Super Gene - Chapter 443: Two Quarrel and A Third Profits by It

Chapter 443: Two Quarrel and A Third Profits by It

Chapter 443: Two Quarrel and A Third Profits by It

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The snow spider and the black bird which were severely injured tried to escape in the chaos. However, the creatures from the spirit shelter threw themselves at the two sacred-blood creatures, preventing them from leaving.

If it were under any other circ.u.mstances, either the snow spider or the black bird could easily fight or even killed these creatures. However, they had just been severely injured and almost killed by the monster, which made it hard for them to even breach the siege of the creatures.

The aristocrat spirit did not pause at all, attacking the snow spider with the spear in her hands.

Han Sen suddenly understood that the aristocrat spirit had the same plan as he did. She wanted to get rid of the monster in order to pick up some easy gains.

Go ahead. I wonder who the real winner would be. Han Sen watched the fight from behind the ice wall and chuckled inwardly.

Although both the snow spider and blackbird were dying, they were, after all, sacred-blood creatures. With her primitive and mutant creatures, the aristocrats spirit still suffered a great loss trying to kill them.

Bodies of ice-armored beasts were lying everywhere. More than half of the ice-armored beasts had been injured or died. Several mutant creatures were also killed and injured. The aristocrats spirit did not change her expression, as if she did not care about the death of the creatures at all. She was focused on looking for the weaknesses of the two sacred-blood creatures.

It was easy to tell that the aristocrat spirit’s purpose was not to kill these two sacred-blood creatures, otherwise she would have done so already.

The snow spider and black bird were injured too seriously. Wrapped by the spider silk, the black bird could hardly move. If the aristocrat spirit meant to kill it, she had had the opportunity a long while ago.

Obviously, it was not what she wanted. It seemed that she wanted to enslave the two sacred-blood creatures, which was why she did not want to kill them. The two sacred-blood creatures had been injured really bad. It looked like they were about to die.

The snow spider had a weaker physique, so it could barely stand at this point. Bleeding all over, it was about to die at any minute.

"Squeak!" The snow spider suddenly made a weird sound at the aristocrat spirit, taking back all eight spider legs, and lay on its stomach.

Seeing the behavior of the snow spider, the aristocrats spirit immediately brandished her spear to signal the creatures to stop their attacks on the snow spider and turn to the black bird instead.

The aristocrat spirit walked up to the snow spider and held the spear horizontally. With ripples pa.s.sing her body, her armor turned into the priest rope again, and the red stripes disappeared from the crystal spear, which then turned to a staff.

She held the sparkling crystal staff high and touched the head of the snow spider with the gemstone sitting on top of the staff.

The snow spider s.h.i.+vered, wanting to get away from the sparkling staff, but in the end, it only squeaked softly and accepted.

Seeing her staff was about to touch the head of the spider, the female spirit could not help smiling.

However, at this very moment, she quickly changed her expression. Moving quickly to the right, she was already too late.

A figure suddenly flashed past the aristocrat spirit, holding a dagger that looked like a wolf tooth backward and slas.h.i.+ng it at her neck.

The aristocrat spirit stepped back, her staff falling to the ground. She covered her snow-white neck with both hands, staring at the grinning man with the dagger in his hand. Blood was welling between her fingers.

"Thank you so much for your help. I will never forget you. I will go to your place another time to thank you by asking for your service," Han Sen said to the female spirit with a smile. Without any pause, he jumped to the kneeling snow spider and stabbed his dagger into its face.


The snow spider squeaked painfully, trying to stand up, but it was too late. Han Sen moved the dagger to slice the spider’s head open, and blood and brain squirted from the injury. The snow spider fell to the ground.

"Sacred-blood creature snow spider killed. No beast soul gained. Eat its meat to gain 0 to 10 sacred geno points."

Han Sen lamented the fact that he did not gain a beast soul when hearing the voice.

Seeing that Han Sen killed the sacred-blood snow spider, the aristocrat spirit bristled and tried to say something. However, when she opened her mouth, blood jetted out, and she turned into scattering sparkles with no words left.

"Rest in peace," Han Sen said quietly, running toward the other sacred-blood creature, the black bird.

The creatures that followed the aristocrats spirit scattered and the ran away after she was killed. Han Sen did not have time to pay them any mind. Both primitive and mutant creatures were always abundant, which he had plenty of opportunities to kill. However, it was very hard to find a sacred-blood creature, so he could not let this chance go.

The black bird was no stronger than the snow spider. It did not cost Han Sen any efforts to behead it.

"Young sacred-blood creature evil-blooded condor killed. Beast soul of evil-blooded condor gained. Eat its meat to gain 0 to 10 sacred-blood geno points."

Hearing the voice in his mind, Han Sen was so thrilled that he almost jumped. A sacred-blood creature beast soul! That was his first sacred-blood beast soul in Second G.o.d’s Sanctuary. A sacred-blood beast soul in Second G.o.d’s Sanctuary was much stronger than a super beast soul from First G.o.d’s Sanctuary. Without the ability to kill super creatures in Second G.o.d’s Sanctuary yet, this was already the best beast soul Han Sen could get his hands on at this point.

The other creatures had all run away, and Han Sen was in no mood to chase after them. He could not wait to see what type of beast soul his newly gained one was.

Han Sen was looking forward to having a shapes.h.i.+fting beast soul the most, or a beast soul armor would do as well.

The former could enhance his ability to fight to a great extent, while the latter could increase his survival rates significantly. They were both great options.

Type of beast soul of evil-blooded condor: glyph.

Seeing the introduction to the newly gained beast soul, Han Sen was dazed. What kind of beast soul is a beast soul glyph?

Because there were too many types of beast souls, all they learned in school was some common types. As human became stronger and stronger in G.o.d’s Sanctuary, more creatures had been killed and more types of beast souls were known. There were many newly discovered beast souls that one had to explore oneself.

Of course, if one reported the discovery of a new type of beast soul to the Alliance, some rewards could be claimed after the type was verified.