Super Gene - Chapter 480: Military Mogul

Chapter 480: Military Mogul

Chapter 480: Military Mogul

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Although its name was thunder knife, it was not a knife skill, but a hyper geno art that could change the body cells on one's hands, especially the edge of one's hands, making it as sharp as a blade, crus.h.i.+ng everything in its way.

Of course, in the virtual camp, this feature could not be embodied fully. However, thunder knife could also enhance one's speed greatly, which was rather useful.

Her hands slas.h.i.+ng like thunder, Qin Xuan was incredibly fast, putting great pressure on Han Sen.


Han Sen did not dodge in time and was. .h.i.t on his shoulder. His health value suddenly went down by 64%, which showed how powerful Qin Xuan's strike was. Although it was not a vital part that was injured, Han Sen still lost more than half of his health in one strike.

Feeling slightly excited, Han Sen knew it was only in front of a powerful opponent that he could truly test whether what he had learned was useful. Therefore, the stronger his opponent, the happier he would be.

However, his health could no longer pull him through a second strike. Han Sen became more careful and started to integrate what he had learned from Dongxuan Sutra to his footwork and movements. In the beginning, he was somewhat green. When Qin Xuan launched fast attacks using Thunder Knife at him, he was trapped in risky situations multiple times. However, as Han Sen gradually put what he had learned into use, he was surprised to know all the possibilities there were. It was as if he had pushed open the gates to the new world, seeing lots of things that he had never imagined before.

Han Sen was more and more immersed in his new discovery. In the beginning, he felt his opponent Ms. perfume brought him a lot of pressure. But gradually, Han Sen could no longer feel the pressure and became fully committed to mastering the technique mentioned in Dongxuan Sutra.

His opponent was not in his eyes. From that moment on, Han Sen's opponent was no longer Ms. Perfume, but his yearning for the new world.

In the beginning, Qin Xuan was very mad, wanting to use whatever she got to beat this d.a.m.ned opponent. However, gradually her anger became surprise and then respect and astonishment.

Qin Xuan found about one fact. Judging from the speed of her opponent, his fitness should be lower than hers. Or, he must have lowered his fitness on purpose to fight her.

Even so, her opponent's incredible footwork still left no hope for Qin Xuan to beat him, because of the large gap between the two of them.

Qin Xuan had once had this feeling before against some true masters, so she naturally thought that her opponent was not an ordinary newbie, but some military mogul in disguise. Therefore, Qin Xuan no longer had the anger, but wanted to learn something from her opponent, observing the footwork and skills of her opponent closely.

As she observed, Han Sen became more and more surprised. I wonder who this mogul is. His footwork is almost comparable to heavenly go, but it is also somewhat different. This is so amazing. When is this footwork developed? Is it a new one or some ancient legacy?

Han Sen had no idea that Qin Xuan thought he was some military mogul playing with her. Continuing to figure out the Dongxuan Sutra, Han Sen was very inspired. With his new knowledge, his footwork was now elevated from the level of imitating Queen. And he was getting better and better at it.

As Han Sen was excited, he found his opponent had stopped attacking.

Han Sen looked at her, puzzled, not understanding why she would pause.

"May I ask who you are, chief?" Qin Xuan saluted to him and asked respectfully.

Han Sen's footwork was overwhelming to Qin Xuan, so she thought he must be a military mogul.

"I am no chief, just a soldier," Han Sen replied directly.

There was no way Qin Xuan would believe him, because a soldier could never have such footwork. She had only seen the ability to put incredible pressure on the opponent just using footwork in a couple of masters. It was not a state that one could achieve with just some hyper geno arts. One must have enough cultivation in martial arts to be so impressive.

Han Sen was not that cultivated in martial arts. However, given how amazing Dongxuan Sutra was, he was able to put such pressure on Qin Xuan just by integrating some of the techniques into his footwork, leading her to believe that he was a military mogul in disguise.

Since her opponent did not want to admit it, Qin Xuan did not want to force it either. However, she was still fully convinced that Han Sen was a military mogul. Watching Han Sen, she asked, "Comrade, what is the name of your footwork? Could you teach it to others?"

"You want to learn?" Han Sen was surprised by the request of this female soldier named Ms. Perfume.

"Yes." Qin Xuan nodded.

"Obviously, I could teach you that. But it is not a hyper geno art that belongs to the military, so I could not teach for free," Han Sen thought about it and said.

He had only learned a part of it himself so far. Practicing alone, he might not be able to tell his own flaws, just like a chess player could not be as objective as an observer.

If this Ms. Perfume was willing to pay the price, Han Sen did not mind teaching her something. It would be nice to experiment on her anyway.

Of course, Han Sen would not tell her the complete techniques.

"Name your price, comrade. I will pay as long as I can afford it," Qin Xuan said hastily. She knew that money could not buy the footwork of her opponent.

"Let's make an agreement first. I can only teach you some parts of the skill. It is up to you how much you could master." Since his opponent was sincere, Han Sen did not want to lie to her and put the truth forward.

"Of course. I understand that." Because of the way Han Sen said it, Qin Xuan was even more convinced that he was a military mogul. It was okay for him to instruct her once in a while, but he definitely had no time to be her personal tutor.

"All right. If you want to learn, one cla.s.s is half an hour. I will teach, and you shall listen. No question asked. The interval between is up to me. As for the fee…" Han Sen hesitated.

Money was out of the question. His accounts and ident.i.ty would easily be exposed. Staying on Daphne right now, he could not make any face-to-face transactions either.

"Let's trade martial art with martial art. For the first cla.s.s, you could give me the tutorial of the hand skills you just used. We will talk about future later. What do you think?" Han Sen suggested to Qin Xuan, feeling he was asking a lot.

Her hand skills were not anything ordinary. By teaching her half an hour, he was asking for a hyper geno art that was probably an S-Cla.s.s art designed for evolvers. This price was obviously very high.

"Okay," Qin Xuan agreed with no hesitation.