Super Gene - Chapter 438: Cruel Reality

Chapter 438: Cruel Reality

Chapter 438: Cruel Reality

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Han Sen summoned the golden growler, put the body of the ice-armored beast on its back and then rode on it himself. He waved to Yang Manli and asked, "Is there any place nearby that we could hide from the storm? Let’s take a break and eat some meat."

Yang Manli hesitated, but jumped on the golden growler’s back, guiding Han Sen to a cave nearby.

Han Sen dissected the ice-armored beast’s body with the cursed wolf dagger, took out the tools to make fire and started to barbecue some meat with a beast soul arrow as the skewer. He used a pot for making soup as well.

"Did he really just evolve?" Yang Manli was still thinking of the punch Han Sen used to kill the berserk ice-armored beast. As a sacred evolver, she could not achieve that at all.

Even she punched the beast 100 times, there was no way she could kill a berserk ice-armored beast, let alone one punch. For in an ordinary ice-armored beast, maybe she could kill it. However, she could never break the armor of a berserk beast.

In comparison, Han Sen’s punch directly broke the armor together with this goal of the ice-armored beast, which did not look like the strength that belonged to an evolver who had just evolved.

"Have you heard of the name Han Jingzhi?" Han Sen looked at Yang Manli and asked casually.

Hearing the name, Yang Manli’s expression suddenly changed. Although she quickly came back to normal, Han Sen still noticed it.

"Which Han Jingzhi?" Yang Manli frowned and asked.

"Instructor Han Jingzhi of Blueblood Special Force, the qigong master," Han Sen replied.

"You know about Han Jingzhi?" Yang Manli expression changed again. She was surprised that Han Sen knew the name Han Jingzhi.

"So, she knows about Han Jingzhi as well." Han Sen thought and said quietly, "My great-grandfather is also named Han Jingzhi."

"What? Instructor Han is your great-grandfather? That is impossible!" Yang Manli exclaimed.

"What’s with the reaction? I only said my great-grandfather’s name is Han Jingzhi, but I did not say he is that instructor of Blueblood Special Force." Han Sen smiled at Yang Manli.

Yang Manli suddenly became silent, watching Han Sen while biting her lips. If Han Sen was really the descendent of Han Jingzhi, it was not strange that he had that kind of power. However, in Yang Manli’s eyes, it was simply impossible, given that Han Jingzhi did not have any children to begin with. It was just that the fact that Han Sen knew Han Jingzhi’s name and his amazing power made Yang Manli confused.

Initially, Yang Manli thought Han Sen was just an ordinary guy with some talent and luck, but she did not think that anymore.

"Which family are you from?" After a long silence, Yang Manli could not resist asking.

"Which do you think?" Han Sen looked at Yang Manli, smiling.

Yang Manli suddenly shut her mouth. Silence fell again.

Han Sen handed a meat skewer to Yang Manli, but Yang Manli did not reach out her hand. She bit her lip and said, "I did not make any contribution, so this is not mine."

Han Sen smiled, put the arrow in her hand and said, "You used to be my subordinate, and I expect you to keep following me. I can’t guarantee anything else but food."

Yang Manli looked at the skewer, wanting to give it back to Han Sen in a dignified way, but her hand did not move.

She was looking down on Han Sen in the first place. After Qin Xuan left, she gave the position of the head of the special squad to Han Sen instead of Yang, which made Yang Manli even more upset about Han Sen.

Although later on, Yang Manli realized Han Sen’s abilities, as an arrogant lady, she was not willing to bow her head to him.

If it was before, Yang Manli would have thrown the meat back to Han Sen’s face on hearing his words, because there was no way that Yang Manli would willingly take orders from Han Sen.

However, after a long time spent in Second G.o.d’s sanctuary, Yang Manli had suffered a lot and came to understand how hard it was to hunt anything in this place.

If she kept going like this, Yang Manli could see no hope, and maybe one day, she would give up on herself.

Although Yang Manli did not want to be ordered around by Han Sen, Han Sen’s performance made her understand very well how large the gap was between the two of them, which also made her see hope.

Yang Manli stared at the meat in her hand for a long while and suddenly took a bite. While she was gobbling on the meat, her eyes became wet.

Han Sen smiled at Yang Manli without speaking. When she finished, he handed her another piece of meat.

Yang Manli did not even look, took the meat and started to eat. After eating four pieces meat and drinking a bowl of soup, she then stopped, gritted her teeth, and asked Han Sen, "Tell me, what do you want?"

"Don’t act as if I am going to rape you. I just want you to become my subordinate and do some things for me." Han Sen looked at Yang Manli, not knowing what to say.

The look on the woman’s face was like some heroine who was going to sacrifice herself for her country.

"What can I do?" Yang Manli paused. Such an arrogant person like her had lost all her confidence under the harsh reality.

"There are many things you can do. For example, you could manage the spirit shelter after I conquer it, collect some protection fee, sell some meat, and recruit a couple of people." Han Sen pointed at the spirit shelter on the big mountain.

Yang Manli could not help saying coldly, "You are ahead of yourself. Don’t expect to conquer the spirit shelter just because you could kill a berserk beast. There are at least a dozen mutant creatures and an aristocrat spirit inside the shelter. Do you have any idea what kind of beings they are? Any mutant creature has a fitness level of at least fifty, and the stronger ones among them would be seventy or eighty. A dozen mutant creatures, coupled with a highly intelligent aristocrat spirit with an equally strong physique-- even if you have already maxed out on ordinary geno points and primitive geno points, there is no way that you will conquer that spirit shelter."

"Is that right?" Han Sen did not argue with her but said lightly. However, anyone would be able to tell his contempt from his expression, which was what troubled Yang Manli the most. A bit worked up, she said, "I admit that you are strong, much stronger than I am. However, the comparison of the power is right there. You could not conquer that spirit shelter alone. The best thing to do is to use your ability to kill as many primitive creatures as possible to sell them to others. This way, you could make money and strengthen everyone’s ability at the same time. When all of us have maxed out on ordinary geno points and primitive geno points, we can work together to conquer that spirit shelter, which is the only way to go."