Super Gene - Chapter 437: Berserk

Chapter 437: Berserk

Chapter 437: Berserk

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Han Sen stepped back, while Meowth had already thrown itself at the ice-armored beast.

Boom boom!

The two beasts started to fight in ice and snow. Meowth only had a slight advantage, and it would take a while for Meowth to beat its opponent.

Han Sen frowned secretly. The ice-armored beast was just a primitive creature, but it already had the same strength as Meowth which was a sacred-blood beast from First G.o.d’s Sanctuary.

Indeed, Second G.o.d’s Sanctuary was not the same thing as the First.

Wherever covered by the ice armor on the ice-armored beast, Meowth’s claws and teeth could not penetrate. Meowth could only choose the places covered by white fur to attack, making the ice-armored beast all b.l.o.o.d.y and miserable. Meowth itself also suffered some scratches, which were not serious.

Han Sen had a brief understanding about the ability of the ice-armored beast and was ready to kill it himself. However, the ice-armored beast suddenly roared, and all its injuries started to heal quickly. In the meantime, the ice armor also spread to cover all its body. It turned into a crystal statue, even its claws became transparent.

Although it looked the same, the ice-armored beast had a completely different aura. It suddenly turned from an average beast to a super boss.

"Berserk!" Han Sen was both surprised and overjoyed. Unlike First G.o.d’s Sanctuary, some creatures could enter a berserk state in Second G.o.d’s Sanctuary.

The state was like the hyper geno arts that could change the structure of body cells. In the berserk state, the structure of creatures’ body cells would change significantly, enhancing the creatures’ strengths and ability to fight.

Of course, if one were able to hunt a creature at the berserk state, the beast soul gained would also be at the berserk state, which would be much stronger than an average beast of the same level.

Han Sen did not expect that the first creature he met in Second G.o.d’s Sanctuary was a creature that could switch to berserk state.

Obviously, the berserk state of the ice-armored beast strengthened its defense significantly. After its whole body was covered with ice armor, even the claws of Meowth could only leave a few shallow marks. The ice-armored beast suddenly became fearless, ignoring Meowth’s attacks, going crazy and trying to devour the pet.

Han Sen took Meowth back, because it was no longer the match of the berserk ice-armored beast. In addition, Han Sen wanted to try for himself how strong the berserk beast was.

After losing its target Meowth, the ice-armored beast fixed its eyes on Han Sen. With a growl, it quickly ran toward Han Sen on all four hooves. When it was 50 feet from Han Sen, it suddenly jumped at him.

"Careful, Han Sen!" A yelp came from somewhere close. A woman wearing arctic suit started to run to Han Sen while exclaiming.

Han Sen turned to look at the woman and was suddenly dazed, unable to believe his eyes.

It turned out that Yang Manli was here as well. After she evolved, she was also randomly sent to this place.

"Idiot, what are you looking at? Just run!" Yang Manli saw that Han Sen turned to look at herself at such a critical moment and became shocked and anxious.

If her shout did not save him, but harmed him, then it would be the worst thing ever.

Watching the berserk ice-armored beast almost at his face, with its claws reflecting cold light, Han Sen was still staring at Yang Manli, which made her scared and mad. However, she could not even make it in time if she wanted to save him.

At this point, Yang Manli regretted that she came out directly after hearing Han Sen was here as well. If she did not do that, Han Sen might be able to dodge these attacks. However, he was now doomed.

She came much earlier than Han Sen did and knew how strong ice-armored beasts were. In addition, this one was a berserk beast. Even a sacred evolver could not take one blow from a berserk ice-armored beast before having his neck snapped.

Watching the ice-armored beast making the attack, Yang Manli almost wanted to close her eyes. However, the next second, she stared her eyes wide.

Han Sen was staring at her blankly but punched at the incoming berserk beast without even looking at it. The punch ended right in the beast’s face.


The berserk ice-armored beast that looked very fierce was blown away like it was a puppet, crus.h.i.+ng a huge chunk of iceberg and then sliding on the ice for a dozen feet, plowing deeply in the snow. Blood was everywhere, and the beast stopped moving.

Yang Manli froze up, staring at Han Sen as if she was looking at the ghost. She did not move for a long while in the storm.

Killing a berserk ice-armored beast with one blow--Yang Manli could not believe that this person was Han Sen who had just become an evolver.

"Berserk ice-armored beast killed. Beast soul of berserk ice-armored beast gained. Eat its meat to gain 0 to 10 primitive geno points."

Hearing the voice in his mind, Han Sen smiled. A beast soul gained from the first creature he killed in Second G.o.d’s Sanctuary. This was definitely a good sign.

"Yang Manli, I did not expect you would be here as well. Is there a special squad here?" Han Sen did not mind the body of the beast and asked Yang Manli.

Yang Manli had just come to herself, looking at Han Sen and the body of the beast, and said, "Before you come, I am the only special squad member. When I just heard you are here, I did not believe it. It turns out you are really in this s.h.i.+thole as well."

"You know where this is? What is the closest human shelter?" Han Sen asked. That was what he really wanted to know.

"I don’t know. I don’t even know where in Second G.o.d’s Sanctuary we are. At least so far, no one was able to walk out of here to find other people," Yang Manli shook her head and said.

"This place is all right. If there are not a lot of people, no one could steal creatures from us." Han Sen shrugged and walked to the body of the berserk ice-armored beast.

"But first you need to…" Yang Manli was trying to say that you first need to kill the creature, but thinking of Han Sen’s punch, she swallowed the rest of her sentence back.