Super Gene - Chapter 462: Snow Charmer

Chapter 462: Snow Charmer

Chapter 462: Snow Charmer

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In Han Sen's mind, a spirit stone that looked like a piece of ice decorated with lots of mysterious patterns was floating. In the middle, two strange words "Snow Charmer" were imprinted. Although Han Sen did not know the language, he somehow knew what it meant.

Han Sen summoned the spirit, and the stone suddenly flew out of his mind, turning into her figure.

Snow Charmer, kill those mutant creatures. Han Sen thought. Snow Charmer immediately raised her ice spear and moved toward the mutant creatures.

Initially, the creatures inside the spirit shelter were following Snow Charmer's command, fearless and regulated. However, when they lost her control, they suddenly became a mob. They lost their cooperation between each other immediately. Although they were still great in number, they no longer had the threat they just did.

Snow Charmer wielded her spear and entered the group of mutant creatures. Her fitness was better than normal mutant creatures initially. With her great intelligence and spear skills, she killed her way into the mutant creatures and slaughtered a snow wolf very soon.

"Snow Charmer killed a mutant creature snow-toothed wolf. Beast soul of snow-toothed wolf gained. Do you want to withdraw the beast soul?" A voice sounded in Han Sen's mind as Snow Charmer killed the snow-toothed wolf.


Han Sen did not feel surprised by that. He had studied how to use a spirit before. According to other people's experience, after he gained the fealty of a spirit, he could withdraw the beast souls that the spirit gained from killing creatures anytime. Equally, he could transfer his beast souls to the spirit.

Spirits were loyal subordinates. However, after giving their allegiance to humans, spirits would become integrated with their spirit stones. They would thus lose the ability to come back from death infinitely. If they were killed after they became servants, they would die for real.

When the spirits were killed, the beast souls they carried would also disappear. Therefore, one must be careful when giving beast souls to a spirit.

Although there were many limitations, the intelligence, skills, and ability to make judgment of spirits made them much better than ordinary beast souls. Especially, spirits had the ability to use beast souls, which meant they could be used like human partners, while beast souls were more like tools.

"Withdrawal successful. Beast soul snow-toothed wolf gained." Very soon, a voice sounded in Han Sen's mind and a new beast soul appeared.

Han Sen had no time to check his newly gained beast soul and continued to hunt mutant creatures with Snow Charmer.

Snow Charmer had great spear skills. She even injured the sacred-blood monster of tentacles before. Although many mutant creatures helped her at the time, she still needed impeccable spear skills to achieve that.

The spear was wielded like a tornado. The lean body of Snow Charmer gave off incredible strength. A snow bear was hunted soon.

"Snow Charmer killed mutant creature snow polar bear. No beast soul gained."

The creatures outside the hall became a mess. They either ran away or defended themselves only, no longer fierce as before.

The gang members chased the creatures in the excitement, looking back at Snow Charmer who looked like Athena admiringly from time to time.

She was an aristocrat spirit, and so elegant and gorgeous. She was even a great fighter. Which man could see her and say they don't envy Han Sen?

Later on, Han Sen no longer needed to move a finger. Snow Charmer took care of the mutant creatures that did not have time to run away with her dazzling spear skills. She was so fierce that it was incredible to watch.

Han Sen was full of joy. An aristocrat spirit was so strong already, so if he gained a royal spirit, it would be even better.

Since a royal spirit would correspond with a sacred-blood creature, Han Sen suspected that there was another type of spirit that would correspond with super creatures.

No matter what, Han Sen was more than satisfied that he gained Snow Charmer. At least, it proved that his super body king spirit did work.

Whether or not others could gain the loyalty of a spirit depended on luck, and the chance was quite low. However, as long as Han Sen had the spirit stone, he could gain the allegiance of a spirit for sure, which was more than incredible.

Han Sen had already been envisioning the future when he will take a troop formed of all kinds of spirits and rule Second G.o.d's Sanctuary. Whoever standing in his way would be killed. No one would ever dare to challenge him.

The battle only lasted a little over an hour. Lots of creatures ran out of the spirit shelter and many were killed by the humans.

Snow Charmer alone killed four mutant creatures. Han Sen himself killed two. However, he did not gain other beast souls other than the wolf.

More than a hundred primitive creatures were killed. Bodies of creatures were everywhere inside the shelter. Every human was excited.

"We… We conquered the aristocrat spirit shelter…" Xu You and other young people still thought it was hard to believe, as if they were in a dream.

"We made it!" Many people hugged each other, shouting and jumping up and down. Many among the people who followed Han Sen here almost had a death wish. When they were trapped, they became almost desperate. However, who knows that they would have such an ending.

Most of the people were only slightly injured. None was killed. They took down an aristocrat spirit shelter just like that, which must be a miracle.

The person who created a miracle was undoubtedly the man who broke the blockage of a dozen mutant creatures and a spirit and took the spirit stone.

"Brother, will you sell me this spirit? You can ask for any price." Zhu Ting regarded Snow Charmer with his mouth watering.

"No way." Han Sen turned Zhu Ting down.

Of course, Han Sen would keep a spirit like Snow Charmer for himself. Although a spirit was no human, and there was no way she could warm his bed, he would feel happy every time she served him a drink or something. In addition, Snow Charmer was a great help to Han Sen at this point.

Zhu Ting did not want to let it go and insisted, "How about I give up the S-Cla.s.s Saint Hall license and you trade her for Treading Cloud?"

"No." Han Sen turn him down without even thinking. He had lots of S-Cla.s.s Saint Hall licenses, while needed a spirit like Snow Charmer terribly.

The broadsword in Zheng Guoxiong's hand was still dripping blood. He looked to Han Sen with a complex look, not sure what he was feeling.

For twenty years, he had never been as relaxed as this moment.

Yang Manli's eyes were focused on Snow Charmer. She envied Han Sen so much. The guy had very good luck as always. It was the first spirit shelter he conquered, and he already gained the fealty of the spirit.

Uncle Qing was squinting. No one knew what he was thinking. However, his look was also quite complicated.