Super Gene - Chapter 494: The Use of Black Crystal

Chapter 494: The Use of Black Crystal

Chapter 494: The Use of Black Crystal

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Han Sen told Queen the story in details. The reason he was explaining was to let people know that he learned the footwork from Queen, in case anyone recognized the footwork.

Huangfu Pingqing was surprised hearing the story. "So that's what has happened. You are indeed a genius for making her treat you differently."

"Unfortunately, I have only learned a little bit," Han Sen licked his lips and said.

"A little bit is quite nice already. Without the talent, one could not learn anything. Heavenly Go is definitely one of the top ten hyper geno arts, even better than Super Diamond Body. Not everyone has the chance to learn," Huangfu Pingqing said admiringly.

"Why didn't your grandmother teach you?" Han Sen asked her.

"My grandmother said that my character and talents were not right for Heavenly Go. If I force it, I would probably get myself killed, which is why she did not teach me. In fact, I'm not the only one. No one in my family was taught Heavenly Go. Queen is her only student," Huangfu Pingqing said helplessly. "So, I really envy you for having such talent."

"That's right. If one does not learn the kiting skills well, one would get oneself killed even faster," Han Sen agreed with her.

The kiting skills that focused on calculation could easily be manipulated by the opponent if the user had poor abilities, which would cause the user to be killed.

For example, when Han Sen was against Queen, if he were to use the kiting skills, he would lose even faster, which was because Queen had better skills in calculation and designing. She was even able to turn Han Sen's calculation against himself.

Before he gained better abilities at calculation, Han Sen would rather stand still than use kiting skills in front of Queen if they were fighting for their lives.

"Maybe you could… Oh I have to go… Talk to you later…" It seemed that Huangfu Pingqing suddenly thought of something. She muttered some words out of order before she hung up.

Han Sen shrugged helplessly, not knowing what had happened to Huangfu Pingqing. He had never seen her so disorganized before.

Ready to go to the military camp, Han Sen suddenly heard a crack in his sea of soul. The blood snail which had gone through transformation of several months eventually broke out of the coc.o.o.n.

Han Sen was suddenly overjoyed. Initially, he thought all the beast souls would finish the upgrade within one month. However, all beast souls had different paces. It took several months for the blood snail to finish its upgrade.

The upgraded blood snail had different looks from before. It used to have a jade sh.e.l.l and red meat, looking like a snail sh.e.l.l floating on a red cloud. Currently, the entire blood snail had turned red, it's sh.e.l.l looking like red crystal. The beast soul seemed to be on fire from afar.

Type of beast soul of berserk super blood snail: pet armor.

The introduction to the blood snail did not change much. There was only an extra word: berserk. Han Sen thought about it and went into a training field. He then summoned the golden rock worm king and equipped it with the super pet armor. The red armor turned the golden rock worm king into a red tank with a ferocious and fierce look.

Han Sen used 30% of his force to hit the pet. Although the golden rock worm king backed off a little bit, the pet armor was still intact.

Han Sen almost jumped with joy, hitting the golden rock worm king again with 60% of his force, and the pet was still fine.

Han Sen increased his force gradually, but the golden rock worm king equipped with super pet armor was never injured, like a c.o.c.kroach that could never be killed.

In the end, Han Sen hit the golden rock worm king with all his strength, while he was only able to blow the pet away. With the protection of the super pet armor, the pet was not hurt severely.

And the super pet armor only had a dent on it and was not broken.

The result made Han Sen feel both surprised and disappointed. The blood snail did not turn into a beast soul of Second G.o.d's Sanctuary like the holy angel. It seemed that not all the beast souls could evolve like that.

The black crystal only turned the blood snail into a berserk beast soul. However, a berserk super beast soul from First G.o.d's Sanctuary was comparable to a sacred-blood beast soul from Second G.o.d's Sanctuary.

This was great news to Han Sen. Han Sen suddenly had a thought, if I upgrade a beast soul from Second G.o.d's Sanctuary, I wonder if it could be turned into a berserk beast soul directly. If that is possible, I will be able to make a huge fortune.

For the same beast soul, the value of a berserk one would be several times or several dozen times that of a normal beast soul.

If he could turn a beast soul berserk, the profit was unimaginable.

In addition, if he could turn the sacred-blood beast souls from Second G.o.d's Sanctuary into berserk ones, it would be a great help for Han Sen to hunt super creatures in the future. Of course, what Han Sen was worried about the most was the time it took for the upgrade to take place. The holy angel only used a month, while it took several months for the blood snail to become berserk. Han Sen had not yet figured out the rules.

Han Sen had no mood to go to the military camp anymore. He immediately went to the teleport device and entered Starwheel Shelter.

On the plaza of the Starwheel Shelter, Han Sen bought an ordinary beast soul, which was the weakest of all, and made it swallow the black crystal.

It was a snow kitty, the weakest creature on the icefield. The chance of getting a beast soul from this kind of creature is relatively high. Its beast soul was a cape, which worked well to protect people from cold.

After the snow kitty swallowed the black crystal, light suddenly turned into a coc.o.o.n, wrapping the snow kitty up.

Han Sen left the shelter, hunting while observing the progress of the snow kitty.

After only one or two hours, the light coc.o.o.n had already cracked. The snow kitty that used to be white had turned into a silver color.

Type of beast soul of berserk snow kitty: cape.

Han Sen was thrilled. It was about the same as he thought. The black crystal could turn other beast souls into berserk beast souls. And it did not take much time for the ordinary creature.

However, just upgrading ordinary beast souls would not be that helpful. He had to at least be able to upgrade mutant and sacred-blood beast souls.

Han Sen gritted his teeth and gave the black crystal to the ghost-pawed ferret, trying to test how long it would take for the crystal to turn a sacred-blood beast soul into a berserk one. It turned out to be incredibly fast, which Han Sen did not expect.

It only took less than three days for the ghost-pawed ferret beast soul to break out of the coc.o.o.n and turn into a berserk sacred-blood beast soul.

The ghost-pawed claws became darker and sharper. It was as if a piece of iron was made into stainless steel. Han Sen knew it was much more advanced than it was before just by its look.

"Amazing, such good luck…" Han Sen was excited, because he knew how much it was worth.