Super Gene - Chapter 460: Spirit Stone

Chapter 460: Spirit Stone

Chapter 460: Spirit Stone

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"Wait a second." Han Sen commanded the group to stop, summoned the golden rock worm king, and commanded it to fly into the gates of the shelter.

Very soon, the golden rock worm king returned. The message brought back to Han Sen was that there was nothing in the spirit shelter, not a single creature.

"Nothing?" Han Sen frowned slightly. The situation was clearly out of his expectation.

The group marched toward the architecture and looked around vigilantly. However, they found nothing. It was as if the entire spirit shelter was empty.

Having reached the destination smoothly, Han Sen pushed open the gates and walked into the hall that looked like a palace. Indeed, there was a spirit stone with an alluring glow set between the eyebrows of a huge statue of deity.

"Spirit stone!" Xu You and other young men became excited. As long as the spirit stone was destroyed, the spirit would be dead no matter where it was. However, before they even walked to the spirit stone, a figure suddenly appeared from the side of the room. It was an elegant woman dressed like a priest, holding an ice staff in her hand. It was the same aristocrat spirit that Han Sen had seen.

"Attention," yelled Uncle Qing and summoned his beast souls.

Actually, even without Uncle Qing's waring, everyone had already summoned their beast souls and looked around vigilantly.

The spirit looked at the group of people, smiled coldly, and raised the staff in her hand. Light suddenly covered her body, turning her into an aristocrat fighter in ice armor with red patterns. The staff turned into an ice spear.


Almost immediately, all sorts of creatures came to the empty castle. Hundreds and thousands of ice-armored beasts and other creatures besieged the hall, throwing themselves at the intruders.

"Go deeper and destroy the spirit stone," Uncle Qing exclaimed and charged the statue of deity.

However, before he made a move, a dozen creatures suddenly appeared from behind the statue, each of them a mutant creature. There were huge snow wolf and bears, as well as dark bats and all sorts of birds.

Those mutant creatures completely blocked the path toward the statue. Also, they were led by the aristocrat spirit. Even Uncle Qing was shocked and stopped, finding it impossible to destroy the spirit stone directly.

Groups of creatures had flooded into the hall from outside. Although they were all primitive creatures, they were so huge in number that even if the group of people wanted to kill their way out, it would take them a long time.

In addition, they were in the spirit shelter and the gates had been closed. There was no way for them to go back even if they wanted to.

"Human, you will regret that you stole my pet." The cold face of the spirits was emotionless. She pointed at Han Sen with her ice spear.

After that sentence, the ice-armored beasts flooded into the hall and threw themselves at the group of people with no fear for death.

However, the mutant creatures did not seem to be attacking. All they were doing was to protect the statue of deity. Clearly, they were trying to weaken the group using endless primitive creatures first.

The spirit herself walked to Han Sen with her ice spear in hand, wanting to kill Han Sen with her own hands to get her revenge.

Everyone else looked pale. They were trapped in this place. They could not run away or destroy the spirit stone. It seemed that they were in a dead end, and there was no hope of survival.

"Let's rush out. Maybe there is still a chance," Zhu Ting said loudly.

"You guard the door, and I will go for the spirit stone," Han Sen said and walked to the spirit.

Everyone else lost their calm. With a dozen mutant creatures guarding the statue of deity, they could not approach it with all the people available, let alone Han Sen himself.

However, Han Sen had already gone toward the statue of deity. Other people had to block the door to the hall first, fighting the endless ice-armored beasts.

However, there were so many creatures out there that there was no way they could hold up for a long time. Even if the creatures were willing to be killed by them, their hands would still get tired.

Han Sen did not seem to be worried about the situation at all. He walked to the spirit and said, "You're very smart, I could even call you sly. You have successfully lured us into the trap you have set up."

The spirit curled her lips and looked content. She said coldly, "The moment you decided to go against me, your death has been certain.

"Unfortunately, there is one thing you did wrong," Han Sen continued to say as he walked.

"What is it?" Unexpectedly, the spirit asked with her brows knitted.

"You should not let me come this far. Your favorite trap is your biggest mistake." Han Sen quickly rushed to the huge statue of deity with the spirit stone like a tornado.

The spirit sneered and swept her ice spear at Han Sen, trying to stop him.

However, Han Sen did not lower his speed at all. He used great strength with his legs yet put his upper body horizontal. Running forward but almost lying on the ground, Han Sen dodged the attack from the spirit in a weird pose and continued toward the statue at a high speed.

The mutant creatures roared loud and threw themselves at Han Sen like demons from h.e.l.l.