Super Gene - Chapter 457: Expert Panel

Chapter 457: Expert Panel

Chapter 457: Expert Panel

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Han Sen took the opportunity to run out of the nest. He could still vaguely hear the roaring of the raging silver gargoyle.

The physique of the silver gargoyle was so good that Han Sen could not kill it at the moment. However, since he had already learned that there was a sacred-blood creature in this place, he could always come back when he had enough geno points.

"Brother, you are here! Are you okay?" Zhu Ting was waiting at the entrance, looking down from time to time.

"Luckily, I ran out, but I could not kill that thing," Han Sen said and started to walk away.

"How about me joining G.o.ddess Gang?" Zhu Ting came up to Han Sen and asked.

"If you want to, I’ll permit it," Han Sen said casually. He would keep Zhu Ting around for the moment because he was still thinking about Seven Twists of the Chens.

After leaving the nest, Han Sen went back to the Alliance and urged Zhu Ting to get the geno solutions as soon as possible.

It was almost time for Zero to return to the G.o.d’s sanctuary, so Han Sen thought it was time to conquer the spirit shelter.

However, he would like for everyone of G.o.ddess Gang to join the war against the spirit shelter. Otherwise, if he went himself, the gang members would not appreciate the gains they did not fight for that much.

Of course, Han Sen was going to make sure he will get the spirit stone in the shelter. He did not care about anything else that much.

After Han Sen returned to Daphne, he finished his own task and looked at his future schedule.

In two days, he would join the cooking team to prepare food.

Soldiers could only have food for five days out of a month. Normally, they would just take nutrition solutions.

However, the expert panel was different. They ate every day, so the existence of the cookhouse was mainly meant for the expert panel.

After resting for two days, reading and training, it was Han Sen’s turn to work. Han Sen finally understood that the work of the cookhouse was difficult sometimes.

Those experts and scholars were very picky about what they ate. According to the rules, each of them shall have three dishes and one soup per meal, and there must be meat.

In addition, several professors in the expert panel could even order their own food, which was a privilege that even Ji Yanran and Chen Shoushan did not enjoy.

Because of the emphasis the Alliance had placed on Crystallizer ruins, these experts and professors enjoyed very high status. Among them, several professors were indeed quite knowledgeable about Crystallizer civilization.

Han Sen was not a great cook, so all he could do was to prepare the raw materials and transfer the food to the plates.

"You must be the new cookhouse recruit Han Sen? I heard you pa.s.sed Sprint at level 10?" A young researcher of the expert panel asked Han Sen while he was getting his food.

"It was because I have seen it before. It’s no big deal," Han Sen said casually.

"You graduated from Blackhawk?" The young researcher asked.

"Yes," Han Sen slightly frowned and replied. He glanced at the young researcher who was about thirty years old and quite good-looking. His lips were thin, which gave him a feminine look.

"Not bad. When I was in Alliance Central Military Academy, Blackhawk -ranked about one hundred. I wonder how it’s doing now?" The young researcher said quietly.

Han Sen felt the guy’s tone was a bit off, squinted and said, "I’m not sure. I did not have many opportunities to see people from Alliance Central Military Academy. I was in an archery tournament against that school though."

"Oh, did you come out of it okay?" The young researcher said contentedly.

Speaking of tournaments, Alliance Central Military Academy was always the top-notch school. Almost in every single item, the school would get at least top three, while Blackhawk was not that impressive among the famous academies. The two could not even be compared. Naturally, the young researcher felt Blackhawk would lose tragically.

"It was okay. Alliance Central Military Academy was quite impressive, so it took me some effort to get rid of them and gain the champions.h.i.+p," Han Sen said casually. He did not want to be nice to people like this.

"Ha ha, if you want to brag, there is still a limit. In what kind of tournament can Blackhawk beat Alliance Central Military Academy? Is it a bragging contest?" The reply of the researcher made everyone in the expert panel laugh.

These researchers mainly came from Alliance Central Military Academy, because there were not many academies that had the major of Crystallizer ruins research.

Most of the professors that focused on Crystallizer culture taught at Alliance Central Military Academy, so the experts and professors in the expert panel were also mostly affiliated to Alliance Central Military Academy.

As the graduates of the best military school in the Alliance, they were of course arrogant.

Several researchers from the expert panel had also tried Sprint, but none of them pa.s.sed level X. They all felt quite content when hearing a cookhouse soldier pa.s.sed level X, because they knew Han Sen was familiar with the system. There was no way Han Sen was as strong as them.

This researcher named Tang Xin was very p.i.s.sed about this, which was why he provoked Han Sen.

"I’m so sorry. I have no idea Alliance Central Military Academy is such a big deal. Unfortunately, I have already graduated and could no longer partic.i.p.ate in the games. Otherwise, I would be easier on them and make them look better," Han Sen shrugged and said with a smile.

As Han Sen said that, many researchers looked to him. Even several professors couldn’t help glancing at him.

"Okay, so you say you beat Alliance Central Military Academy. So, tell me, where and when did you do that?" Tang Xin snorted and said, because he did not believe Han Sen at all.

"I don’t remember which game, since it’s such a trivial matter for me. You could go search my name, and you will probably see it." Han Sen knocked the spatula on the edge of the plate. "If you don’t have anything else to say, please give way to others. They have to eat as well."

Tang Xin was a bit upset. He had always been very proud of the fact that he graduated from Alliance Central Military Academy. Han Sen’s treating his alma mater lightly irritated him.

However, on this wars.h.i.+p he could not do anything out of the line. Tang Xin gritted his teeth and walked to Professor Li Mingtang, pleading, "Professor, could you look it up for me to see if he was telling the truth."

On Daphne, ordinary people did not have the access to the Skynet. All they had was an internal database, which was why Tang Xin asked Professor Li Mingtang to look it up for him.