Super Gene - Chapter 482: Purple Ferret

Chapter 482: Purple Ferret

Chapter 482: Purple Ferret

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"This is somewhat troublesome, but it does not mean there is no chance to beat him." Han Sen thought about it and asked, "When is the fight?"

"It is not a fight. The four of you will all attend the military contest. Whoever with the highest rank will become my guard. Unfortunately, there is no way to fake it in the military contest. You have to rely on your own strength," Ji Yanran lamented.

If she was able to do something, Ji Yanran would definitely let Han Sen win.

"That's good. I will have a lot of time until then," Han Sen smiled and said.

Hanging up, Han Sen started to think how he could win.

Li Mingtang had once said that one needed to have at least a hundred and twenty in fitness to break his Super Diamond Body. However, even Han Sen used all he got, he would only be able to approach a hundred, which was still far from the threshold.

In addition, Han Sen did not have any strong beast soul weapons, so he could not depend on a weapon either. In addition, he was forbidden to enter G.o.d's Sanctuary, so there was no way he could increase his geno points.

Han Sen gave it a lot of thought and the only possible way was to break the Super Diamond Body from within. Han Sen did not believe that someone who had just succeeded in practicing Super Diamond Body could strengthen their inner organs as much as their bones and muscles. As long as he could send his force into their inner organs, he would be able to break their bodies.

Han Sen was especially good at this kind of force. The yin force in Yin Yang Blast could achieve that. To be more confident, Han Sen decided to spend more time to practice Yin Yang Blas, especially the yin force which could penetrate one's body.

Currently, when Han Sen used the yin force, he could penetrate a steel plate 3 inches thick and send 60% of his force to the object behind it.

This meant he would be able to send enough force to one's inner organs through one's skin and muscles. However, the conversion rate of 60% was still a bit low. Han Sen wished that he could increase that rates to more than 90% and preferably 95% before the contest.

Otherwise, with Han Sen's fitness of a little less than a hundred, even if he could use the yin force effectively, he might not be able to hurt his opponent. After all, his opponent would be someone with a fitness level over a hundred.

It was actually harder to practice the yin force than the yang force. Also, there was almost no convenient way to practice it. Han Sen had to spend a lot of time and used all his brainpower.

Although Han Sen did not spend all his time on it, he had been practicing the yin force for several years. And even after that, his conversion rate was just about 60%, which showed how difficult it was to practice the yin force.

During the amount of time that Daphne traveled back to the Alliance, Han Sen was practicing the yin force every chance he got. He did not log into the virtual camp again. Qin Xuan was frequently in the camp, wis.h.i.+ng to meet Han Sen again and learned some things from him. Unfortunately, she never did and was disappointed every time.

Before Daphne reached the human s.p.a.ce harbor, a wars.h.i.+p sent from the Alliance came to it and investigated everybody separately.

This time, Daphne had suffered a great loss, including two of the most renowned professors studying Crystallizer civilization. Many researchers also died on the planet. The accident was quite severe.

Fortunately, the two advanced crystals that Han Sen brought back was submitted by Ji Yanran, which was credited by the Alliance. Coupled with the great influence of her family, Ji Yanran was not punished. After all, she was not responsible for the excavation work.

After returning to the Alliance, the soldiers on Daphne eventually gained some freedom. Although Daphne would not be on a mission in a short amount of time, the soldiers were not excused. The good news was that they could enter G.o.d's Sanctuary as they wished.

It was more than a month until the military contest started. Han Sen planned to use this amount of time to increase his geno points as much as possible so that he would have a bigger chance at the contest.

Returning to G.o.ddess Shelter again, Han Sen found that Yang Manli had done a good job managing the shelter. Many people had already resided in the shelter, which brought Han Sen more money than he thought. Each month, he had an income of more than ten million. The region was not quite populated, so he would earn even more if there were more people. Zhu Ting had got his hands on Treading Cloud a long time ago. Because Han Sen was absent from G.o.d's Sanctuary for a long time, it was the first chance Zhu Ting could have given the hyper geno art to him.

After receiving Treading Cloud, Han Sen went to hunt. He still asked Zero to stay in G.o.ddess Shelter. Since she could not gain geno points from eating meat and could not use beast souls either, there was no point for her to go hunting. She could stay in the shelter and defend it when there were creatures attacking the shelter.

Han Sen went deep into the glaciers and snow mountains alone. On his way, Han Sen was almost traveling at full speed and bypa.s.sed all the creatures he saw. He wanted to kill creatures that were so small that they could be finished in one to two days in order to increase his geno points rapidly.

However, few creatures were of a small size in this area. Having traveled 2 to 3 days in the glaciers and snow mountains, Han Sen eventually saw a smaller creature that he had never eaten before.

It was a creature the size of a cat. It looked like a ferret covered in s.h.i.+ny purple fur, eating red fruits growing on a bush at the foot of a snow mountain.

Having never seen this kind of creature, Han Sen did not dare to be careless. Making sure there was no other creatures around him, he sneaked to the purple ferret quietly.

However, when he was still 100 feet from the purple ferret, it suddenly noticed him. Glancing at him with its purple eyes, it was not scared away, but threw itself at Han Sen fiercely.

Han Sen's heart leapt. The speed of the ferret was incredibly fast. It came to Han Sen's face in just a moment.

"A sacred-blood creature!" Han Sen was both surprised and overjoyed. The creature's speed was even faster than himself, so there was no doubt that it was a sacred-blood creature of Second G.o.d's Sanctuary.

Using both Heresy Mantra and Overload, Han Sen stepped out to dodge the purple ferret's attack by a hair. At the same time, he punched at the tiny body of the purple ferret.

In the air, the purple ferret twisted its body in an incredible angle and dodged Han Sen's punch, continuing to strike at Han Sen.

Having no time to move around, Han Sen was scratched by the ferret. The armor coming with the fairy queen was not effective at all. If Han Sen did not avoid the attack, that scratch would gut him.

An injury like this was not enough to make Han Sen cringe. He was still very calm, using his footwork to fight the ferret.

The strength of the creature was completely beyond Han Sen's imagination. What was worse was that his skin scratched started to bleed purple blood. Obviously, he was poisoned.