Super Gene - Chapter 472: The Treasure

Chapter 472: The Treasure

Chapter 472: The Treasure

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Feeling the numbness in his brain, Han Sen was alerted by the coolness from his pituitary, making his brain clearer than ever.

"Brain crystals are indeed fantastic stuff. Unfortunately, its effect will fade gradually. In the end, the brain will only be developed slightly." Han Sen put away the rest of the brain crystals and looked to the triangular exit in the center of the room.

The s.p.a.ce inside the room was spherical. Other than the gap where they came from, the only exit was the triangular tunnel leading downward in the center of the room.

Han Sen walked to the tunnel and looked down, finding the 6-foot-long tunnel was connected to another spherical room.

"Ji Yanran, do you know what these spherical rooms are used for?" Han Sen knew so little about Crystallizers that he had to look to Ji Yanran.

Ji Yanran shook her head and said, "In all the materials that I've studied, there is no mentioning of such places. However, there are many unsolved mysteries in Crystallizer civilization, so this is normal."

"Shall we go down and have a look? Maybe there are more brain crystals," Han Sen thought about it and said.

Li Mingtang and w.a.n.g Hou had entered the core area. However, the guard crystal had followed them inside. Han Sen had no idea what was happening in the core area, so they might encounter the guard crystal if they followed Li Mingtang and w.a.n.g Hou, which was not ideal.

"I wonder if it's too risky," Ji Yanran hesitated.

"It's not risky." Han Sen summoned Snow Charmer and sent her down the triangular tunnel to find out what was inside the other room.

Very soon, Han Sen made sure that it was an empty room. Snow Charmer also found triangular tunnels leading to other places.

Han Sen hesitated and summoned the beetle knight again, making his doppelgänger hide inside the statue's ear, watching the entrance from which Li Mingtang and the rest entered the core area, while he and Ji Yanran entered the other room through the triangular tunnel.

Like Snow Charmer said, it was an empty room. On the side of the room there was a triangular tunnel of the same size leading horizontally to another spherical room.

Han Sen asked Snow Charmer to climb into the tunnel first to make sure there was no danger before he and Ji Yanran went inside one by one.

It turned out that all the spherical rooms were empty, all connected by triangular tunnels. After traveling past a dozen spherical rooms, Ji Yanran and Han Sen ended up in a normal room.

Walls of the room there were lined with black crystal cabinets that had at least hundreds of lockers. There was no telling what was inside.

"This is… the treasure…" Ji Yanran saw the black crystal cabinets and became surprised.

"You're saying this is the treasure? So, the simulating crystals, parasite crystals, and guard crystals are all stored here?" Han Sen was overjoyed he did not expect to come to the treasure by accident.

"These black crystal cabinets are similar to the ones used to store crystals that we had discovered before. However, this room is different from the previous treasure. Also, I'm not sure why the room is connected with those spherical rooms. Therefore, I could not make sure whether this is the real treasure." Ji Yanran was not confident.

"Let's open one up to find out." Han Sen asked Ji Yanran to go back into the previous spherical room and commanded Snow Charmer to open up a square black crystal lc.o.ker.

Nothing strange happened. The black crystal locker was empty. There was nothing stored inside.

Ji Yanran came back to examine the inner structure of the cabinet and said a.s.sertively, "Now I am sure that this is the cabinet that holds the crystals. This should be a treasure, but it seems too small for a royalty ruin. These cabinets could not even be compared to those in some smaller ruins. It does not look like it is designed for a royalty."

"It's good as long as it is a treasure. Maybe it is the private collection of the royalty." Han Sen was excited and asked Snow Charmer to open up other cabinets.

However, dozens of cabinets all turned out to be empty, which disappointed Han Sen a bit.

However, Han Sen did not want to accept zero gains, so he commanded Snow Charmer to open up all the cabinets. After she had opened 80+ cabinets, she finally saw twinkling light inside.

Han Sen was excited and quickly walked up to the cabinet. There was a golden crystal inside the size of a snail. It was over with a complicated cut, which made it look like a brilliant golden diamond.

"It is a crystal?" Han Sen did not dare to move and asked Ji Yanran.

Ji Yanran nodded and said, "This is an inactive crystal. Judging from the look of it, it should be the Rubik's cube that you had seen."

"It will not turn itself on, right?" Han Sen was startled.

Ji Yanran shook her head and smiled. "Definitely not. All the crystals stored in the treasure are dormant until they are activated by Crystallizers. However, it is impossible to find a living Crystallizer to initiate these crystals. The guard crystals are commonly seen, but normal ruins only have 2 x 2 or 3 x 3 Rubik's cubes. Even in larger runes, the Rubik's cubes are mostly 6 x 6. The 12 x 12 Rubik's cube you saw is very rare and of high value for collection and research. If this is also a 12 x 12 Rubik's cube, then it is priceless."

Hearing Ji Yanran say that, Han Sen was overjoyed, took out the golden crystal, and stuffed it in his pocket. He said with a smile, "Then I will put it away first."

Ji Yanran knew what he was thinking but did not say anything, just rolling her eyes at him.

With the finding of the guard crystal, Han Sen was even more motivated. He told Snow Charmer to open up all the remaining cabinets and soon discovered another crystal.

It was a white crystal. Han Sen looked to his girlfriend, puzzled.

"This is the memory crystal, containing all the data left by the Crystallizers. If one has enough mental power, one could directly sense the content of the crystal. However, human nowadays could hardly reach that level. They could only get part of the fragmented information in the crystal relying on machines. Since this crystal is left behind by a Crystallizer royalty, it might contain important information. If we are all able to translate part of it, maybe our science and technology could have another leap," Ji Yanran explained.

"Then I will put it away first." Han Sen unapologetically took this memory crystal as well.

"Did you hear something?" Han Sen suddenly noticed something and looked to Ji Yanran.

Ji Yanran shook her head and said, "What did you hear?"

As Han Sen was about to say something, he suddenly heard something falling. Pink crystals as big as duck eggs started to fall from the triangular tunnel from which they came down. Momentarily, there were 100+ pink crystals present.

"Parasite crystals!" Both Ji Yanran and Han Sen exclaimed at the same time.