Super Gene - Chapter 439: Snow Spider

Chapter 439: Snow Spider

Chapter 439: Snow Spider

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"You are right, and thinking in the right direction. However, I don't have so much time to waste. That's why I want to conquer that spirit shelter in one month," Han Sen said calmly.

"One month?" Yang Manli stared at Han Sen, as if he was a lunatic.

"Yes, one month," Han Sen nodded and repeated. In fact, he was already being quite conservative. With his current strength, he could totally attack the spirit shelter on his own. Because he had a fitness level of 80 something, no mutant creature could be stronger than him. However, there were a dozen mutant creatures in the spirit shelter. In case there was a berserk mutant creature, it would be quite complicated. In addition, Han Sen had never fought a spirit before, so he did not want to take much risk.

Currently, he could by. However, after a month, when Zero was here, it would be a piece of cake to conquer an aristocrat spirit shelter.

However, for Yang Manli, it was unbelievable. In her eyes, Han Sen's words were simply naïve, which should not come from a rational adult.

Yang Manli kept silent. She started to regret the choice she made. Following someone who bragged like this made her feel unsafe.

Han Sen did not say anything more. He had never tried to persuade Yang Manli anyway. Nor did he planned to take Yang Manli together with him to conquer the spirit shelter, which would expose his real abilities.

Han Sen only planned to ask Yang Manli to take care of the shelter after he took it down. After all, he knew her very well and sort of trusted her. In addition, there was no one for him to rely on at this point.

"Take the remaining meat and go back first." Han Sen ate some barbecued meat, but because the ice-armored beast was too big in size, the meat he ate did not even bring him a single primitive geno points, so he simply decided to stop eating.

Han Sen wanted to kill some smaller creatures, which would give him more thrill of the increase of geno points.

Other creatures might be a stretch, but primitive creatures were very easy to kill for Han Sen.

"Me, bring this back alone?" Yang Manli looked at Han Sen incredulously. Initially, she thought Han Sen would ask something in return for giving her such benefit.

"Otherwise, should I ask you to join me to conquer the spirit shelter?" Han Sen looked at her with a smile.

Yang Manli became flushed, squeezing her fists tight without saying a word. Although Han Sen did not say it, she found that she had become a burden, a useless burden.

Moreover, it was in front of someone she used to despise, which made Yang Manli so ashamed that she wished she could disappear in a hole.

"Wait for me to come back." Han Sen naturally did not understand what she was thinking. In his view, Yang Manli was someone trustworthy in the shelter, so he simply wanted to get her a.s.sistance. He did not have any other thoughts.

Han Sen had long forgotten about those things in the past, because Yang Manli did not really do anything to him. To the contrary, she even taught him archery.

Han Sen packed his stuff and waved goodbye to Yang Manli, walking out of the cave and disappearing in the storm. Watching Han Sen leave, Yang Manli's expression became complicated. She did not realize until this very moment that each time she saw Han Sen, he was changing. At this point, she could only look up to him.

At one time, she used to tell Han Sen to come to Second G.o.d's Sanctuary earlier, because this was the true stage. However, she just realized that she was nothing in front of Han Sen despite the fact that she had entered Second G.o.d's Sanctuary a lot earlier than he did. All she could be was his subordinate.

Han Sen marched toward the big snow mountain where the spirit shelter was located. It would be the best if he could take it down himself. If he was not lucky, he could at least do some hunting and wait for Zero to come.

Although the path to the mountain looked straightforward, it actually took a lot of time to reach. When Han Sen had rode on the golden growler for more than half a day, he had not reached the mountain yet. In front of him, there was suddenly a huge ice cliff more than a thousand feet wide in front of him.

Looking down the cliff, Han Sen couldn't see the bottom of it. The deeper it got, the narrower it was. Gradually, it became a black line that looked like the entrance to h.e.l.l.

When Han Sen was about to summon the golden rock worm king to carry him over in the air, he suddenly heard a weird noise from deep down the cliff.

"Crack… crack…" The noise was consistent and rapid, as if someone was chiseling the ice repeatedly.

Han Sen looked down the cliff, and the noise became more and more clear. Before long, Han Sen saw what was making the noise.

On the ice wall of the cliff, a huge furry white spider quickly climbed up the ice cliff, waving its sickle-like claws. It seemed that it had noticed Han Sen and thought of him as its prey.

"You could have survived, yet you have to commit suicide here. Let me get rid of you first." Han Sen backed off a little, waiting for the huge spider to climb out from the cliff.

Momentarily, the spider had already climbed up. Its body was like a s...o...b..ll, and its eight legs were very sharp with white barbs, looking quite scary. Han Sen looked at it carefully and thought it looked like a king crab. He wondered if its meat was as delicious as the crab.

Not knowing how strong the spider was, Han Sen summoned the golden rock worm king and commanded it to charge the spider.

Although it seemed impressive, the white spider should be just a primitive creature. After a few blows, the golden rock worm king cut the white spider into pieces.

"Primitive creature snow spider killed. No beast soul gained. Eat its meat to gain 0 to 10 primitive geno points."

Han Sen was pleased. Although the snow spider was huge as a spider, it was just slightly larger than a basketball. Although its legs were long, Han Sen did not think there was much meat in them, so it was very easy to eat.

Looking at the cuts made by the golden rock worm king, Han Sen saw jellylike transparent meat and couldn't help swallowing. Based on his years of experience, this was the best kind of meat, tasty and sweet.

As Han Sen was about to collect the body of the spider, he quickly felt something was wrong, because the crackling souds did not disappear, but became more rapid.

Han Sen looked up and saw that waves of snow spiders were coming out of the ice cliff like an avalanche.

Han Sen was not afraid of these snow spiders at all. No matter how many they were, they could only make his meal better. However, when Han Sen was about to take action, he suddenly saw a white leg as thick as a utility pole dotted with foot-long barbs reaching above, followed by a few spider legs equally huge.