Super Gene - Chapter 455: Treading Cloud

Chapter 455: Treading Cloud

Chapter 455: Treading Cloud

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"Although Seven Twists is the family secret of the Chens, there is a way for you to learn. However, since it runs in the family, there is a rule that the secret could not be leaked. If you want to learn, you will have to become a student of my family," said Zhu Ting.

Although Zhu Ting did not say no, there was no way that Han Sen would agree to become a student of the Chens, which meant he could not learn the hyper geno art.

"So, there is no way around that?" Han Sen turned around and was ready to leave.

"Stop, listen to me. Even if I was willing to ignore the rules and teach you Seven Twists, all I knew was the first three twists anyway. Without the special geno solutions, there was no way you could succeed in practicing it either."

Zhu Ting saw Han Sen was still leaving and said quickly, "Brother, hear me out. When I was chased around by the mutant creature a while back, I found a great place which you would definitely be interested in. How about I show you the place? If you think it is interesting, just let me join G.o.ddess Gang. If you think the place is no good, I will no longer bother you."

"What kind of a good place?" Han Sen asked.

"A nest," Zhu Ting lowered his voice and said to Han Sen. Han Sen looked at him surprised. The fact that Zhu Ting found a nest meant he had found a sacred-blood beast soul. What a lucky guy!

"Take me there first," Han Sen thought about it and said.

He was not worried that Zhu Ting might have any tricks up his sleeve. Even if there was a sacred-blood creature, Han Sen could protect himself.

However, in the case that there was a sacred-blood creature or even a super creature in the nest, it would be terribly difficult for him to break the egg.

Zhu Ting took Han Sen out of the ice cave and entered the mountains.

Han Sen felt they were going too slow and summoned the golden growler, asking Zhu Ting to sit with him.

"Brother, what a nice ride! Do you want to sell this mount? I could accept any price," Zhu Ting said admiringly, looking at the golden growler.

"I will not sell this one, but if you want to purchase a beast soul, I do have one." Han Sen suddenly had an idea. The berserk ice-armored beast soul that he gained the last time was useless to him. If Zhu Ting was willing to pay a high price, Han Sen would like to sell it to him.

"What beast soul? A mutant one or a sacred-blood one?" Zhu Ting looked at Han Sen in excitement. He had been suffering too much. It was so difficult to get a beast soul in such a place, and he had lost all the beast souls he brought here. Without a nice beast soul, Zhu Ting felt insecure.

"A primitive beast soul of ice-armored beast," replied Han Sen.

Zhu Ting was slightly disappointed, but he still said, "Well that is nice as well. It is beast soul armor, relatively strong among primitive beast souls. One million, what do you think?"

One million for a primitive beast soul was a lot, even though the beast soul was from Second G.o.d’s Sanctuary.

It was only because beast souls were very rare in this place. In a large human shelter, primitive beast souls would be worth about one tenth the price.

"It is a berserk one," Han Sen added.

Zhu Ting suddenly widened his eyes and said, "Brother, you got a berserk ice-armored beast soul?" Among primitive creatures, only one in several dozen could become berserk. And it was even harder to gain the beast soul, which was why a berserk beast soul was much more expensive than the beast soul on the same level.

Of course, a berserk beast soul was also much better than others. In the case of this beast soul armor, a normal beast soul could only cover 30% to 40% of the body, while a berserk one could cover more than 95% of the body. The defense was also enhanced in the berserk one, even comparable to a weak mutant armor, which made the value of a berserk beast soul much higher.

"What do you think?" Han Sen summoned the berserk ice-armored beast soul, and his whole body was suddenly covered in a thick layer of ice. However, armor like this was not that useful to Han Sen. It was not even as strong as Han Sen’s body, especially after he had practiced micro crystal.

If the armor was a top mutant beast soul or a sacred-blood one, Han Sen would probably keep it. Unfortunately, he had not gained one yet.

"Brother, name your price." Zhu Ting felt excited.

"I won’t force you to teach me Seven Twists since you are not allowed to. But your family must have an S-Cla.s.s footwork design for evolvers." Han Sen looked at Zhu Ting and said.

Zhu Ting suddenly became hesitant and said, "Well… Forget about it… I don’t really need a beast soul…"

Han Sen knew what he meant. A berserk beast soul of ice armored beast was worth ten million dollars tops after taking into consideration of the scarcity of the beast souls.

However, that was too little to trade for an S-Cla.s.s secret footwork. No one would make such a trade.

"Relax, I’m not trying to trade the berserk beast soul for your footwork. I will pay you an S-Cla.s.s Saint Hall license of evolver level for the footwork. The berserk beast soul could be considered your service fee," Han Sen said with a smile.

The Chens had phenomenal footwork hyper geno arts, which were hard to purchase even in Saint Hall. Since Seven Twists was out of the question, Han Sen did not mind learning something else.

"If that is the case, I could think of something." Zhu Ting looked at the berserk beast soul armor Han Sen was wearing, gritted his teeth and said, "The Chens have an evolver footwork Treading Cloud. If you’re interested, I could give up my dignity and get it for you."

"Tell me about it, what kind of footwork is Treading Cloud?" Han Sen squinted and asked.

Zhu Ting demonstrated what it was like, which made Han Sen’s eyes light up.

Treading Cloud was a footwork that emphasized leg skills. After it was practiced successfully, the body cells of one’s legs could be enhanced. Treading Cloud meant it was so easy to reach the sky after practicing this footwork.

Although it was an exaggeration, it showed that the footwork emphasized explosive leg strength.

To Han Sen’s satisfaction, after practicing Treading Cloud, although he would not be able to leverage on the air seven times, he would be able to leverage on the air once. Unlike what Han Sen had invented, this was a perfect leverage.

Last time, when Han Sen leveraged in the air, he was only able to make one extra kick, which was because the leverage was not perfect. After practicing Treading Cloud, he would be able to leverage on the air perfectly and make another seven kicks.