteran and asked seriously, "You are Zheng Yuze?"

"I am," Zheng Yuze said and nodded.

"Great," replied Tie Yi and then sat down without saying anything else will stop

After all, he was not from this galaxy and had no friends here, so he was simply resting.

Seeing how Tie Yi acted, Han Sen knew that he thought nothing of Han Sen and the other compet.i.tor and believed that Zheng Yuze was the only one worthy of his attention.

Han Sen did not care much. After all, everything was about was strength in the end. It would not benefit him even if Zheng Yuze gave him more credit.

Very soon, the contest began. The contestants walked in an array into the venue, seeing a sea of soldiers and officers who were the audience. It was quite magnificent to watch.

Southwest Galaxy included two main galaxies: Xigeli Galaxy and Nansanxuan Galaxy, and sixteen smaller Galaxies. Only Xigeli Galaxy and Nansanxuan Galaxy had a large number of habitable planets. Only one or two of the sixteen smaller galaxies had military bases. Other planets were either inhabitable or used for mining only.

Among all the military zones, Southwest Galaxy was a smaller one. Even so, it had hundreds of millions of troops. Those who were able to come to the contest were just a small part of the representatives, but it was already quite astonis.h.i.+ng to watch.

The reason for humans to dominate the universe was their number in addition to their intelligence.

After all, this was not a fight in private. So the contest included many items in addition to duels.

The first item was to test what strength. A strength tester was placed on the venue, looking like a giant drum.

The contestants could hit the drum using whatever method they chose. And then the screen on the drum would show the score of the last hit. The higher the score, the better.

Although no one would be eliminated because of a bad score, one's final score was the sum of the scores of all items. If in the end, one's final score was not among the top four, one would not be able to enter the combats for the t.i.tle of soldier king.

Shortly, in the thunder like cheers of the soldiers, the first round of the strength test began. The soldier who was called his name came up to the stage to make his. .h.i.t on the drum.

since all the contestants were elites from their respective unit, they were all evolvers with fitness over a hundred. After watching for a while, Han Sen noticed that the score was ordinarily between a hundred and a hundred and five, and there was not any outstanding performance.

Although it was a galaxy-wide contest, there was an age limit on the contestants. And some special forces were not allowed in the contest.

Very soon, it was Tie Yi's turn. All the eyes of the contestants were focused on him. Even the audience stopped cheering, waiting to see Tie Yi's performance quietly.

Under all the attention, Tie Yi was not nervous at all. He simply walked up to the drum and hit it without any additional moves.


A loud sound made people's ears hurt. The number on the screen of the drum changed quickly and ended up on the number 113.7584.

Everyone couldn't help gasping. This kind of strength was nerve-racking among evolvers.

A sacred-blood evolver only had a fitness index around thirty to begin with in Second G.o.d's Sanctuary. With ordinary, primitive, and mutant geno points maxed out, a sacred-blood evolver could only reach around ninety.

In order to have a fitness index of a hundred and ten, one would have to gain at least 40 to 50 sacred geno points. All the contestants changed their expression. Zheng Yuze looked grim. This kind of strength was a huge pressure on all of them.

From Han Sen's perspective, this should not be the best Tie Yi could do. If he used all he got, he should be able to make the score a bit higher.

It seemed that Tie Yi is even stronger than I thought. I hope that I could break his defense effectively, otherwise it would be trouble. Han Sen thought to himself.

If the two opponents were more than thirty apart in their fitness indexes, there would be the effect of overpowering. For example, when Han Sen first tried, he could not even break the eyes of the baby golden growler, which was because they were too different in fitness index.

However, Han Sen's fitness had reached a hundred. With Heresy Mantra and Overload, he could do the same to the drum as Tie Yi. There was no overpowering.

Han Sen's main concern was still Super Diamond Body of Tie Yi. It was after all a hyper geno art in the top ten.

Later on, it was Zheng Yuze's turn. Zheng Yuze walked up to the drum, took a deep breath, gave a loud roar and then hit the drum fiercely.


The screen showed the number 114.2584, giving rise to loud applause from the audience. This number was even better than Tie Yi's, which boosted the morale of the soldiers in Southwest Galaxy.