Super Gene - Chapter 495: Royal Shelter

Chapter 495: Royal Shelter

Chapter 495: Royal Shelter

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Unfortunately, Han Sen did not have a mutant beast soul from Second G.o.d's Sanctuary, so he could not test the upgrade time of a mutant beast soul.

However, he had a rough estimate. Han Sen guessed that the reason the upgrade of the blood snail took so long was that it was a beast soul from First G.o.d's Sanctuary.

Beast souls from First G.o.d's Sanctuary did not have the feature of berserk, but the black crystal added the berserk feature to the blood snail, which probably called for a bigger change to the beast soul itself. Han Sen thought that was why it took so long.

The reason that the upgrade of the holy angel was faster was probably that she had the feature of "to be involved" to begin with.

Of course, this was only Han Sen's own guess. He would have to make further experiments to test if that was true.

Han Sen hesitated and then fed the black crystal to the sacred-blood beast soul evil-blooded condor. The berserk gargoyle did not show any desire toward the black crystal, similar to the holy angel and blood snail which had already used the black crystal.

Han Sen was looking for suitable preys on the icefield, but to no avail. In recent days, he had not even run into a mutant creature and had only gained some primitive geno points.

Li Xinglun was right. The resources on the icefield were not enough to support so many humans to cultivate. In comparison, the mountains around G.o.ddess shelter had quite a lot of advanced creatures that acted alone.

However, the terrain of the mountainous region was not suitable for large-scale hunting because of the potential dangers.

If they did not want to risk their lives in the mountains, they had to take down the royal shelter in order to communicate with outside. Otherwise, they had to stay at the spot and rely on the limited resources.

Han Sen decided to check out the royal shelter, getting ready for conquering it in the future.

After marching for two days toward the royal shelter, the evil-blooded condor had already become a berserk beast soul. However, Han Sen still did not know what the glyph should be used for. It was not that easy to tell like the glyph of the gargoyle. Because Han Sen had no other beast souls, he fed the black crystal to the golden growler. He did not have time to make money using the black crystal recently anyways.

Running on the icefield, Han Sen was using Treading Cloud on his way. Without Seven Twists, he had to settle with Treading Cloud.

Luckily, the effect of Treading Cloud was much better than Han Sen had thought. It enhanced his speed and was also quite easy to learn. Han Sen was pleased that It was much better than Sparticle he used.

"Indeed, the Chens are great at footwork. I wish I could get my hands on Seven Twists someday." Han Sen said to himself.

A few hundred miles from the royal shelter, Han Sen saw the silver-haired spirit riding the dragon snake on the icefield, followed by groups of creatures. Han Sen had no idea where she was going.

Seeing the sacred-blood creatures among the groups, Han Sen immediately decided against a sneak attack. Last time, there was Starwheel Shelter as his backup, which he now did not have. If he went there alone, he would most definitely get himself killed.

However, on a different note, since the silver-haired spirit had left the shelter, could he take the opportunity to steal her spirit stone from her shelter?

Although there were definitely sacred-blood creatures guarding the shelter, this was an opportunity nonetheless. Even if the chance was slim, it would not hurt to check it out.

After Han Sen arrived at the royal shelter, he was surprised by what he saw.

Although he had read about the description of royal shelters, it was simply overwhelming seeing it with his own eyes.

It was not even like a castle. It was a huge metropolitan. At first glance, he could not even see the borders. In the sky, huge creatures were flying, and groups of strange birds were hovering. A large number of creatures were going across the shelter, many of which were sacred-blood creatures.

Even on the lawn in front of the royal shelter, humongous creatures were feeding.

Initially, Han Sen imagined that he might be able to sneak into the royal shelter, but with a glance, he knew that he could never sneak inside, and he would have no idea where the spirit stone was even if he did.

A stone the size of a fist in a large metropolitan was harder to find than anything else. Unless he had the power to take down the spirit shelter the hard way, it was almost impossible for him to touch the spirit stone.

"If I could take down such a huge shelter, I would be so rich just by collecting taxes. It would be no worse than a large city. I would not even be able to count the money I could earn." Han Sen became more and more excited. If he could conquer the royal shelter, he would be dominating this region. In addition, he would also have a royal spirit servant. This place was such a treasure. The only thing bothering him was that he did not have the power to take down the place alone.

"This is not okay. I have to think of a way to urge the other three shelters to unite together. It would be good if I earn the allegiance of the royal spirit first. As for this royal shelter, the humans will have to give it to me when I am strong enough." Han Sen thought to himself.

He did not dare to hunt in this area. Once noticed by the creatures of the shelter, it would be hard for him even to run away. Han Sen had to go back following the way where he came from.

Luckily, Han Sen had hunted a lot of small creatures these days, which gave him quite a few primitive geno points. Now he had sixty-three primitive geno points and hundred ordinary geno points already.

Currently, Han Sen's fitness was around hundred. After he used Heresy Mantra and Overload, his strength and speed could easily break a hundred.

"Such fitness and Yin Yang Blast would be enough to beat that Tiger of Blueblood, right?" Han Sen estimated that it was time for the military contest and returned to the Alliance.

This military contest was not the one of the entire Alliance soldiers, but just the contest in the Southwest Galaxy were Daphne belonged to. All units in Southwest Galaxy would send contestants.

Initially, Blueblood Special Force was not a part of Southwest Galaxy. Because Ji Yanran was selecting guards, Tiger of Blueblood chose to give up the contest of the Central Galaxy and came down to Southwest.

This made the soldiers ready to take part in the contest in the Southwest Galaxy clench their fists, ready to teach this person a lesson.

Blueblood special force was always the best of the best, which got on the nerves of the soldiers of other forces naturally. Now that they had a chance to compare themselves against the best soldier from the Blueblood special force, they definitely wanted to prove how good they were.