Super Gene - Chapter 474: Efficiency

Chapter 474: Efficiency

Chapter 474: Efficiency

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Simulating crystals were an impressive creation, which many human scholars called a miracle.

It was impossible for a human to become a rock, let alone a gun. However, simulating crystals were beyond their limitations.

As crystals, simulating crystals could mimic the characteristics of different matters, which was miraculous and amazing.

When turning into mechanics, the simulating crystals were like machines. However, when turning into creatures, they had the features of creatures. In addition, simulating crystals' abilities were similar to the simulated items.

As miraculous as it was, the simulating crystal had a fatal flaw, which was that the stronger its target was, the stronger it would be. That meant if the target was not strong enough, the crystals would be weak.

Of course, because of the material itself, the simulating crystals would not be too weak. If it was simulating an ant, because of the toughness of the crystal, it was still a thousand times stronger than an ordinary ant.

Currently, the simulating crystals became Han Sen and Ji Yanran. In fact, they acquired the data of their bodies by scanning them. Data could be imitated, but there were certain things that simulating crystals could not imitate, such as the martial arts they practiced and their understanding of those martial arts.

Therefore, when Han Sen saw a large number of simulating crystals turning into Ji Yanran and him, he was not too appalled but became more relaxed. If the simulating crystals became warframes or weapons, even if they could dodge the attack, the crystals around them would expand under the impact of explosion and bury Ji Yanran and him alive.

At this point, simulating crystals turned to Ji Yanran and Han Sen, and Han Sen knew absolutely everything about his own body. Ji Yanran was a weak evolver. That was why Han Sen thought it was the best consequence.

Ji Yanran, on the other hand, was scared and became pale. Just out of a trap, they were trapped in a bigger crisis. It would not work if they blew up the tunnel again. If they blew up another tunnel, they might be trapped here for good without any possibilities to escape.

"Protect yourself." Han Sen pulled Ji Yanran behind his back and rushed out.

Shortly, Ji Yanran stared her eyes wide, and her jaw dropped.

Han Sen threw himself at the group of red crystal humans and beheaded one of them with bare hands. He threw the crystal head on the face of the next red crystal human and smashed its chest with his knee.

The entire process was so smooth and unexpected that it was wonderful to watch.

As many as the simulating crystals were, all of them were broken up by Han Sen. The red crystal humans did not have any power to fight back, as if they were dogs in front of Han Sen.

Ji Yanran did not believe that the rest crystal humans were too weak. After all, the simulating crystals imitated Han Sen and herself. Those looking like her notwithstanding, the ones that looked like Han Sen should theoretically have the same physical abilities as him.

The only explanation for such a huge gap in strength was that Han Sen used his own force very effectively.

Having the same force, different people would have different applications. It was the same as playing chess. Although all the players had the same number of pieces, an advanced player would play very differently from a beginner.

Without a doubt, the percentage of force Han Sen could tap into made him a super master, which was why the red crystal humans looked like him but could not fight back at all.

With Ji Yanran's background, she had seen a lot of talents, including quite a few surpa.s.sers. And demiG.o.ds were nothing rare in her eyes.

However, in terms of the effectiveness of using the force, Han Sen was definitely among the top five in evolvers.

In addition, those evolvers were all celebrities and progenies in the Alliance, with great background and reputation.

Ji Yanran had only seen one person with a humble background who could achieve this level, which was Han Sen.

Ji Yanran was completely impressed by Han Sen's moves and became very proud of both Han Sen and her choice.

With her family and status, it was easy for her to choose any talented young man, but she chose Han Sen and did not second-guess herself even during the period of time when Han Sen was missing. Although her choice was mostly out of sentimental reasons, she was very happy with Han Sen's performance. There was no lady in the world who did not wish her man was the best, and Ji Yanran was no exception.

Boom boom boom!

Broken red crystals fell all over the floor, turned into red liquid and evaporated. Han Sen made a solid punch each time and blew up hundreds of red crystal humans.


He used Seven Kill to turn his leg into axes, kicking the head of a red crystal man into its guts, blowing up its entire body. Pieces of crystal fell on the floor.

"Han Sen." Ji Yanran blushed out of excitement and hugged her man, not knowing what to say. She felt as long as she was around Han Sen, she had nothing to fear and nothing to worry about.

Han Sen thought Ji Yanran was worried about him, patted her on her bouncy b.u.t.ts and smiled. "Just a few red crystal men. It's going to take way more than that to hurt your husband. No worries."

Ji Yanran hugged him tight without speaking or letting go, burying her head in his chest.

"Ahem, this is not the right time. Even if you're in the mood, we must find somewhere safe first." Seeing how charming and tempting Ji Yanran was, Han Sen was burning up with pa.s.sion.

"I'm in no mood." Ji Yanran blushed and hit Han Sen with her small fist, rolling her eyes at him.

"Isn't it nice to be young? You have the mood to flirt in such a place." A voice sounded with the worst timing, surprising Han Sen and Ji Yanran. They quickly turned to look.

The crystal door on the side of the hall was pushed open. Li Mingtang entered from outside, looking at the couple with a grin.

Han Sen looked behind him and did not see w.a.n.g Hou. Li Mingtang was injured in multiple places and did not seem to be in good shape.

"Han Sen, you surprise me. I have only seen three people at your age who could use their own strength so effectively." Li Mingtang looked at Han Sen with approval and continued to say, "However, this is in a Crystallizer royalty ruin. So, from now on, you have to follow my lead."

"And why is that?" Han Sen stared at Li Mingtang coldly and said.