Super Gene - Chapter 483: Ghost-Pawed Ferret

Chapter 483: Ghost-Pawed Ferret

Chapter 483: Ghost-Pawed Ferret

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Since he had practiced Jadeskin, Han Sen was immune to most poisons. After he made the first breakthrough, normal poisons were completely useless on him. The fact that the toxins of this purple ferret were effective on him showed how strong the creature was.

Luckily, Jadeskin was still effective. After the purple blood flowed for a while, his blood turned red and the injury started to heal.

This purple ferret was incredibly fast and nimble. It was even able to s.h.i.+ft its directions in the air. Punching a dozen times, Han Sen missed every single time.

Luckily, Han Sen's effort in practicing his footwork was not a waste. Relying on incredible kiting skills, he managed to dodge the lightning snap of the purple ferret each and every time.

A man and a ferret were fighting in the snow. The tiny body of the ferret was at an absolute advantage. The animal attacked Han Sen continuously in a fierce way.

Unfortunately, most creatures were not that smart like humans. The sacred-blood purple ferret had amazing fitness and talent in fighting, but all it was relying on was its instinct.

Han Sen used his footwork to its limits. It seemed that he was at a disadvantage, but in fact, he had already had everything under control. Tempting and intimidating, he had forced the purple ferret into a spot that he desired.

Dongxuan Sutra was not only effective in footwork, but also in fistfight. It was somewhat similar to Sprocket Sword that w.a.n.g Hou used. However, Sprocket Sword was applied to the collaboration between two swords, while the application of Dongxuan Sutra was wider and cleverer. Each and every part of one's body could be used to play a part in attacks. However, the more methods there were, the harder it was to calculate the moves in a comprehensive way.

Han Sen had just started to practice, so he was naturally unable to reach a profound level. Calculating his punches alone proved hard to him.

When other people fought, physical energy was consumed. However, when Han Sen fought, his brainpower was consumed more. With one punch, he needed to consider how to make the next dozen or several dozen punches, how to place himself, how his opponent would react and cope, and how to react to his opponent's reaction, etc.

with one punch made, Han Sen had in fact seen the results following a dozen punches instead of this one punch alone.

Of course, he couldn't achieve a hundred percent accuracy. After all, as he was calculating, his opponent was as well. And his opponent might not necessarily follow his calculation.

This was only the way to go when the two parties were balanced in strength. If one was able to beat the other based on strength alone, there was no need to consume so much brainpower. The more ideal way was still to overpower the opponent.

Han Sen had no other way at present. After all, most of the enemies he encountered were stronger than him, so there was no way to beat his enemies with power.

The poor sacred-blood purple ferret was not intelligent enough to tell Han Sen's hidden calculation. Although it was much faster than him, it was gradually forced into a hopeless state.

Very soon, Han Sen threw his fist which was the color of jade at the purple ferret, which was between its two moves and lost its ability to dodge. Naturally, it was. .h.i.t by Han Sen's fist.


The yin force penetrated the sacred-blood purple ferret's body. Its tiny body flew 50 feet away and fell after crus.h.i.+ng a large chunk of glacier.

When Han Sen was about to chase after it, it suddenly rolled around on the ground and ran away in the opposite direction.

Obviously, this sacred-blood purple ferret was severely injured, coughing blood from time to time and slowing down.

There was no way Han Sen would let it go. He quickly ran toward the purple ferret. As he was slower than the ferret, he could not catch it momentarily.

Because it was injured, the purple ferrets could not get rid of Han Sen either, coughing blood from time to time. If they kept going, even if Han Sen could not catch it, it would die from the injury.

Han Sen initially thought he would be able to kill the sacred-blood purple ferret in a short amount of time, but he did not realize how strong his fitness was. After chasing for four day and four nights without any shuteye, the purple ferrets eventually stopped when Han Sen was about to give up himself.

Dragging his tired body next to the purple ferret, Han Sen found it was about to stop breathing.

"Sacred-blood creature ghost-pawed ferret killed. Beast soul of sacred-blood ghost-pawed ferret gained. Eat its meat to gain 0 to 10 sacred geno points randomly."

Han Sen had heard the voice that hadn't sounded in a long time. At the same time, the beast soul of a ghost-pawed ferret was added to his mind.

Han Sen was in no mood to check the beast soul of the ghost-pawed ferret, sitting on the snow immediately and then lying down.

Having chased after the ghost-pawed ferrets for four day and nights without any rest, Han Sen was tired out himself. All he was relying on was his resolution and Jadeskin.

Because he was afraid to attract the attention of other creatures, Han Sen did not dare to use the golden growler mount either.

After all, the golden growler was only a super mount from First G.o.d's Sanctuary. At its biggest state, it might be able to catch up with the ghost-pawed ferret. However, when it was smaller, its speed would be much worse, so it would not really serve purpose.

That was why Han Sen had to chase the ferret on foot. At this point, he did not even want to lift a finger.

Having lied on the snow for 2 to 3 hours, Han Sen still felt sore all over, not wanting to stand up.

"Hey, friend, are you okay? You could not sleep here. You will die like this," seeing him from afar, a tall woman pushed Han Sen who was lying on the snow and said.

Han Sen was indeed too tired. Seeing she was not trying to steal the body of the ferret on the ground, he knew she did not mean him harm, so he did not stand up and just said in a laid-back manner, "Don't mind me. I will not die."

Since he had made the first breakthrough in Jadeskin, Han Sen would not die even when buried in snow, let alone sleeping on snow.

"You will die like this." The woman frowned, pulled Han Sen up from the snow, and put him on her back. She lifted the body of the ghost-pawed ferret with her other hand and said as she walked, "So tired after killing such a small thing, men are such useless creatures."

"Let me down. I can walk on my own." Han Sen felt both surprised and amused. This lady probably had nerves as thick as her figure.

"Relaxed. I will carry you back to the shelter for free," the woman said thoughtlessly.