Super Gene - Chapter 484: Royal Spirit

Chapter 484: Royal Spirit

Chapter 484: Royal Spirit

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Han Sen was too lazy to move in the first place. After hearing from the woman that there was a human shelter nearby, he decided to rest on her back, letting her carry him to the other side of the snow mountain.

The lady was quite tall, almost like a man. It was hard to tell how old she was. Han Sen felt she should not be too old. Her fitness seemed quite ordinary as well. He thought her fitness index was probably less than thirty. She should be a mutant evolver who had entered G.o.d's Sanctuary not long ago, which explained her low fitness level.

According to the statistics of the Alliance, 100 ordinary geno points from Second G.o.d's Sanctuary could increase one's fitness by 8 to 10 points; 100 primitive geno points could increase one's fitness by 15 to 20; 100 mutant geno points could increase one's fitness by 25 to 30; and 100 sacred geno points could increase one's fitness by 40 to 50.

Although it was just a rough estimate and the actual statistics depended on personal situation, it almost always fell in this range.

As long as Han Sen maxed out on ordinary geno points and primitive geno points, he would be able to increase his fitness index by thirty. With his original fitness index of seventy, he could break one hundred in fitness.

For ordinary people, it was not so easy to hit one hundred in fitness. Even a sacred evolver started with a fitness level around thirty. Even with ordinary, primitive, and mutant geno points maxed out, a sacred evolver would not be able to reach one hundred in fitness index but must gain some sacred geno points as well.

It was even harder for the mutant evolvers. As for primitive evolvers, they were basically cannon fodder in Second G.o.d's Sanctuary. It was hard for them to kill even just an ordinary creature.

Obviously, this woman did not have a prominent background. Relying on herself, she probably had as hard a time like Han Sen did when he was first in Steel Armor Shelter.

Many people could not even reach one hundred in their fitness index for their entire life, which was why they did not dare to go to Third G.o.d's Sanctuary and died of old age in the Second.

Even there were some people who would risk their life by going to Third G.o.d's Sanctuary without hitting one hundred in fitness level, most of them died from accidents. Only less than 1/1000 would survive.

The reason that Han Sen worked hard to lay his foundation in First G.o.d's Sanctuary was not just to have a good time in Second G.o.d's Sanctuary. In Third and fourth G.o.d's Sanctuary, he would need even stronger fitness in order to just survive.

To go far, he must first establish a profound foundation. With a shaky beginning, his road would only become more and more difficult.

The woman was obviously a talker. She was very outgoing, chatting with Han Sen while carrying him. By replying to her from time to time, Han Sen soon learned a lot.

The woman was named Guan Tong, twenty-nine years of age. She came to Second G.o.d's Sanctuary three or four years ago. Fortunately, she had the good luck to end up in a middle-sized shelter which had about ten thousand people without encountering any risks.

However, the family of Guan Tong was quite ordinary, so it was quite hard for herself to evolve with mutant geno points maxed out. In Second G.o.d's Sanctuary, her life was even more difficult. Until now, she still had not reached thirty in her fitness index.

The shelter she was staying at was named Starwheel Shelter, the owner of which was Li Xinglun. when hearing the admiring tone in Guan Tong's voice when talking about Li Xinglun, Han Sen felt rather curious about Li Xinglun.

After Guan Tong carried Han Sen and traveled past two mountains, Han Sen eventually saw Starwheel Shelter. What he saw surprised him completely.

It was not because the shelter was marvelous. In fact, Starwheel Shelter was about the same as Han Sen's G.o.ddess Shelter, so it should also be the shelter of an aristocrat spirit originally.

The reason Han Sen was surprised was that surrounding area of Starwheel Shelter was filled with creatures.

Giant Eagles were snapping at the shelter from the sky. Floods of beasts came toward the walls of the shelter. Dead bodies and blood turned the ground near the shelter into a graveyard.

A creature taller than the walls of the shelter was. .h.i.tting on the crumbling wall with its hammer like fists, trying to make a huge gap on the wall.

The beast roars and human cries and the clas.h.i.+ng between blood and fire were the Symphony of life and death. Broken body parts could be seen everywhere, from both humans and creatures.

On the main battlefield in front of the gate of the shelter, a man wearing snow armor was wielding a long bronze sword, fighting a black ape, a silver two-headed bird, a unicorn beast, and a red serpentine. Fighting four creatures alone, he was not at any disadvantage, which made Han Sen quite surprised.

The four creatures were obviously all sacred-blood creatures. The man was able to fight all of them alone, blocking the main attacks of the creatures, which was why the shelter was still standing at this point.

However, the current situation was not promising. There were so many creatures that they hit the Starwheel Shelter like waves of the ocean. Among them, two other sacred-blood creatures were blocked by too strong evolvers in the shelter. However, other creatures still caused a great damage to humans were defending the shelter.

Everyone knew that if they teleported back to the Alliance at this point, they could never come back here after the creatures occupied the shelter. At that time, they would never be able to teleport back to G.o.d's Sanctuary again. That was the reason why everyone was still guarding the shelter with their lives. However, they still fell short compared to the fearless and endless creatures. There was no telling until when they could hold their posts.

Behind the creatures, a young lady with silver hair and eyes, and a silver staff in her hand was standing on top of the head of a creature that looked like either a snake or dragon, watching everything happen coldly.

Beside the young lady, groups of various creatures launched continuous and fierce attacks at the shelter as she wielded her staff.

Either the death of creatures or humans could not change the looks of the young lady.

"royal spirit!" Seeing the young lady's look, Han Sen exclaimed inwardly.

He did not know whether his luck was good or bad. After all this time, he eventually ended up in a human shelter, which, however, was under the attack of a royal spirit who was controlling more than seven sacred-blood creatures. Obviously, she was not someone easy to deal with.


Guan Tong threw Han Sen and the body of the ferret on the snow, running toward the shelter down the hill.

"What are you doing? You are committing suicide by going there now," Han Sen exclaimed at the tall figure of Guan Tong.

"We could not lose the shelter. There is no other teleport device nearby. We will all be doomed if we lose the shelter, so I have to go help," Guan Tong replied without turning her head, rus.h.i.+ng into the shelter.

Han Sen frowned slightly and cast his glance at the royal spirit. The only way to save the shelter was to kill the royal spirit. Otherwise, groups of creatures would flood in endlessly, and humans would lose the shelter sooner or later.