Super Gene - Chapter 436: First Hunting

Chapter 436: First Hunting

Chapter 436: First Hunting

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"Great job, Colonel." After returning to the cookhouse, Han Sen gave the fat squad leader a thumbs-up.

"Great my a.s.s. I asked you to send a nutrition plan. What took you so long?" The fat squad leader said, upset.

"After the captain reviewed the plan, she asked me a few questions. Since I’m new here, I know nothing and gave her all the wrong answers, which was why it took so long. She even scolded me a little. After that I b.u.mped into Colonel w.a.n.g. You are such a saver to be there on time…" Han Sen had thought his excuse out for a while.

"Do not cross w.a.n.g Hou in the future," said the fat squad leader.

"Thank you, Colonel." Although Han Sen was not afraid of w.a.n.g Hou, it was a troublesome situation. He was very grateful that the fat squad leader took him away.

Ji Yanran had told him that everyone on Daphne had a complicated background, so he should not take anyone lightly.

"You are one of mine, so I will not let anyone else touch you. If you need to be disciplined, I’ll be the one to do so." The fat squad leader hit Han Sen on the back and said, "Go do your job."

Because it was about three months until they could reach the planet where the ruins were, Han Sen swapped a few s.h.i.+fts and applied to enter G.o.d’s Sanctuary.

This time he teleported to G.o.d’s Sanctuary, he was still in the ice cave. This time, however, there were 7 to 8 people in the ice cave, chatting with each other. Xu You was also there.

"Han Sen, what took you so long? Here, I will introduce everyone to you." Xu You introduced Han Sen to the rest of the group with enthusiasm.

Maybe it was because of the difficult living conditions, everyone knew the benefit of help each other. The majority of the group were very easy-going and easy to talk to.

"Genius, you are here as well?" The young man suddenly exclaimed at Han Sen.

"You are?" Han Sen regarded the young man and found his face did not ring a bell.

"My name is Liu Feng. I also graduated from Blackhawk, one year before you did. But my grades were just average, so it makes sense that you don’t know me," Liu Feng smiled and said.

"What genius? Liu Feng, Han Sen is your schoolmate?" Xu You asked in surprise

Liu Feng told the group about Han Sen’s needs at Blackhawk. He seemed to have paid a lot of attention to Han Sen and even knew he graduated with the rank of major.

The rest of the group looked at Han Sen in surprise. After a long while, Xu You lamented, "I did not realize that you are a graduate of a top school and even graduated as a major. You should have a much brighter future than this. This place would make it so difficult for you to go any further."

"Not necessarily. As long as we occupy that spirit shelter, we will have everything," Han Sen smiled and said.

There was teleport device in the spirit shelter, so if they could occupy the place, they could turn that into a human shelter. All they needed to do was to withstand the attacks from creatures nearby.

"Young man, this is much more difficult than that. This is Second G.o.d’s Sanctuary, not a military school where kids hang. You can really die here." A middle-aged man in his 40s or 50s curled his lips, squatting in the corner. He then said, "Don’t think that you are going to conquer everything because you are somebody in a military school. I will give it to you if you hunt any creature back. You don’t even need to take the spirit shelter down."

"Genius, don’t pay him any mind. He used to be quite talented and evolved with sacred geno points maxed out but ended up here and was trapped for nearly 20 years. He did not even have many mutant geno points, so he had lost the will to fight," said Xu You.

Han Sen looked to the middle-aged man, surprised. A sacred evolver twenty years ago--that was much harder to acieve than a sacred evolver today, and he must be truly something. Even that kind of person became this way, which made Han Sen feel sad. The middle-aged man kept silent squatting in the corner, taking one puff after another from the cigarette in his hand

"With so many people here, why don’t we go hunting?" Han Sen asked.

"We are waiting for Uncle Qing. I told you last time, he was the strongest among us. If we go together with him, it will be safer. Uncle Qing looks after the young. I will introduce you later. You can hunt with us today. Right, how come I never saw the girl from the other day? Did she give up?"

"I’m not so sure." Han Sen knew he was talking about Zero.

After Han Sen boarded Daphne, he could no longer use his private comlink to contact anyone, so Han Sen had told Zero to enter G.o.d’s Sanctuary in two months to meet him.

Han Sen did not expect to be able to enter G.o.d’s Sanctuary so soon, and he had no way to tell her to come. So he will have to wait until the agreed time.

"I will walk around myself to get familiar with the environment first." Han Sen walked outside directly, not planning to hunt together with the rest of the group.

If he made no efforts, he would not be shared the gains. If he made efforts, it would be very suspicious for someone who just evolved to have his fitness.

Therefore, Han Sen decided to hunt on his own, not following the rest of the group.

"Haven’t I told you already? You are not familiar with this place, and it’s too dangerous outside. Even if you want to hunt yourself, you should follow us for a few times and go along later. Otherwise, it is truly too dangerous," said Xu You.

"Yes, genius. This place is very dangerous," Liu Feng also said.

Han Sen knew they meant well, but he had his own concerns and did not want to waste time on meaningless stuff.

"I have already looked it up on the Skynet and learned something about this place. I will just take a walk and be back in a minute. There will be no dangers," Han Sen explained casually.

When Xu You was about to say something, the middle-aged man sneered, "He is looking forward to being killed. Why are you stopping him? For someone so arrogant, it serves him right to be killed."

Han Sen did not pay him any mind, waved to the rest of the group and walked out of the ice cave.

The weather was no good this day as well. A snowstorm welcomed Han Sen as he walked out of the cave. Han Sen walked toward the spirit shelter in the storm. With his ability, it should be easy for him to beat mutant creatures and aristocrat spirits.

Even if he could not occupy the spirit shelter for now, it would be nice to experience the creatures and spirits in Second G.o.d’s Sanctuary.

When Han Sen was far from the ice cave, he summoned Meowth to run to the mountain. Before long, he suddenly heard a beast roar.

A white creature with ice-like armor covering its back was growling at Han Sen and Meowth.

"Is this the ice-armored beast Xu You was talking about?"

Han Sen gazed at the creature which looked a lot like what Xu You had described.

As Han Sen was thinking, the ice-armored beast rushed toward Han Sen, growling. Its speed was even faster than the sacred-blood beast creatures in First G.o.d’s Sanctuary.