Super Gene - Chapter 442: Aristocrat Spirit

Chapter 442: Aristocrat Spirit

Chapter 442: Aristocrat Spirit

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Han Sen stared at the black bird and the giant snow spider that were about to be strangled to death. If he gave them a blow at the right moment, he might be able to get himself a sacred-blood beast soul.

However, before Han Sen found the perfect opportunity, there was a beast roar from the other end of the ice valley followed by loud hoofbeat.

Is there another sacred-blood creature? Han Sen was shocked.

Very soon, Han Sen found he made a mistake. There were no sacred-blood creatures, but arrays of ice-armored beasts running his way like trained soldiers. There were at least 300 to 400 of them. The ice-armored beasts threw themselves at the monster with tentacles, biting the tentacles. The monster swept its tentacles across and got rid of a few ice-armored beasts, but more came up to attack it.

After the ice-armored beasts, Han Sen saw giant polar bears, unicorn wolves, and wendigos. Each creature looked very strong and fierce.

At the end of the force was a red-striped white tiger on the back of which sat an elegant woman in glamorous priest robe. The woman had purple eyes and hair, holding a short staff that seemed to be made of crystal, her eyes fixed on the monster, black bird, and snow spider.

The priest lady pointed her staff at the monster. The polar bears, wolves, and wendigos roared loudly and threw themselves at the monster.

By nature, creatures of lower levels had fear toward creatures of higher level than them, so they would not dare to fight a more advanced creature. However, those polar bears, ice-armored beasts, and wendigos that seemed like mutant creatures had no fear toward the sacred-blood monster of tentacles. Under the command of the priest lady, they took death calmly and fought the monster together.

"Spirit!" Han Sen was hiding behind an ice wall, watching the priest lady in surprise. The spirit had almost transparent skin. Her eyes were like cats and her ears were pointy. There was no way she would be mistaken for human.

Han Sen only knew there was an aristocrat spirit in the spirit shelter on the mountain, which should be her.

The creatures also looked similar to what Han Sen had heard. However, Han Sen had no idea what she wanted to do. Judging by the number of the creatures, she should have used all the force of her shelter.

Although there were a lot of creatures on her side, they were not the monster’s match. The ice-armored beasts could not even break the skin of the monster. The attacks from the mutant creatures only left some shadow marks on the tentacles, which did not seem too effective.

To the contrary, once the monster swept its tentacles across, a few ice-armored beasts would be blown away and injured seriously if they were not killed already.

As Han Sen was wondering why the aristocrat spirit did this, she suddenly raised her crystal staff.

The crystal staff issued ripples which gradually wrapped her body. Momentarily, all of the runes on her robe were brought to life and started to glow, surrounding her with light.

As the light gradually became dim, Han Sen saw what she looked like and stared his eyes wide.

At this point, the aristocrat spirit was covered in a suit of crystal armor imprinted with red patterns. The armor looked mysterious and glamorous, making her look even more divine.

The crystal staff had now turned into a crystal spear with red stripes. The aristocrat spirit held the spear backward on the side of her body, her eyes fixed on the monster of tentacles.

"Kill!" The aristocrat spirit shouted coldly. Her mount, the red-striped white tiger quickly ran toward the monster of tentacles and reached it immediately.

Holding onto the two sacred-blood creatures and under the siege of so many mutant creatures, the monster of tentacles could not focus, although it was not injured. It failed to see that the red-striped white tiger had already come at its head.

Riding on the tiger in the air, the aristocrats spirit gazed at the monster’s head coldly. The moment when the tiger brushed by the monster, the spear in the spirit’s hand eventually moved.

Like a cold lightning bolt, the crystal spear was stabbed into a squinted eye of the monster. With a growl, the monster suddenly waved a dozen huge tentacles madly, whipping the two sacred-blood creatures and the mutant creatures away.

However, the aristocrat spirit stayed still. Her tiger leveraged on the monster and charged the monster again.


This time, nothing was distracting the monster, so it noticed the tiger in time. A tentacle suddenly blew the red-striped white tiger away.

The moment the tiger was. .h.i.t, the glamorous aristocrat spirit moved her long legs covered in armor. She stepped on the back of the tiger and sent her curvaceous figure in the air. Seizing the red-striped crystal spear, she stabbed at the other eye of the monster.


The other eye of the monster was stabbed as well, so it issued another painful scream. This time, instead of using its tentacles, it quickly shrank into the ice water pond, carrying the aristocrat spirit with it, making a huge splash.

Han Sen was dumbfounded. The aristocrat spirit was even stronger than he thought. She should have a fitness level around eighty, which made her a top aristocrat spirit.

More importantly, the aristocrat spirit was extremely skilled at martial arts. When she was fighting, she had top-notch footwork and spear skills, comparable to any human evolver.

Shortly, the pond became calm. With another splash, the aristocrat spirit emerged from the cold pond, dripping all over. Her purple hair was soaked, stuck to the crystal armor, making her look attractive in a different way.

Han Sen saw very clearly that the aristocrat spirit had only hurt the weakness of the monster, which is its eyes. The monster was only forced back into the pond. She did not have the ability to kill it.