Super Gene - Chapter 461: The Spirit Showing Fealty

Chapter 461: The Spirit Showing Fealty

Chapter 461: The Spirit Showing Fealty

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Zheng Guoxiong watched Han Sen going in the middle of the mutant creatures with a complicated expression. Twenty years ago, he was as brave as Han Sen.

At that day and age when it was still difficult to hunt a sacred-blood creature, he used his diligence, talent, and special privileges coming from his family to max out his sacred geno points and evolved as a sacred-blood evolver in First G.o.d's Sanctuary.

However, after he entered Second G.o.d's Sanctuary, when he was about to realize all his dreams, he found out what a terrible place he ended up at.

There was no strong teammates or available beast souls. He needed to risk his life even when trying to kill a primitive creature. At the same time, he must avoid the spirit shelter and large groups of creatures at all times.

In the beginning, Zheng Guoxiong still fought with some hope. Shortly, he discovered that it was almost impossible to max out on ordinary geno points in this place, let alone primitive geno points.

It did not mean that Zheng Guoxiong was not strong enough to kill an ordinary creature. He was capable of that, but there were only so many types of ordinary creatures. As he ate many of a type, that type no longer provided ordinary geno points for him. If he wanted to look for other ordinary creatures, he needed to go beyond the spirit shelter, which was something he could not achieve.

It was the same case for primitive creatures, which made Zheng Guoxiong feel desperate. There was no way he could continue to increase the ordinary and mutant geno points. And he was not able to kill a mutant creature. Zheng Guoxiong gave up hope completely.

As he lost hope, he spent his days on nothing for twenty years. When Han Sen appeared, Zheng Guoxiong felt like he had seen himself twenty years ago, so confident, proud, and arrogant.

Subconsciously, Zheng Guoxiong tried to say no to Han Sen, like he did to his younger self. However, after Han Sen created one miracle after another, Zheng Guoxiong suddenly realized that he wished Han Sen success strongly in his heart, because he saw Han Sen as his younger self. He did not really want to lose or continue to be a loser. He wanted to see someone succeed.

That was why Zheng Guoxiong joined G.o.ddess Gang. When a lot of people told him to leave, he still followed Han Sen to the spirit shelter. He only wanted to give Han Sen a chance. Maybe he wanted to give himself a chance. Maybe there was miracle in this world. And maybe, he could start over again.

He was forty years old. Maybe he was no longer young, but he was not old either. Zheng Guoxiong wanted to stand up again, to feel the urge to pursue something with all he got, and to go after his own dream.

"I am not old yet…" Zheng Guoxiong told himself.

Watching Han Sen throwing himself at the mutant creatures, Zheng Guoxiong felt he had gone back to the hot-blooded era, when he was still fearless.

At that moment, Zheng Guoxiong deeply felt that his blood had not gone cold yet. His heart was still warm. He still wanted to go to the top of all mountains like a man.

"Kill!" Zheng Guoxiong roared and wielded his broadsword at an incoming ice-armored beast, beheading the beast immediately.

With the roar from Zheng Guoxiong, Han Sen also charged the mutant creatures.

A red and golden fire bird spread its beautiful wings in the hall and brought a pretty aura to everyone's beast souls.

People found that the abilities of their beast souls were significantly enhanced, which made it much easier for them to cope with the creatures.

"Beast soul aura! Is it a sacred-blood beast soul aura?" Zhu Ting looked to Han Sen in the middle of the mutant creatures in surprise.

Unfortunately, Han Sen did not have time to answer him. He threw a sharp gaze at the mutant creatures and aristocrat spirit. Every single object and living creature in the hall was imprinted in his mind.

Using his brain power, Han Sen was quickly calculating every single possibility. Shapes.h.i.+fting into fairy queen made his eyesight sharper and made his enemies look slower, giving him enough time to think.

Han Sen made a step and turned his entire body into jade. If someone could see his body under his armor, they would certainly appreciate how gorgeous and dedicate it looked.


When Han Sen brushed by a snow wolf, a foot-long cut was made on the shoulder of the snow wolf. Blood jetted out, but the jade-like palm was not even colored by the blood. Han Sen's performance just began.

Under the attack of a dozen mutant creatures and the aristocrat spirit, Han Sen was not in a hurry. He looked so calm that it seemed that nothing could affect him.

However, if Han Sen's moves were to be observed closely, each and every one of his moves had a strong sense of purpose. No extra movements were made. His entire body was like a highly efficient machine, generating all the power he got.

The aristocrats spirit wielded the ice spear, trying to kill Han Sen. A dozen mutant creatures tried to circle him, but Han Sen found the slim chance of survival in a seemingly impossible way, breaking through the block of the mutant creatures and rus.h.i.+ng toward the gigantic statue of deity.

At this point, Uncle Qing and others were dumbstruck. They could hardly believe that Han Sen was still human. A dozen mutant creatures could not stop his footsteps at all.

The aristocrat spirit was both astonished and mad. Unexpectedly, she could not even catch up with Han Sen and had to watch him beating one mutant creature after another.

In just a dozen seconds, Han Sen broke the blockage of the mutant creatures and jumped on the shoulder of the statue.

The aristocrat spirit could not even catch up with Han Sen, staring blankly at him. Han Sen stood on the shoulder of the statue and took out the spirit stone from the deity's forehead.

It all happened so fast that the aristocrat spirit and the gang members had no time to react.

When Han Sen got his hands on the spirit stone, he suddenly felt a strange force from his palm, making the spirit stone light up.

"Ice Aristocrat, Snow Charmer, gives you her absolute loyalty and hopes to be your servant." The elegant female spirit suddenly bowed her head and kneeled in front of Han Sen.

Han Sen placed at the spirit stone on top of the head of the spirit. The stone suddenly became even more bright, whose light almost blinded everyone. When the lights disappeared, both the stone and Snow Charmer were gone.

"The spirit swore fealty!" The rest people watched it happen, astonished. After long while, they realized what had happened and looked incredulous. G.o.d knows how difficult it was to make a spirit swear allegiance. It was not something that could be achieved by violence. It basically all depended on luck.