Super Gene - Chapter 464: Simulating Crystal

Chapter 464: Simulating Crystal

Chapter 464: Simulating Crystal

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Han Sen did not know what was wrong with the nine-life cat or why it would suddenly react so strangely. However, undoubtedly, the change was definitely related to the Crystallizer ruin. However, Han Sen did not know what the connection between the nine-life cat and the Crystallizer ruin was.

Daphne landed on the Crystallizer ruin and made a comprehensive scan and a.n.a.lysis of the planet. Same to other Crystallizer ruins, only the surface of the planet could be scanned by human equipment. The inner s.p.a.ce of the Crystallizer architectures was unknown to people. The a.n.a.lysis of air and water showed the planet was normal, habitable according to human standards. Other Crystallizer ruins were mostly the same, so nothing was special about this one.

After some preparation, the expert panel, warframe department, explosion department, and marines took their equipment and left the wars.h.i.+p, beginning their exploration.

When the work began, everyone was banned from entering G.o.d's Sanctuary again. Since the cookhouse did not need to go to the field, Han Sen felt quite bored every day.

However, since most people on the wars.h.i.+p had already landed on the planet, he and Ji Yanran could see each other secretly quite often.

Chen Shoushan went to the field together with the expert panel, while Ji Yanran was responsible for staying on Daphne. She actually had nothing to do other than receiving reports sent by Chen Shoushan and the expert panel.

"Such a huge planet! We have only these people. How long would it take for us to finish the work if we look into one architecture after another? I don't think we could finish it in a century." Han Sen felt quite upset when watching the field recordings in Ji Yanran's office.

If this went on forever, he would probably stay here for his entire service.

Ji Yanran smiled and said, "Who would be so dumb to discover one after another? That way, with these people, it would take us five hundred to a thousand years to finish 1% of the work."

Ji Yanran paused and then continued, "Crystallizers had different ranks. Their architectures follow a certain rule. As long as we find one entrance, we could access their treasure. All we are looking for is their crystals."

"It sounds easy enough," Han Sen said.

"It is not easy at all. Since the device could not scan the internal structure of the architectures, we must rely on the experts specialized in Crystallizer civilization to find the right entrance."

"Can't we just blast it away?" Han Sen asked.

"The crystal material of their architectures is very unique. Not only is it tough, but it will also expand once blasted. At that time, the internal s.p.a.ce would be completely blocked, which would make the excavation work even harder."

Ji Yanran drank some water and continued, "This is not the real problem though. Since the experts and professors are here, the entrance could always be located sooner or later. However, if the Crystallizer ruin is still working, that will truly be challenging."

As Han Sen was about to ask what kind of challenge there could be, he suddenly heard an explosion. Looking at the live recordings of the field, Han Sen saw a red crystal the size of a fist floating next to a crystal wall. The crystal blinked with red light twice and something weird happened.

The red crystal quickly expanded and changed its form, turning into the same vehicle as the multifunction excavator that was doing the fieldwork. It quickly rushed toward the original excavator.

Bang bang!

It only took two blows for the crystal excavator to smash the one it imitated. The crystal vehicle headed toward the excavation team.

The soldiers in warframe department quickly turned on their warframes and charged the crystal excavator. Because they did not want to damage the architectures, they refrained from using ma.s.sive weapons, with only laser guns and swords in their hands.

Luckily, the red crystal only imitated a multifunction excavator, so it was soon shot down into pieces, turning into a pool of red liquid that then evaporated.

"It seems that we are out of luck. This Crystallizer ruin is still operating. I'm afraid this task would not be completed that easily." Ji Yanran said with a wry smile.

"What is that?" Han Sen was shocked.

"It is a defense crystal of Crystallizers. The Alliance calls it a simulating crystal. Once scanned by it, it could imitate the shape of anything including mechanics and creatures. However, its texture will still be the same red crystal, so the simulation was not complete," explained Ji Yanran.

"What an amazing civilization," Han Sen complimented.

"Very amazing and very dangerous. There are many deadly Crystallizer technologies that we don't even know about…"

"We found it… We found the entrance…" A surprised voice suddenly came from the live recordings.

Han Sen and Ji Yanran quickly looked at the footage and saw Chen Shoushan and several professors standing in front of an excavated architecture, looking inside, full of surprise.

"It seems everything is going smooth. I hope we could locate the treasure soon." Ji Yanran felt slightly relieved.

However, in the next moment, the holographic image suddenly broke off. Ji Yanran quickly contacted Chen Shoushan and the rest using comlink, but there was no answer.

"Something's wrong." Ji Yanran suddenly became pale and summoned all the officers on the wars.h.i.+p.

The communications team was trying to reach people in the field. However, they were completely out of touch as if they had disappeared.

There were not a lot of people stationing on Daphne to begin with, so even the cookhouse was summoned. Including the medical team, the repair team and the cookhouse, there were only less than forty people.

No communications were available, and people could see some equipment left on the surface through radar. All the humans were gone. And nothing could be seen inside.

"Captain, shall we go back and call for reinforcement?" An officer hesitated and asked.

"We must figure out what's happening first," Ji Yanran said with her brows knitted.

Several top experts and scholars specialized in Crystallizer civilization were in the field. If they were gone for no reasons, Ji Yanran would be facing harsh sanction if she returned without figuring out why. She might even be sent to the military court. In addition, many officers and soldiers including Chen Shoushan were also on the planet, so Ji Yanran should not go back before taking a look.

However, people who were staying on the wars.h.i.+p were mostly noncombatants including officers in charge of s.h.i.+p operation, medicine, and cooking. There were very few people that could be deployed.

Ji Yanran reviewed all the talents she got on hand and gritted her teeth. "I ask for five soldiers who is good at warframe operation to follow me to the field, figuring out what is happening."

"I'm rather good at warframe. Let me follow you," Han Sen said quickly.

Naturally, he could not stay on the s.h.i.+p while letting Ji Yanran risk her life. In addition, he wanted to figure out why the nine-life cat pendant would react to the Crystallizer ruin.