Super Gene - Chapter 433: Crystallizer

Chapter 433: Crystallizer

Chapter 433: Crystallizer

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After traveling through half of the Alliance in s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p, Han Sen arrived at Galaxy Dongyin. When he saw Daphne at a s.p.a.ce harbor, Han Sen was dazed.

Initially, Han Sen believed that since even a soldier of its cookhouse was a major, Daphne should at least be an advanced wars.h.i.+p, if not the best in the Alliance.

However, the Daphne he saw was more like a small as courts.h.i.+p. Although it looks advanced, it did not look like the main s.h.i.+p shows you call the loop on all lump the shabby, shabby no matter what.

In addition, Han Sen had never heard that a wars.h.i.+p would be docked at a civil harbor. In conclusion, Daphne was a weird s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p.

However, Han Sen did not have any choice but to report to Daphne.

The interior s.p.a.ce of Daphne was indeed luxurious, equipped with lots of device that Han Sen did not recognize. Only by the warframes a.s.signed to the soldiers on board, Han Sen knew the place was unusual.

All ordinary soldiers were equipped with military super biological warframes made by the renowned Digang. The military line was much better than the civil line. These were friends were on the same level as silver killer, and the performance of SKTS not even be compared with them. And these warframes were already the worst on board.

The procedures for the report was very complicated. Han Sen went through a lot of tests before he get his clearance. It seemed the security level of displaced was indeed very high.

After almost a day, Han Sen eventually went to the cookhouse.

"New soldier Han Sen is here to report to the cookhouse." Han Sen saluted to the squad leader of the cookhouse.

The squad leader was around thirty years old and quite fat. He was almost as wide as he was tall. Han Sen felt that was the perfect expression to describe him.

"So rare that we have someone new in the cookhouse." The fat squad leader looked Han Sen up and down and smiled. "Have you learned to cook before?"

"I have only learned how to deal with the meat of creatures briefly at school, sir," answered Han Sen.

"The cookhouse is not like other places, so you could relax a little bit. Since you are new here and have not learned how to cook, just try to make yourself useful," the fat squad leader said as he cooked.

Just like that, Han Sen settled down in the cookhouse. In addition to Han Sen, there were five people there: fat squad leader Luo Sanxin, vice leader Liu Mingliang, dessert cook Xu Ge, a.s.sistant cook Li Jin, and a handyman same as Han Sen named Qiu Cheng, who was there one year earlier than Han Sen.

The entire staff of the cookhouse were easy-going. Because of what they did, they were not as uptight as other soldiers and had less training as well.

However, after Han Sen reported, Daphne left the harbor and went directly to the remote galaxies, which made him quite disappointed.

Almost all soldiers would be equipped with nutrition solutions that were easy to carry and store. The role of the cookhouse was more like nutritionist in this day and age.

Han Sen did not have much to do every day, because most of his job was computerized. If he had the time, Han Sen could even use the teleport device on the wars.h.i.+p to enter G.o.d’s Sanctuary. However, since Han Sen just got there, there were many things he needed to learn, so he had not the time yet.

After a few days of learning, Han Sen had already learned the main responsibility of Daphne. Daphne was an exploration s.h.i.+p. Its main job was to look for habitable planets in remote galaxies and the rulings of other species.

The universe was almost infinite. The s.p.a.ce occupied by Shura and humans were just part of the world known to people. There remained to be many unexplored galaxies.

In addition, there were various species in the universe. Although at this point, humans and Shura were the two most prominent species, before them, there used to be other glorious civilizations.

The mission of Daphne this time was to look for a remnant of Crystallizer civilization.

Before humans even entered the interstellar era, the Crystallizers had built an empire in the universe. They used to be the master of a dozen galaxies, but they eventually became extinct for some reasons no one knew. People could only feel how great they were from the relics they left behind.

When humans entered the interstellar age, Crystallizers had already become a legend.

Unlike humans and Shura, Crystallizers were a different life form. Their whole bodies were made up of crystals, looking like giant diamonds without any limbs. However, Crystallizers all had strong mental power.

The superpowers often depicted in human movies such as moving something with one’s mind that were simply a piece of cake for Crystallizers.

Of course, this was only the conclusion humans had arrived at after consulting the information left behind by Crystallizers. Because no one had ever seen a living and breathing Crystallizer, no one was certain if that kind of mental power was real.

In addition to the legend about the mental power, Crystallizers had a lot of treasures. For example, in their record, strong Crystallizers could even control a planet and change its...o...b..t to turn it into their wars.h.i.+p.

Of course, these were just legends. However, one thing was for sure. The memory crystal technology humor was using currently was largely generated from the study of Crystallizer science.

The Alliance had spared no effort in developing Crystallizer ruins. Their research results were always highly confidential, for commoners, they had merely heard of the name of Crystallizer.

Because interstellar travel took large amounts of time, soldiers could enter G.o.d’s Sanctuary freely if there was no specific mission, as long as they returned on time. Especially the cookhouse, except for some special days, they actually had a quite flexible schedule and more time to enter G.o.d’s Sanctuary than other soldiers.

Han Sen had just come back, so he should not leave immediately, given there was a lot of things that he was not familiar with.

"What are you looking at?" After a couple of days, Han Sen had become friends with the soldiers of the cookhouse. When he was taking a break, he saw the fat squad leader holding his comlink watching a video and felt curious.

"What else other than the video of Eight Kill? Our fatty has a grand vision. He would love to become a fatty who could fly," vice squad leader Liu Mingliang joked.

"What Eight Kill?" Han Sen glanced at the video and couldn’t help opening his mouth, because the video the fat squad leader was watching was exactly the fight between Lu Bin and himself.

"F*#k off. I just want to learn Killer Kicks," grunted the fat squad leader.

Seeing his round body and short legs, Han Sen could not imagine what it would look like if fat squad leader jumped in the air to make seven kicks.