Super Gene - Chapter 481: Coach

Chapter 481: Coach

Chapter 481: Coach

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Qin Xuan sent the tutorial of Thunder Knife to Han Sen, and Han Sen started to teach her.

Half an hour was a short amount of time. After explaining some techniques and demonstrating, Han Sen asked Qin Xuan to imitate him twice. And then half an hour was gone.

"How should I call you?" After the cla.s.s, Qin Xuan felt even more respectful toward Han Sen. Even what he said casually made her feel very inspired. She was more and more convinced that her opponent must be a master. However, she could not guess which military mogul he was.

"Call me soldier," Han Sen said casually. He did not want to expose his ident.i.ty to anyone and he was not interested in knowing who she was either. In Han Sen's eyes, this wasn't no more than a transaction.

"Then I will call you coach in the future?" Qin Xuan firmly believed that he was a master, so she understood that he would like to keep his ident.i.ty confidential.

"That'll do as well." Han Sen added Qin Xuan as a friend and left the virtual campus. He had many new understandings after the fight and would practice more on his own.

After Han Sen left, Qin Xuan recalled every single detail that Han Sen had taught her and started to practice repeatedly. The more she practiced, the more respect she had for Han Sen. Just a simple technique could have so many variations.

Using Thunder Knife to trade for a cla.s.s like that, Qin Xuan felt it was such a good deal.

In addition, Qin Xuan even felt this person was cultivating her on purpose, otherwise how would she be able to get the cla.s.s from such a master using just Thunder Knife?

There was no way that Qin Xuan could imagine that the master in her eyes was Han Sen who she had bullied a million times before. In addition, the incredible skills were just a small technique in the basics of Dongxuan Sutra. Han Sen himself had only scratched the surface, and what he had taught her was even less than that.

"Han Sen, you have been training and studying quite hard," the fat squad leader said with a smile to Han Sen who had just come back from the training hall.

"It doesn't hurt to learn more when I am young," Han Sen said, licking his lips.

"Han Sen, what is the use of reading those ancient words? If you have time, you should train more." Vice Squad Leader Liu Mingliang pointed to the pile of ancient language textbooks on Han Sen's desk.

Han Sen had purchased these books for a grand price before he came to Daphne. Many of the books he could not find in ordinary libraries.

"Many hyper geno arts are adapted from ancient martial arts, so it doesn't hurt to learn the ancient language," replied Han Sen.

Liu Mingliang did not continue the topic but said, "Han Sen, since you graduated with the rank of major, you should be a sacred-blood aristocrat?"

"Yes, didn't I tell you that before?" Han Sen looked at Liu Mingliang, not sure why he would bring this up.

"This might be your opportunity then." Liu Mingliang said with a sigh, "Many comrades died on Daphne this time, including guards, the squad leaders of the warframe department and the demolition team. When we return, many gra.s.sroot officers will be promoted for sure. Although you are not in the army for a long time, you graduated from a renowned academy and have the t.i.tle of sacred-blood aristocrat. Therefore, you will definitely have your chance. Although veterans like us are majors like you, we do not have the t.i.tle or background to be promoted."

Han Sen was enlightened. Liu Mingliang did make a good point. This time, Daphne did lose a lot of crew members. Even if the upper level would like to recruit more people, they would not be able to make such a large recruitment immediately. After all, a careful background check must be conducted before one could enter Daphne, so not many soldier could be recruited here.

It was almost inevitable that some original crew members would be promoted, which was Han Sen's opportunity.

If he could become a squad leader of a less busy department such as the warframe team, he would be able to have more time to study or go to G.o.d's Sanctuary.

In a quiet corner, Han Sen called Ji Yanran to ask about this matter.

"I was just about to tell you this. The upper level will promote some gra.s.sroot officers among the original crew members of Daphne. However, I don't want you to become the squad leader of other teams, but prefer if you could be my guard," said Ji Yanran.

"Guard? So I will be able to follow you anywhere. I love it." Han Sen was overjoyed. Being Ji Yanran's guard, he would have more time to spend with her alone. In addition, as long as she agreed, he would have infinite free time, which was much better than a squad leader. Ji Yanran blushed and said, "You are full of dirty thoughts."

"How's that?" Han Sen glanced at her fair skin underneath her sleepwear and felt an urge to go to her bed right away.

Ji Yanran rolled her eyes at him and said seriously, "Although I would like you to be my guard, there are things that I could not choose. I have recommended you as much as I could, but all I earned was an opportunity for you. Whether or not you could end up as my guard is totally up to you. I do not feel we have a great chance, but it is worth a try. If it doesn't work, I will then try to recommend you as the squad leader of the warframe department."

"What opportunity?" Han Sen asked.

"I am given two guards. One of them is already decided and could not be changed. For the other guard, there are four candidates including you. I am not allowed to decide which one of you is to become the guard, so you must fight it out," said Ji Yanran.

"Will my opponents be surpa.s.sers?" Han Sen blinked and asked.

"Not really, they are all evolvers, but one of them is very impressive," Ji Yanran said with a wry smile.

"How impressive?" Han Sen frowned and asked.

"Same as you, he is a major. However, he is a forty-year-old veteran who has spent about two decades in the military." Ji Yanran paused and continued, "You have seen Li Mingtang using that hyper geno art, which cost him sixty years to practice. I will not say anything more than the fact that your opponent had already succeeded in practicing Super Diamond Body. He was serving in blueblood special force previously and was called the Tiger of Blueblood."

"Of course, his strength was more than just Super Diamond Body. He is almost always among the top three evolvers of the military contest, while w.a.n.g Hou was not even top 100." Ji Yanran looked quite troubled.