Super Gene - Chapter 473: Dead End

Chapter 473: Dead End

Chapter 473: Dead End

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Oval parasite crystals threw themselves at Ji Yanran and Han Sen like bouncing b.a.l.l.s in increasing numbers, making the couple cringe.

"Run!" Without any hesitation, Han Sen took Ji Yanran's hand to run toward the exit of the treasure. Although parasite crystals could be crushed, there were so many of them that even Han Sen could not fend them all off since they would grow on human body as long as they touched the skin.

The couple rushed out of the treasure and ran for their life in the tunnel that was slightly taller than a person. Countless parasite crystals followed them like ocean waves and filled their sight. The pink crystals were incredibly fast as well.

"Dammit. Where do these parasite crystals come from? How come we did not see them when we entered the place?" Han Sen was slightly upset. They were right inside the core area of the Crystallizer royalty ruin, running recklessly. If they died here, they would not even know what killed them.

However, looking at the endless parasite crystals following them, Han Sen knew they would die definitely if they did not run, so he did not dare to stop.

Luckily, the snow-toothed wolf mounts was running ahead of them as their scout, which was more or less a comfort to Han Sen.


The snow-toothed wolf which was running in front was suddenly cut in half by a beam of light. It fell heavily on the floor and then disappeared.

"Rubik's cube!" Han Sen saw the 12 x 12 Rubik's cube in the next intersection and became pale.

"This way." Ji Yanran ran into a side path first and Han Sen followed her.

However, neither the parasite crystals nor the Rubik's cube was retreating. Both of them followed the couple.

Ji Yanran and Han Sen ran around several corners and suddenly found themselves in a dead end. There was no way to go.

"Whatever." Han Sen knew it was time to fight for his life. He drew his laser gun and shot at the incoming parasite crystals like crazy. Ji Yanran did exactly the same, shooting at the parasite crystals with her laser gun nonstop. However, the guns were not that useful. After breaking several parasite crystals, more started to go at them. There was simply no end to the crystals.

Very soon, a large number of parasite crystals had come close to them and tried to attach to their bodies.

Han Sen gritted his teeth and threw a grenade before he covered Ji Yanran to hide in the corner. The grenade exploded in the tunnel, smas.h.i.+ng lots of parasite crystals.

However, Han Sen was only using a in ordinary grenade. The crystal wall and floor quickly expanded under the impact like foam, filling up the entire tunnel and almost drowning Han Sen and Ji Yanran.

"Are you okay?" Han Sen tried to move his body, but he was trapped in crystals that were still expanding because of the explosion, which made it hard for him to even turn around.

The couple were trapped in a narrow s.p.a.ce, so they had to stand hugging each other. There was no additional s.p.a.ce at all.

"I'm fine." Ji Yanran answered in a soft voice, her cheek on Han Sen's chest and her body pressed to his body.

Although Han Sen enjoyed making out with Ji Yanran, it was obviously more important to run for their lives. The entire tunnel was filled up by the expanding crystals, so there was no way to go out from the way they came from. The only possible exit would be the s.p.a.ce behind the dead end, if there were any. As long as they could break this crystal wall, they would still have hope.

However, Han Sen no longer had any beast soul weapon he could use. He had to run Jadeskin and turn his hands into Jade, throwing punches at the crystal wall behind Ji Yanran's back.


Under Han Sen's fist, the wall only had a hairline crack.

"I have a sacred-blood dagger from Second G.o.d's Sanctuary. Let me try." Ji Yanran said and summoned her dagger, stabbing at the wall behind her backward.

However, Ji Yanran could hardly move her arm, so it was hard for her to put much force into the move. In addition, she had just become an evolver before long, so she did not have great fitness. After stabbing with her dagger a few times, she was only able to leave several shallow white marks on the crystal wall.

"I'll do it." Han Sen stopped Ji Yanran and punched at the crystal wall again.

Han Sen had achieved initial success in Yin Yang Blast. Using the technique of yin force, it was not hard for him to make a powerful punch in a short distance. With slight vibration, Han Sen's fist punched at the crystal wall with loud bangs. After dozens of punches, the crystal finally cracked. Pieces of crystals started to fall from the crystal wall.

Han Sen followed up by punching hundreds of times, expanding the cracks. Eventually, the crystal wall was pierced by his fist.

"I know that G.o.d will not let me die here." Han Sen was overjoyed. The crystal wall was only less than an inch thick.

He accelerated in punching the wall and quickly expanded the opening to the size that one person could cross through.

"Turn around slowly and crawl into the hole." Han Sen glanced into the hole and saw a hall. There did not seem to be much stuff inside.

In addition, if there was anything inside, it must have been alerted by the loud noises he was making.

Ji Yanran turned around slowly. However, looking at the hole, her eyes suddenly became red. She cried, "Han Sen…"

She sounded like she was crying. Tears filled up her eyes and she grabbed Han Sen's hands.

The crystal next to the hole was colored red by blood, which was astonis.h.i.+ng to look at. And the back of Han Sen's hands was completely broken.

Breaking the crystal wall with bare hands was something difficult for him even though he had practiced Jadeskin. In the end, her bones were almost broken. However, Han Sen gritted his teeth and pulled through without making a sound, which was why Ji Yanran only noticed his wound until this point.

Holding Han Sen's hand, Ji Yanran could not make a complete sentence. Her tears fell like rain.

"No worries. It's a small injury. My bones are good. Let's go out first." Han Sen smiled and urged Ji Yanran to crawl into the whole. Han Sen followed her inside and was astonished by what he saw.

The hall was the size of a factory workshop. It was empty inside, but on the ceiling of the hall, red crystals were floating like red stars, blinking with red light.

Han Sen recognized this type of crystal immediately, which was the simulating crystal.


When the couple just stood up, all the simulating crystal started to flash red lights at them, as if there was a press conference in the hall. Shortly, red crystal humans that looked exactly like Han Sen or Ji Yanran fell from the ceiling and ran toward them.