Super Gene - Chapter 497: Fierce Tiger from Blueblood

Chapter 497: Fierce Tiger from Blueblood

Chapter 497: Fierce Tiger from Blueblood

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"Zheng Yuze did well," on the stands, the chief of the Southwest Galaxy troops nodded and complimented.

"Chief, I don't think he is the match of Tie Yi. Zheng Yuze had the all he got in his strike, while Tie Yi was still conserving his strength," said the secretary.

The chief did not mind it. "How much resource did Blueblood Special Force put into their tiger? And how much resource did Zheng Yuze have? The fact that he has such performance is enough to prove his excellence."

"However, we would have no chance to get in touch with the Jis," whispered the secretary.

"We did not have a big chance to begin with." the chief thought about it and then asked, "How are the other two persons?"

"Major w.a.n.g Gang was also an elite from his department, but he is not as good as Zheng Yuze. As for the person recommended by Ji Yanran herself, I have looked him up as well."

The secretary looked through his files on his comlink and said, "Ji Yanran and Han Sen are schoolmates and a couple. Han Sen does not have much of a background. Ji Yanran must have pulled some strings for him to go to Daphne. He had been in Second G.o.d's Sanctuary less than a year. Being a sacred-blood evolver, he had a great foundation. However, according to his registration, he is currently located in a remote small shelter. There are only 2,000 to 3,000 people there, so it should be impossible for him to gain geno points efficiently."

"I think that Ji Yanran originally wanted for Han Sen to be her guard, and only failed because of the pressure from the upper level. So, among the candidates, Han Sen should be the least competent," the secretary summarized.

The chief nodded. "Unfortunately, he does not have much to offer. If he does, would be a good option for him to stay around one of the Jis."

As they were speaking, it was Han Sen's turn.

"Brother, no need to be nervous. Just do your best," the young soldier that had a conversation with Han Sen encouraged him.

"Okay," Han Sen replied and marched toward the stength tester. In front of the drum, Han Sen took a deep breath, his heart thumping and his bones squeaking. His punch traveled through the air and hit on the drum.


With a loud noise that hurts people's ears, the number on the screen quickly changed and froze at 111.1111.

This number was so neat that it looked like it was faked. Everyone was dazed.

Of course, it was not just because the number was needed, but mainly because it was such a good score. Up until this moment, it was the third best.

The soldiers started to applaud for Han Sen, because he was one of the Southwest Galaxy.

"Dammit, what's wrong with the score? It must mean I am going to be single all my life," Han Sen felt quite depressed. He uses his best to see how much he could get and did not expect such a number.

Despite the unlucky number, he was quite satisfied with his score. With the score, he could be counted as an elite him on the evolvers, not to mention the fact that he had great s.p.a.ce.

"Well done, brother. Are all the cooks on your wars.h.i.+p so good?" When Han Sen returned to his seat, the young soldier gave him a thumbs-up.

"That's true. But we're not cooks, we are cookhouse soldiers." Han Sen smiled and said.

Because of his punch, lots of contestants were impressed by Han Sen, but Tie Yi did not even look at Han Sen.

Naturally, Tie Yi could tell that Han Sen had given all he got with his punch and even tapped into his potentials using hyper geno arts. Although his score was good, Tie Yi did not think much of him.

"This Han Sen is not bad. He does know something," the chief said, slightly surprised.

The secretary wiped some cold sweat off his forehead. The discrepancy between Han Sen's performance and his investigation was a negligence on his side. Although the chief did not say much, the secretary understood very well that he should not have made such a mistake and the chief would not tolerate such mistakes every time.

"I'm so sorry chief. I will reinvestigate right away," the secretary said hastily.

"No need. This is the best test. Let's wait and see," the chief said quietly.

"Yes, sir." Although the secretary continued to watch the game, he still quickly looked at the information he found on Han Sen again.

The chief could be merciful, but he had to be committed to his duty. Otherwise, there was no need for him to stay on his position, which was utterly dangerous.

After the strength test, Tie Yi, Zheng Yuze, and Han Sen became top three. w.a.n.g Gang's number was less than a hundred and ten, posing no threat to any of them.

The second item was Sprint, to Han Sen's surprise.

However, this device was tuned to level 10 with a gravity of a hundred. Without a fitness level of over a hundred, it would be impossible for someone to run inside, let alone pa.s.s all the metal walls.

After the game began, soldiers entered the device. However, the result was not great. Eight soldiers had failed at Sprint. None of them finished even 1/3 of it.

The gravity of a hundred was simply too difficult. Even with the fitness index of a hundred, one could easily get tired, so it was hard for them to maintain the speed and reflex.

Han Sen frowned. This gravity setup was clearly too high. With the fitness level around a hundred, it would be more sensible to set it at eighty or ninety.

Even Han Sen himself could not help frowning seeing such a hard test.

One soldier tried after another, but they all failed. After the better half of the contestants had failed, it was eventually Tie Yi's turn.

Although many soldiers from Southwest Galaxy wished Tie Yi to lose, they were soon disappointed.

Tie Yi's muscular body jumped across the metal walls like a robot that was never tired. It looked like he was not bound by gravity at all. Without a single mistake, he kept the same speed and rushed through wall after wall, which made Han Sen gasp with admiration. Tie Yi was indeed an impressive figure. Great fitness, sensitive senses, and a perfect judgment of the bigger picture. He seemed that this incredibly difficult Sprint could not trap him at all.

"He really is tough," Han Sen said to himself.

In the end, Tie Yi finished Sprint perfectly. As if he had done something trivial, he returned to his seat quietly and sat down.

The soldiers of Southwest Galaxy all placed their hope on Zheng Yuze who followed. Unfortunately, although Zheng Yuze did everything he could, he fell after going through 70%, which made many soldiers sigh in sadness.