Super Gene - Chapter 441: Under the Ice Cliff

Chapter 441: Under the Ice Cliff

Chapter 441: Under the Ice Cliff

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Han Sen did not want to run away anyway. When he used all he got, his fitness index was also more than eighty. Even if the two sacred-blood creatures were both equipped with physique more than 100, they did not have the absolute advantage.

Unfortunately, the situation was too risky, so Han Sen did not dare to summon the desert bird, afraid that it might be killed by the two sacred-blood creatures. Otherwise, his fitness level should be even higher.

Even so, under the siege of two sacred-blood creatures, Han Sen moved left and right, but did not seem to be too awkward. He managed to dodge all the attacks from the two sacred-blood creatures without getting hurt.

If Yang Manli was there to witness that, she would probably stare her eyes out. Among evolvers, maybe only those who had a fitness index above 100 could achieve that.

Although Han Sen did not have the physique as strong as the creatures, he was a human equipped with intelligence and techniques. As long as the difference was not too huge, it was not hard for him to face these creatures.

Han Sen had used Sparticle to its extreme. More importantly, the kiting skills he learned from Queen turned him into a Go player, leading the two stronger sacred-blood creatures into his traps.

Ever since he had learned kiting skills from Queen, Han Sen had been studying it in-depth. Although his skills were not as good as Queen, he had achieved something and become more and more skilled at it.

Every step, every turn, and every pause were made with a strong sense of purpose. Although it might be too early to tell, the benefits were becoming more and more obvious.

The spider silk did not touch Han Sen, but caught the claws of the blackbird. Flapping desperately with its wings, the blackbird did not manage to hit Han Sen, but hit the giant snow spider which was led there by Han Sen instead. There had been more and more coincidences like this. The two sacred-blood creatures did not manage to hurt Han Sen, but injured each other quite a lot.

Gradually, the two sacred-blood creatures became mad at each other and ignored Han Sen. As they were fighting themselves, Han Sen took the opportunity to run away, watching the two creatures fighting from afar, while thinking contently, if Queen could see my kiting skills, she would probably compliment me on that.

At this point, Han Sen was in no rush to run, but observed the two creatures fighting it out. Their fitness levels were definitely both over 100. With their fierce movements, the ice walls and rocks were smashed as they went, with crackling and booming everywhere.

The blackbird was entangled with the spider silk everywhere and became slower and slower. The giant snow spider was also pierced in several places by the black bird, its transparent blood flowing nonstop.

"Go on, go on. You better kill each other so that I can have some free geno points. Although you two are big in size, I don’t mind have some extra meals." As Han Sen was cheering for the two creatures, he thought, the meat won’t get bad in such low temperature, right? I can even store it up for a couple of days.

Initially, Han Sen thought the black bird would be more fierce, while the spider silk was so tough that the blackbird gradually lost its ability to move around when it was covered in the spider silk. Very soon, it was about to be devoured by the giant snow spider.

As Han Sen was hesitating whether he should give the black bird a blow, the blackbird quickly plunged into the ice cliff.

Because the snow spider had expended too much spider’s silk on the bird, it was dragged along down the cliff.

Han Sen was dazed and quickly ran toward the edge of the cliff. It was foggy down the cliff, so Han Sen could not see what was happening there. Nor did he know what had happened to the two sacred-blood creatures.

He waited for a while but did not hear anything fall. There was no screaming either. The fog was not moving.

"What is happening?" Han Sen could not decide what to do, looking at the cold fog.

The two sacred-blood creatures should have all been injured seriously, so there was an opportunity for him. However, Han Sen was not sure whether they were alive or dead, nor did he know what was underneath, which was why he did not dare to go down. However, some G.o.dsent fortune would be lost if he did not go.

"That’s it. One needs to be daring to survive. These are two sacred-blood creatures, so there is no way I should miss this. In addition, I am quite capable myself. Even if there was still a sacred-blood creature remaining, I could at least escape even if I could not kill it." Han Sen gritted his teeth and summoned the golden rock worm king, flying down the ice cliff on the back of his pet into the cold fog.

Even Han Sen who had practiced Jadeskin could not help s.h.i.+vering. The fog was chilling and moist, even worse than ice. If he were an average guy, he would probably need to lie down for a couple of days after traveling through the fog.

Luckily, Jadeskin had special effects when it came to resist the cold. Han Sen sat still on the back of the golden rock worm king with his eyes fixed on the bottom of the cliff. However, the fog was so thick that Han Sen could not see what was underneath.

After a while, the thick fog began to disperse. Han Sen could vaguely see something was down there, but he was not sure whether it was the giant snow spider or the blackbird.

Han Sen ordered the golden rock worm king to fly down a hundred feet more and he was eventually able to tell what was underneath. Han Sen stared his eyes wide.

Both the snow spider and black bird were almost dying, but it was not because their previous opponent. Under the huge ice cliff, there was a pond of iced water, from which emerged a monster that looked like a squid with lots of tentacles. Both the snow spider and black bird were caught by the tentacles. Although they were struggling, because of their previous injuries or the fact that they were weaker than the monster, they were not able to get rid of the tentacles. Instead, the tentacles were getting tighter and tighter. Very soon, the creatures were about to be killed.

Fortunately, the monster did not seem to have any other means to attack other than tightening its tentacles. It could not strangle the two sacred-blood creatures immediately. However, it was still just a matter of time.

Han Sen was dumbstruck by the fact that there were three sacred-blood creatures, each scarier than the last.

It seemed that this area of ice and snow was far more dangerous than Han Sen had thought.

Initially, Han Sen thought if he could take down the aristocrat spirit shelter, he could do whatever he wanted to this area. However, it seemed that he had been too naïve.