Super Gene - Chapter 479: Moving Stuff with My Mind

Chapter 479: Moving Stuff with My Mind

Chapter 479: Moving Stuff with My Mind

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Because of the huge accident during the exploration of this Crystallizer ruin, Daphne was asked to go back immediately. It was yet to be determined whether they would be punished.

Fortunately, the two advanced crystals that Han Sen brought back were submitted to the Alliance by Ji Yanran, which excused her from potential sanction.

Being a cookhouse soldier, Han Sen was too unimportant to be liable, so he was fine as well.

"Corn, come over here." Sitting in his bed, Han Sen was reading a book when he found the uniform beetle was fighting it out with a table leg, trying to knock it over with its horn.

Unfortunately, it was so weak that it could not shake the table at all. Han Sen exclaimed at it, but the unicorn beetle did not understand him, still working hard to fight the table.

"Come back!" Although Han Sen knew the unicorn beetle could not understand him, he was too lazy to get out of bed, so he shouted at the beetle again.

The unicorn beetle did not mind him. However, its body was suddenly captured by something and started to float toward Han Sen.

"Ah!" Han Sen looked at the unicorn beetle in surprise. As he changed his thoughts, the unicorn beetle suddenly lost the support and fell from the air.

Han Sen was completely shocked. He tried to focus his mind again on the unicorn beetle, and very soon, it floated again, flying wobbly toward him.

Han Sen caught the unicorn beetle with his hand and felt overjoyed. Then he tried to focus his attention on other smaller objects like cups.

Indeed, it turned out he could move some smaller objects with his mind. He could make a cup within a range of about 6 feet float. If the object was more far away, it would be beyond his power. Also, he could not lift anything heavy with his mind.

Initially, Han Sen was very excited. Later, however, he discovered that this ability was almost useless. The distance requirement was stringent, and the actual force he could use was too weak. It was almost impossible to be used in a fight.

"The red crystal seemed to have given my brain some revolutionary development. Now I could even use my mind to move things. However, it is still so weak that it is not very useful." Han Sen soon lost interest in his newly gained ability.

However, another benefit that the red crystal brought him made Han Sen jump with joy. When Han Sen started to learn the ancient language again after he came back, he found his memory and understanding much better and his progress much faster.

Because of the accident in the last mission, everyone on Daphne was forbidden to enter G.o.d's Sanctuary or use the Skynet. Han Sen had to learn the ancient language all the time. Because his brain had been enhanced, he had made tremendous progress in understanding the ancient language.

Although he was still unable to understand the majority of Dongxuan Sutra, Han Sen now understood a part that was easier to read.

This part was a technique that represented a kind of footwork. Simply by going forward, backward, left, right, and sideways, one could produce endless interesting combinations. It showed how the Tao produced one; one produced two; two produced three; and three produced all things.

In addition, from Han Sen's perspective, this technique written in Dongxuan Sutra was somewhat similar to the kiting skills of Queen. Han Sen only learned some superficial techniques from Queen and did not learn it systematically. However, after reading this part in Dongxuan Sutra, Han Sen was thrilled because he had some epiphanies that he had never imagined before.

The more he read, the more fascinating he found Dongxuan Sutra. Only such a small technique represented plenty knowledge, which made Han Sen look forward to reading the main part of the Dongxuan Sutra even more.

Han Sen had more and more notes as he read. However, it was a bit boring for him to practice alone. Han Sen decided to fight someone else to test whether what he was thinking was correct.

However, because of the ban on Daphne, there was no way he could use the Skynet. Naturally, he could not login to the Gladiator platform.

There was, however, another way. Han Sen used the holographic trainer to connect to the virtual camp of the military, which allowed him to spar with other soldiers.

Han Sen did not bother to think of other names and still used the ID name A Soldier on Wars.h.i.+p in the virtual camp.

Although Han Sen's rank was major, he was still a newbie in the virtual camp and had to gain experience from fighting to upgrade.

Han Sen chose a random match and was soon matched with a captain.

Han Sen checked his opponent out and found it was a tall woman who had used the face blur function. Her ID was Ms. Perfume.

In the same time, in the teleport station of Planet Roca, Qin Xuan was also using the holographic trainer to login to the virtual camp, and her ID name was Ms. Perfume.

Checking the ID name of her opponent, Qin Xuan was surprised because the name became quite famous among soldiers after the video of Seven Kill was released.

However, she looked at the record of her opponent and found he was a newbie with no win and no loss, so she thought the name should just be a coincidence.

Han Sen did not imagine that he would be matched with Qin Xuan, and Qin Xuan would never expect to be paired with Han Sen. The two old friends went into the contest without knowing anything.

Qin Xuan had great luck, at least much better than Han Sen. After she evolved to Second G.o.d's Sanctuary, she was randomly a.s.signed to a large shelter that had already been occupied by humans. There were millions of humans in the shelter, among which many were strong evolvers.

There were also lots of people working for the special squad, with many talents as well. After Qin Xuan arrived, she gained a large supply of meat and had already filled her ordinary, primitive, and mutant geno points. With some sacred geno points gained, she had managed to break a hundred in fitness after two years, definitely one of the top evolvers.

Seeing that her opponent was just a newbie, Qin Xuan did not pay much attention to him. She thought she should be able to finish up pretty fast.

However, after the fight began, it was completely unexpected for her. She turned from calm to angry to sullen, almost crying in the end.

Qin Xuan was someone who had seen great talents of various types. However, it was the first time she had encountered such an opponent.

A Soldier on Wars.h.i.+p did not attack at all, dodging her attacks all the time. However, when she had used all she got, she still failed to hit her opponent. In addition, to her dismay, she was forced into a dead-end by her opponent without her noticing.

Obviously, her opponent could have ended the fight with one move, but he did not choose to do that. His toying with her was simply an insult to Qin Xuan.

"You will regret this." Qin Xuan bit her lips, upset. She then used Atomic Fission and the hyper geno art called Thunder Knife that she had newly learned as an evolver.