Super Gene - Chapter 459: Abnormal Shelter

Chapter 459: Abnormal Shelter

Chapter 459: Abnormal Shelter

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With someone being the first, many more stood out to break off their contract and leave the G.o.ddess Gang.

Not many people believed that Han Sen could really conquer the spirit shelter. There were so many mutant creatures in the spirit shelter, and an aristocrat spirit who was basically immortal. Those were all huge troubles.

Before destroying their spirit stones, the spirits were almost immortal in their own shelters. In addition, no one had any idea how many mutant creatures and primitive creatures there were. G.o.ddess Gang had a total of two hundred people, and many of them were still lacking in their primitive geno point count. They could not even fight primitive creatures one on one. Spirit shelter was simply too big a goal.

G.o.ddess Gang which had two hundred people lost the better half of its members soon. Only about three dozen of people remained.

Han Sen was fully prepared in advance. However, he still did not expect to lose so many members. At first glance, most people who stayed were young people like Xu You. Only a few of them were older.

To Han Sen's surprise, the middle-aged person who used to throw sarcastic comments at him was still in the team and did not choose to leave.

Han Sen still remembered that his name was Zheng Guoxiong. He came to Second G.o.d's Sanctuary twenty years ago as a sacred evolver. However, he did not expect to end up in such s.h.i.+tty place. For two decades, he did nothing. When Han Sen established G.o.ddess Gang, he joined the gang but did not show too much impressive performance.

"Brother, are we still going to conquer the spirit shelter?" Zhu Ting did not leave either. He glanced at the remaining people and whispered to Han Sen.

"Of course, I said that we are going to set out tomorrow. That will not change. Go back and prepare. Gather here tomorrow at 6:30 AM." Han Sen asked everyone to go.

The reason he would like to wait until tomorrow and did not leave immediately was that he wanted to test the rest of these people. Maybe they were excited and motivated at this point. However, after considering for an entire night, if they still dared to go, then it would mean they were truly rough diamonds.

There was no way these people knew that Han Sen did not care how many people followed. As long as he and Zero were there, they could take down the spirit shelter themselves. The reason he was bringing people over was to select potential talents. After all, there must be someone to operate the shelter after they took it down.

"Are you really taking these people to conquer the spirit shelter?" After everyone was gone, Yang Manli asked Han Sen seriously.

"What now? You also don't believe I could take down the spirit shelter?" Han Sen looked at Yang Manli with a smile.

"Judging from pure strength, it is tough indeed." Yang Manli was not a woman who would be misled by others, and her answer was honest.

"So, will you go or not?" Han Sen continued to ask.

"Yes." Yang Manli gave him an a.s.sertive answer.

"Then go back and prepare. We'll leave tomorrow morning," Han Sen smiled and said.

The next morning, they were missing several people. In the end, including Yang Manli, Uncle Qing, and Zhu Ting, they were twenty people in total.

"Let's go." Han Sen did not waste his words and commanded everyone to march toward the big mountain where the spirit shelter was located.

When the group of people left, many people were watching them. They all felt that Han Sen must be crazy. How is it different from committing suicide taking such a small number of people to conquer the spirit shelter?

Although Uncle Qing who was the strongest fighter on Han Sen's team, he was only good against one mutant creature no matter how strong he was.

Even if Han Sen was able to cope with one or two mutant creatures, what could the rest of them do? Most of them were young people who had not been to Second G.o.d's Sanctuary for long. Also, most of them were just mutant evolvers. Only one or two were sacred-blood evolvers. There were even three young people who were primitive evolvers.

No one would believe that twenty people like these could conquer an aristocrat spirit shelter. Everybody believed they were mad.

Watching the young men following Han Sen, many people even showed pity.

Of course, more people were delighted to witness their departure. They even thought, coming from a prominent family with the respect from Starry Group, Han Sen became arrogant. He deserves to die in the spirit shelter. It's a pity though that we are going to lose a good man like Uncle Qing and those young people.

People of worst characters even wished for Han Sen to die there and for Yang Manli and Zero to returned safely, so that they would have a chance at the ladies.

The twenty people marched toward the spirit shelter in heavy snow and soon disappeared on the vast snow field. Many people thought it was very likely that they were gone forever.

Even many of the young people in the group felt pessimistic about the fight. However, because of their pa.s.sion, they wanted to roll the dice, and maybe there was a future for them.

However, even so, they felt worried. After all, it was an aristocrat spirit shelter. They had never been to a squire shelter or a knight shelter before. It was their first expedition, and their target was an aristocrat shelter. It was absolutely normal that they were nervous.

The closer they got to the snow mountain, the more nervous they became. Even Uncle Qing put on a solemn look.

Uncle Qing knew for sure that Han Sen was not a stupid man. However, in his eyes, they did not have enough to take down the spirit shelter. If Han Sen did not have any backup, they would be taking a huge risk. It would be hard for them to escape death.

However, because of the blind trust in the name Han Jingzhi, Uncle Qing did not want to quit.

"Are you cold?" In the fluttering snowflakes, Han Sen held Zero's hands and warmed them up with his breath.

"No." Zero shook her head quietly.

Han Sen then remembered that Zero had even better physique than he did. There was no way she would fear such weather.

"This is the spirit shelter. Are we really going up?" Zhu Ting looked at the big mountain ahead of them and asked again.

"Certainly." Han Sen urged the golden growler to step on the big mountain first.

The rest of them looked at each other and then all followed Han Sen uphill. Many of them were walking stiffly with no expression on their face, staring at the spirit shelter that looked like an old castle.

The spirit shelter was quiet. Except for the sound of snow falling, there was absolutely no sound. The shelter looked like a lifeless castle with no residents.

Uncle Qing, Zhu Ting, and Yang Manli could not help frowning. This was obviously quite abnormal. Creatures and the spirit should have noticed them a long while ago. However, there was no noise at all. The gates of the shelter were open, but no creatures came out of it, which was simply odd.