Super Gene - Chapter 475: Crystallizer Key

Chapter 475: Crystallizer Key

Chapter 475: Crystallizer Key

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"For this, what do you think?" Li Mingtang said casually, and his skin suddenly turned into gold. Instantaneously, he had a gold body, looking like the Buddha himself.

"Super Diamond Body! You obtained Super Diamond Body!" Han Sen was shocked, watching Li Mingtang with a golden body.

"I started when I was three years old and had spent more than six decades practicing it. All I have achieved is initial success." Li Mingtang said quietly, without any intention to brag.

"What is Super Diamond Body?" Han Sen asked, puzzled. The name sounds like some cheeky cartoon he used to watch on the Skynet.

Ji Yanran explained, "There are numerous hyper geno arts adapted from ancient martial arts, so there are all kinds of rankings. However, no matter which ranking you see, Super Diamond Body is always in the top ten. Super Diamond Body was adapted from the ancient martial art Indestructible Diamond Body. If you could practice it to the extreme, even plasma cannons could not hurt you. However, it is so hard to practice that a hundred years might be just a start. Therefore, not a lot of people dare to try this hyper geno art. However, once achieving something, one's body would be absolutely peerless among people with the same status."

"It is not that impressive as the captain said. I have only achieved initial success. If someone has a fitness level above one hundred and twenty, it would be easy for him to break up my body." Li Mingtang paused and said, "In fact, you do not need to be my enemies. I did not mean to take your lives anyway, otherwise Captain, you will not be able to live until this moment. In this Crystallizer king ruin full of crises, an extra person means extra force. We should all cooperate in order to have a bigger chance at survival, what do you think?"

"Cooperation, yes. However, you must at least tell us about your goal to enter this Crystallizer royalty ruin. We do not want to die without knowing why," after consulting his girlfriend, Han Sen said to Li Mingtang.

"In fact, it will do you no good knowing about these. You'd be better off not know." Li Mingtang sighed.

"Since you want to cooperate with us, you must have something you need us for. If we follow you without asking, we would probably die without knowing the reason," Han Sen said coldly.

"You are indeed smart people." Li Mingtang paused and continued, "Actually, I could tell you and it's fine. Captain, you should know that this Crystallizer ruin was discovered decades ago?"

"I heard that an interstellar exploration s.h.i.+p found this place." Ji Yanran thought about it and said.

Li Mingtang nodded slightly and said, "Indeed. The exploration s.h.i.+p found this Crystallizer royalty ruin and sent a team to explore it. However, none of them came back. After that, the Alliance sent a wars.h.i.+p similar to Daphne here and none of the people came back alive either."

"Did you know what had happened?" Ji Yanran said.

"No," Li Mingtang shook his head and said with his eyes glistening, "However, my late father was the captain of the exploration s.h.i.+p that discovered the ruin in the first place. After he came here, he never went back. All I want to find is his remains."

"Professor, you must think we are three-year-olds? It is so obvious that you and w.a.n.g Hou both want something here. Don't tell me that w.a.n.g Hou is also looking for his dad's remains," Han Sen said quietly.

Li Mingtang smiled and said, "Of course, the reason we entered the ruin was also for something the captain of the Alliance wars.h.i.+p brought to the ruin."

"What is it?" Han Sen asked.

"A Crystallizer key. Legend has it that as long as you have that key, you could initiate the core of Crystallizer ruins and control all the crystals." Li Mingtang was full of excitement.

"Can you imagine what would happen if humans could control those magnificent Crystallizer technologies? It will make human technology jump ahead three hundred years."

"I'm afraid that the reason you're looking for that Crystallizer key is not to enhance human technologies," Han Sen said coldly.

Han Sen knew that the so-called exploration s.h.i.+p was actually pirate s.h.i.+ps which grabbed the fortunes in the universe that had been overlooked.

For Li Mingtang's father, the captain of an exploration s.h.i.+p was a euphemism of interstellar pirate.

"I've told you everything you want to know. Choose whether or not you want to cooperate with me." Li Mingtang did not answer Han Sen's question but said to the couple.

"One last question, what do you need us for?" Han Sen asked.

"There is an area ahead of us that neither w.a.n.g Hou nor I managed to go through. We also lost each other. Unexpectedly, I ran into you guys. I now have an idea-- the three of us work together to pa.s.s that area to reach the core of the Crystallizer ruin. When we arrive there, you could take the crystals in the treasure, which are what the Alliance wants anyways. And I could take the Crystallizer key, what do you think?" Li Mingtang said.

"Deal." Han Sen had decided on the reply with Ji Yanran minutes ago, so he agreed without hesitation.

"Okay, let's go then. When we are in the area, I will then tell you in details what to do. We should not mess around with this, otherwise all three of us will be in danger," Li Mingtang said and walked out of the hall.

Han Sen followed Li Mingtang, holding Ji Yanran's hand. Looking around, he couldn't help praising the greatness of Crystallizer civilization. Even now, the Alliance could hardly build such an integrated architecture covering the entire planet without affecting the planet's self-regulating system, which was simply magnificent.

Li Mingtang carefully led the way ahead of them, telling them what to watch out for, so that they would not trigger the self defense mechanism in the ruin.

Shortly, the three of them reached an abyss, which looked bottomless and was about several miles wide. It almost looked like the gates to h.e.l.l. From afar, he could see a fairytale like Castle that looked like it was designed for the giants.

The castle was connected to their side by a foot-long crystal bridge. It looked like the two sides of the abscess were connected by a thread.

"Pa.s.sing this crystal bridge, we could then arrive at the core of the Crystallizer royalty ruin," Li Mingtang said, pointing at the castle far away.

"Can we fly over?" Han Sen said, puzzled.

"Look above," Li Mingtang pointed to the ceiling and said.

The couple looked above and saw gigantic green crystals were hanging from the ceiling like chandeliers, each over 10 feet wide and very dedicate. As gorgeous as they were, Ji Yanran became pale after she saw them.