Super Gene - Chapter 456: Gargoyle

Chapter 456: Gargoyle

Chapter 456: Gargoyle

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Han Sen was very satisfied with Treading Cloud, which was a secret hyper geno art that he could not even learn at Saint Hall. It was worth it to pay an S-Cla.s.s Saint Hall license and a berserk beast soul.

Just like that, Han Sen and Zhu Ting agreed on the time of the trade. Zhu Ting could teach Han Sen the footwork himself, but he had to obtain the special geno solutions from the Chens.

Zhu Ting took Han Sen to find the nest. With the speed of the golden growler, it took them more than half a day to spot layering mountains formulating a life lotus, which was the entrance to the nest.

Luckily, there was no creatures nearby. They climbed over the mountains and went down the entrance until they reached the green gold wall.

The green gold wall was still intact. No one had entered. Although Zhu Ting found the place, he did not dare to enter.

Zhu Ting was smart in that he knew what was within his ability and what was beyond, which was not something everyone knew.

After all, men are animals of emotions, so it was hard for them to keep rational all the time.

"Wait outside. I’ll go check it out," Han Sen said to Zhu Ting and broke the green gold wall to enter.

The omniscient green light made the large nest a scary s.p.a.ce. Oddly shaped cells were everywhere, all intact. There was no way to tell which one had nurtured a creature.

Han Sen slowly approached the cells, but because there were too many cells, there were all crammed together. There was no way to go through other than climbing over the cells.

Han Sen did not dare to jump onto a cell. Staring at a 20 feet tall oval sell, he slowly walked ahead, feeling uncomfortable as if something was about to get wrong.

"Roar!" When Han Sen was about 30 feet from the cell, it suddenly exploded. A black creature with two silver horns and bat wings that looked like a gargoyle suddenly rushed out from the broken cell.

Han Sen only glanced at it before he started to run as fast as his legs could carry him.

Although he had not fought the creature yet, judging by its speed, Han Sen was sure that the gargoyle was a sacred-blood creature with a physique over one hundred.

Han Sen was glad that it was the first thing that caught his eyes. If Han Sen ran into this creature when he had gone deep already, it would be much harder for him to run away.

Han Sen only ran a few steps when the gargoyle caught up with him. Its arm as strong as a marble column quickly swung at Han Sen’s back.

On its claw, each of the nails was more than half a foot long, as sharp as a tungsten dagger. Even a body made of Z-steel would be broken by such nails.

Without turning back, Han Sen moved his body like a snake away from the blow of the gargoyle, as if he had eyes on his back. Then Han Sen continued to run in a twisted route. Flapping its wings, the gargoyle was behind Han Sen immediately. However, its blow was useless again. Han Sen was as slippery as an eel, slipping through the gargoyle’s arms again and again.

Han Sen looked to the direction of the entrance and saw that Zhu Ting had left, faster than a rabbit.

Having failed several times, the gargoyle quickly howled as Han Sen was about to run to the narrow path. The silver horns of the gargoyle suddenly glowed and the silver color started to bleed toward the gargoyle’s black body. All of a sudden, the gargoyle became a silver statue, which looked strangely glamorous.

"Dammit! A berserk sacred-blood creature!" Han Sen exclaimed. The silver gargoyle almost instantaneously appeared behind Han Sen, clawing at Han Sen’s head.

The speed of the silver gargoyle was so fast that Han Sen had no time to dodge the blow. Although he was trying to use kiting skills as much as possible, in front of the absolute speed, all his efforts were useless.

Han Sen gritted his teeth and used Jadeskin. Reaching a hand at the thick arm of the berserk beast, Han Sen was not trying to beat the creature with his force.

As the two arms clashed, Han Sen entangled the thick arm of the silver gargoyle like a snake and slid onto its body.

Perfectly combining Ghosthaunt and Diversion, Han Sen also used the flexibility he gained from practicing Jadeskin to reach this effect.

The silver gargoyle tried to catch Han Sen who was hanging on its back, while Han Sen had slid down to the gargoyle’s crotch and hitting the part hard.


Han Sen’s Jade like fist hit the gargoyle’s crotch hard, making it scream madly. The gargoyle quickly used both hands to claw at Han Sen.

Han Sen turned his body around on the gargoyle’s thigh and moved back to its back. Grabbing the gargoyle’s wings, Han Sen quickly chopped his hand at its neck.

Moving around on the gargoyle’s body, the gargoyle tried to catch Han Sen in madness but kept failing.

However, the physique of the berserk silver gargoyle was so strong that even after Han Sen used Jadeskin, he could only make its silver body swell a little.

Han Sen did not dare to use the cursed wolf dagger, because it was not strong enough to break this body and because holding the dagger would affect Han Sen’s movements.

Han Sen even tried to claw at the gargoyle’s eyes, but it was equally useless. Its eyes were as tough as its body, made of silver metal.

Han Sen felt the time which was less than a minute was as long as hours. It was not an easy thing to fight the gargoyle this way.

Han Sen had used his physical and mental power to his limit. Every slight movement was carefully calculated. Both his physical and mental strength was depleted.

Even so, Han Sen was still facing worse risks. The berserk gargoyle became faster and faster. A few times, it’s nails had scratched Han Sen, making him bleed immediately.

Han Sen was not shaken at all. He continued to slither on the gargoyle’s body like a snake, but his moving range was smaller and smaller.

Eventually, the berserk gargoyle pushed Han Sen so hard that he had nowhere to go. The gargoyle quickly clawed at Han Sen was right on its body.

As the sharp silver nails were about to stab into Han Sen’s body, Han Sen quickly pushed the gargoyle’s head and jumped in the air, avoiding its claw.

The silver gargoyle had used up its energy with this move. After Han Sen dodged the blow, its claw did not stop and continued to hit its own face. The five nails as sharp as silver daggers stabbed into silver face, and silver blood suddenly jetted out.