Super Gene - Chapter 471: Unicorn Beetle

Chapter 471: Unicorn Beetle

Chapter 471: Unicorn Beetle

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Han Sen remained still, watching the unicorn beetle made of green crystal climbing out of the gaps made by Li Mingtang's grenade.

The unicorn beetle was the size of a fist. It did not climb fast, and the gap was not wide. It took the beetle some effort to climb to the ground.

Compared with the golden Rubik's cube and simulating crystals, this unicorn beetle was obviously quite clumsy. It was climbing slowly, and it seemed it could not fly either.

After climbing for a short distance, the horn of the beetle clashed with a statute. The little thing was so dumb that it did not even know how to turn. Struggling with its feet, it tried to move forward. However, its strength was obviously minimal so that it could not move the statue at all. The beetle looked like a toy car going around in circles.

After some observation, Han Sen found that this guy was both dumb and weak. It could not be compared to the golden Rubik's cube at all and did not seem that dangerous.

Han Sen thought about it and climbed out of the ear of the statute, throwing a crystal near the unicorn beetle.

Startled by the sound, the unicorn beetle forgot about the statue it was trying to move, turned around and climbed toward the crystal that had fallen.

Shortly, it touched the crystal which was only slightly bigger than a fist. Using its horn to leverage the crystal, the unicorn beetle only managed to shake the crystal slightly and failed to move it away.

"Among the stuff manufactured by Crystallizers, there is something so useless?" Han Sen was surprised. He walked over to the unicorn beetle, grabbed its sh.e.l.l and lifted it up. Like a turtle that was lying on its back, the unicorn beetle moved its feet around yet failed to touch anything. It was indeed very weak and could not get out of Han Sen's hand.

"This must be a pet made by Crystallizers?" Han Sen examined the beetle carefully. This pet was carved with the mysterious patterns of Crystallizers, similar to the ones on the black crystal gate, looking like the guts of a mechanical watch.

Han Sen touched the feet of the unicorn beetle with his finger, which was grabbed by the beetle immediately. However, it did not have much force.

Grabbing Han Sen's finger, the unicorn beetle came to the back of his hand. Holding Han Sen's wrist, the beetle chirped at Han Sen twice.

Han Sen saw that the beetle was completely useless, so he left it alone and walked to the gaps made by the grenade explosion.

Li Mingtang's grenade must be specially made. It's broke the crystal floor and made a foot-long crack. Han Sen looked down the crack and was pleasantly surprised.

It was an oval chamber down the crack, with a dozen purple crystals inside it. Han Sen had seen this type of crystals before, which was the one that Ji Yanran had used on him, the crystal that could enhance brain development.

Han Sen wanted to go down for those crystals, but he had no tools on him. This was, after all, just a doppelgänger. Afraid that the doppelgänger would be destroyed by the researchers, Han Sen did not leave any beast souls with it in the first place.

With the strength of the beetle knight, it was not realistic for him to widen the crack. Han Sen had to stay put and wait for his own body and Ji Yanran to come over. At that time, he would think of some ways to take the crystals out from the chamber underneath.

His own body and Ji Yanran were still a bit far away from his doppelgänger, so Han Sen the doppelgänger sat down and started to play with the unicorn beetle on his hand. This guy looked quite pretty yet incredibly clumsy. It was quite fun to play with it.

Han Sen and Ji Yanran followed the doppelgänger's route. Han Sen told Ji Yanran about what had happened and took her over.

He also described the looks of the unicorn beetle to Ji Yanran, but she did not know what it was either. Her guess was also that it can be a Crystallizers' toy or something like that.

After seeing his doppelgänger, Han Sen seized the unicorn beetle and took the beetle knight back to his mind.

"Products of Crystallizers generally have some unique functions. The golden Rubik's cube you just described was in fact a guard crystal. It could shoot light sabers that easily slice warframes apart, let alone human bodies. Unless someone was fast enough to escape before it started to use light sabers, there was no other way to go past it. Seemingly useless stuff like this is indeed quite rare in Crystallizer ruins." Ji Yanran observed the unicorn beetle and did not see anything special about it.

"It is a Crystallizer product after all. Even if it is a toy, it is quite unique. I believe I can make some money if I take it back?" Looking at the unicorn beetle, all Han Sen could see was dollars.

"Many collectors are very into Crystallizer products. If you find the right person, it could be worth a lot," Ji Yanran nodded and said.

"Then I will keep it first." Han Sen put the unicorn beetle into a pocket and walked over to the gap. He then turned on his super biological warframe to widen the gap. After 20+ minutes, the gap was wide enough for a person to go down, so Han Sen put away the warframe and crawled inside.

There was no other things in the room than the purple crystals. Han Sen picked them up one by one and counted sixteen in excitement.

Ji Yanran told him before that although the crystals called brain crystals by human could be spotted in a lot of Crystallizer ruins, the number was not huge.

In smaller ruins, it would be lucky to find one or two brain crystals. Sometimes there was none.

Even in larger ruins, it would be impressive to find 7 to 8 brain crystals. Human history, the most brain crystals they ever found in a ruin were 100+, which shocked the entire Alliance.

The fact that there were sixteen brain crystals in this place was definitely something huge.

"If you want to take these brain crystals for yourself, you will have to use them right here. Otherwise, they would be spotted in the scanning process before you board Daphne," Ji Yanran told Han Sen, seeing how excited her boyfriend was.

"Then let's use them. We will each use half. For better, for worse." Han Sen said and split the brain crystals into two portions, taking eight for himself and giving eight to Ji Yanran.

Initially, Ji Yanran did not plan to take the crystals. Listening to Han Sen, she was happy to take the eight crystals and said, "We could only use one in twelve hours, otherwise the extra stimulation to the brains would cause a small problem."

Han Sen nodded and put a brain crystal on his forehead. Suddenly, he felt an electric current flowing into his brain and the brain crystal broke.