Super Gene - Chapter 463: Crystallizer Ruin

Chapter 463: Crystallizer Ruin

Chapter 463: Crystallizer Ruin

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"Han Sen and the rest took down the aristocrat spirit shelter!"

"Is it true?"

"Of course it's true. Someone had already been there. People of G.o.ddess Gang had already stationed there and carved the words "G.o.ddess Gang" on the gate.

"Dammit. Twenty people took down the aristocrat shelter? That is so fake. How did they achieve that?"

"No idea. However, there must be many people regretting to death."

"Would you mean? Regretting what?"

"So many people used to be the members of G.o.ddess Gang. In the end, when Han Sen said they were going to conquer the spirit shelter, most people quit. Now that the spirit was taken down, each current member could have a room to themselves and live there for free forever. In addition, they were also given large amount of meat. Do you think those who had left would regret?"

"They must feel so bad. However, Han Sen would still recruit people. G.o.ddess Gang only had twenty people at this point, so that it must be hard for them to keep the entire shelter. They will definitely be recruiting."

"Han Sen said that he will admit no one that had left already. It doesn't matter who talks to him."

"The way he's doing things… Many people will be offended!"

"He does not need to be afraid of offending anyone. People of Starry Group had to be respectful to him. He said he would conquer the spirit shelter, and he just did. With such a background and ability, he needs to fear no one. I'll bet all those who had left are regretting to death now. If they want to go to the shelter, they must pay a big protection fee. If they want a room, they must pay very high rent. All of the things they could have enjoyed for free."

"Ha-ha, no one could predict the future. It was too risky to attack an aristocrat shelter anyway."

"How is there any risk? What kind of people is Han Sen? He took twenty people to attack the spirit shelter and no one was dead. The most they suffered was some slight injuries. What kind of risk is there?"

"This Han Sen is such a genius. How did he do it? Fresh evolver who just came months ago easily took down the aristocrat shelter with twenty people with him. It is so incredible!"

"Otherwise, why did someone like Uncle Qing obey all his order? He was no ordinary guy."

The news that Han Sen conquered the spirit shelter was soon spread. Many people went to the shelter. However, if they wanted to be protected in the shelter or rent a room, they must pay a high price, which was the income of G.o.ddess Gang. Of course, most of the money would fall into Han Sen's pocket, otherwise he would not be so interested in conquering the shelter in the first place.

After the gates of the shelter were shut, even a mutant creature could hardly enter. Of course, it was much safer to live in the shelter than to live outside. In addition, there was s.p.a.ce inside the shelter for trade purposes. There was also a teleport device in each room. Merchants and rich people would easily pay the price.

Han Sen did some calculation. the place was so spa.r.s.ely populated, and he had only seen 300 to 400 people. However, even so, it was easy for him to make several million from collecting rents and protection fee.

If he were to do some business, he would be able to earn even more money. However, Han Sen was not interested in that and did not want to waste too much time, so he asked Yang Manli to take care of everything.

The gains were great this time. Six mutant creatures and more than one hundred primitive creatures. Han Sen did not sell any of them but shared everything with people who had followed him.

After all, they risked their lives which deserved to be rewarded. Han Sen saved a mutant creature for himself. Together with the evil-blooded condor, he had enough food for 2 to 3 months.

Because it took less effort than he thought it would, Han Sen did not put Zero into action at all. In addition, he was in no hurry to expose Zero's true strength. After all, she looked too young. The fact she was in Second G.o.d's Sanctuary already was quite a surprise for everyone. It was no good for her to show too much strength. It would be safer to be conservative.

After Han Sen took care of everything in the shelter, he traveled beyond the shelter, wanting to find out if there were any humans on the other side of the mountain. However, after climbing over several mountains and marching hundreds of miles, all he saw was glaciers and snow field, with no human in sight.

Han Sen saw a giant serpentine at least 300 feet long slithering on glaciers from afar and immediately turned back. He had seen a lot of creatures on the way and did not dare to go anywhere strange with his current strength. Even if he ran into some strong sacred-blood creatures, Han Sen did not have confidence in winning the fight, not to mention super creatures.

"Meat of evil-blooded condor eaten. One sacred geno point gained."

After eating evil-blooded condor for days, Han Sen eventually gained one sacred geno point. However, it was so slow that Han Sen simply threw the rest to the archangel since he was no longer willing to eat the same thing.

A huge benefit of having his own gang was that Han Sen did not need to fight himself to gain different types of ordinary and primitive creatures.

Han Sen picked some smaller ordinary and primitive creatures to eat, gaining several ordinary or primitive geno points every day, which gave him a much faster progress than the bird leg.

"I will first fill up my ordinary and primitive geno points. The progress I make in my fitness is quite great." Han Sen did not go out for adventures at the time being. He went to G.o.d's Sanctuary to eat ordinary and primitive meet to gain some geno points every day and read his books on Daphne the rest of the time.

When Daphne finally arrived at the destination, Han Sen had already gained eighty-four ordinary geno points, thirty-five primitive geno points, and one sacred geno point. His basic fitness was already 80+. With all kinds of a.s.sistance, he could achieve 90+ for a short amount of time.

At this time, Daphne had already arrived at the Crystallizer ruin.

Initially, Han Sen thought the so-called Crystallizer ruin should be an ancient city or base. However, when he saw a real Crystallizer ruin, he understood how naïve he had been.

Watching the gigantic planet that looked like a brilliant diamond, Han Sen felt more shocked than he could describe. This planet more than ten times the size of Planet Roca was the Crystallizer ruin they were going to explore.

All kinds of Crystallizer architectures were spread around on the planet. Different from human architects, colorful Crystallizer architectures were connected to each other, covering almost the entire planet. Only one glance made people gasp.

As Han Sen was astonished by the glamour and grandeur of the Crystallizer ruin, he suddenly sensed heat from his chest. Feeling shocked, Han Sen quickly reached inside his clothes and grabbed the nine-life cat pendant. Suddenly, he felt like he had grabbed a boiled egg. The nine-life cat was giving off incredible heat. The closer he got to the Crystallizer ruin, the hotter the pendant became. When Han Sen entered the atmosphere of the planet, the pendant was almost scorching.