Super Gene - Chapter 485: Hope in Despair

Chapter 485: Hope in Despair

Chapter 485: Hope in Despair

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It was almost impossible to see such b.l.o.o.d.y battles in First G.o.d's Sanctuary, so it would be hard for someone who had never experienced this to imagine the scary scenario of creatures attacking a shelter.

Even Han Sen who had witnessed lots of deaths could not help s.h.i.+vering.

All he needed right now was a set of strong bow and arrow. If he had them, he could shoot the royal spirit dead right away, which will lead to the collapse of the creatures.

However, he did not have any weapon he could use, not to mention bow and arrow.

Thinking of weapons, Han Sen immediately took a look at his mind, which was his sea of soul. His newly gained ghost-pawed ferret beast soul was lying there.

Han Sen took a look at the ghost-pawed ferret and became excited.

Type of beast soul of sacred-blood ghost-pawed ferret: weapon.

With his thought changing, the weapon of the beast soul immediately appeared on his hand. Three purple claws of a foot long suddenly appeared on Han Sen's right hand, gleaming with poison. It looked somewhat like the adamantium clause of Wolverine in X-Men.

With these claws, Han Sen suddenly felt he had an opportunity. Approaching the battlefield, he observed the situation quietly.

Lots of creatures were guarding the royal spirit, so he probably only had one opportunity if he wanted to launch a sneak attack on the royal spirit. Any tiny mistake would render his efforts in vain. No matter how fast Han Sen wanted to kill her, he had to examine the battlefield carefully first with patience and calculate all the possibilities.

Guan Tong rushed back to the shelter. However, as she stood on top of the walls, she felt helpless watching the creatures attacking the shelter like floods.

In addition, everyone guarding the shelter was feeling hopeless. The creature was endless as if they could never be wiped out. Many people were already sore from the killing, but more creatures threw themselves at humans nonstop.


The creature taller than even the wall eventually managed to break the wall open, and a large number of creatures started to enter.

People guarding the shelter became desperate and pale. Without the structure protecting them, it would be even harder for them to defend themselves from the creatures. It was almost certain that Starwheel Shelter would fall.

"Retreat. Everyone teleport out of G.o.d's Sanctuary immediately," commended Li Xinglun loudly as he fought for sacred-blood creatures. He then wielded his long sword fiercely and killed dozens of creatures ahead of him.

Although no one was willing to give up on the shelter, they did not have any choice. Although it might be hard for them to teleport back to G.o.d's Sanctuary in the future, survival was the first priority.

People started to retreat from the shelter in an organized manner. These people were not a mob, which showed the good job their leader did.

However, in front of absolute strength, no one had any solutions. The army of the royal spirit was so much stronger than them that no matter how strong Li Xinglun was, fighting for sacred-blood creatures and killing endless mutant and primitive creatures, he could not save the day.

All sorts of negative emotions like helplessness, reluctance, anger, and depression weighed heavy on the heart of every single person in Starwheel Shelter. People did not even want to speak. They slowly retreated to the teleport device inside the shelter, speechless. Even the evolvers who were in charge of protecting others from behind could not make a sound in the fight, as if their throats were stuffed with something better.

Speechless retreat. It was an ending that no one was willing to take. Retreat meant failure, and even losing the shelter forever. After the shelter was occupied, unless someone else came to wipe out all the creatures in Starwheel Shelter, they would be committing suicide if they teleported back.

"Kill!" Li Xinglun was gleaming like a piece of jade. His longsword danced like wind, protecting half of the wall from the creatures, buying others more time to retreat.

Suddenly, a figure rushed out from the foot of the mountain nearby to the silver-haired spirit hiding behind the army of the creatures quickly, giving rise to roars among the creatures.

"Someone is there?" Someone noticed the strange turbulence among the creatures and glanced that way. They suddenly saw a man throwing himself at the royal spirit in the back.

"Ah! There is really a person there. How come he went there? That place is filled with creatures led by the spirit. Is he trying to get himself killed?"

"Idiot, he is trying to kill the royal spirit."

"How is that even possible? She is the royal spirit with the sacred-blood snake and thousands of other creatures guarding her. It would be impossible to approach her."

"Possible or not, he has b.a.l.l.s for going there. I admire him."

People who had been feeling depressed couldn't help crying out loud, wis.h.i.+ng they were right there with him.

Momentarily, that person had already rushed into the thousands of creatures surrounding the spirit, going toward her.

Everyone's heart leapt. Even those people who were retreating couldn't help slowing down. Although they did not believe there would be a miracle, they could not help wis.h.i.+ng there were one.

"It is him!" Guan Tong saw who it was and explained. The man throwing himself at the royal spirit was the man who he saved from snow.

Watching Han Sen entering the group of creatures, people had complex feelings.

The moment when Han Sen threw himself at the royal spirit, the silver-haired spirit had a strange look in her eyes. She waved the staff, and all of a sudden, the sacred-blood creatures attacking the shelter turned to attack Han Sen.

"Stop them. We cannot let them go back." Looking at Han Sen who was risking his life, Li Xinglun was determined. He stopped the two-headed bird with his sword and then stood in the way of the other sacred-blood creatures that were going back as if he was crazy.

At Li Xinglun's command, the evolvers who were giving up on the shelter immediately joined the fight without even thinking. The other two strong evolvers went back to fight the two sacred-blood creatures that were about to turn back.


Li Xinglun took a hit from the unicorn beast with his bronze sword and fell, leaving a long furrow on the ground. However, he was still holding his sword tight with the blood at the corner of his mouth.

It was fine for him to battle for sacred-blood creatures when he was able to move around. At this point, he had to stand in their way and take all their attacks head on, and he could not bear it no matter how strong he was.

"No matter who you are, kill the spirit for me please." Spitting blood, Li Xinglun slashed his sword to stop the red serpentine that was trying to go back. On the other side, Han Sen was already deep in the siege of creatures.