Super Gene - Chapter 434: Seeing My Loved One Again

Chapter 434: Seeing My Loved One Again

Chapter 434: Seeing My Loved One Again

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Han Sen had not been to the wars.h.i.+p for long, so he had not met the captain yet. Taking the doc.u.ment to the captain’s cabin, Han Sen had been wondering who it was.

In order to become a captain of such a high-level wars.h.i.+p, one had to be at least a general, even though this wars.h.i.+p was not that big.

"This is the nutrition plan for next month, and we need the captain’s signature." Han Sen came to the sanctuary’s desk and showed her the doc.u.ment.

"Sure. The captain had told me about it. She’s busy right now so you can just go ahead and put the file there," the secretary checked the doc.u.ment and said to Han Sen.

"Okay," Han Sen replied, turned around and walked to the captain’s cabin with the doc.u.ment in his hand. He knocked on the door, but there was no one answering.

Since the secretary told him to put it inside, Han Sen pushed the door open and entered the room. However, after the door was pushed open, Han Sen saw someone leaning against the desk opposite the door smiling at him.

Han Sen was suddenly dumbstruck, and then became overjoyed. He shut the door close, threw the doc.u.ment away, dashed to the person, and held her tightly in his arms.

"Oh my G.o.d. I am not dreaming, right? How… Why are you here?" Han Sen was so excited that he did not even know what he was talking about. He did not imagine that he would meet Ji Yanran at this place.

Ji Yanran who was wearing white captain suit was standing right there, gorgeous as always, but more handsome than when she was a student.

"I’m sorry. I brought you here without your consent, and I could only arrange for you to become a soldier in the cookhouse. However, this is everything I could do. Although I know it’s not fair to you, I could not stand another day without you being close to me. I am selfish and wanton, but would you forgive me?" Ji Yanran threw her arms around Han Sen’s neck and hung herself on him like a cola bear, her tone full of guilt and love.

"I love that you are selfish and wanton." Han Sen quickly kissed her on the lips and spanked her a.s.s a little.

Ji Yanran’s face became pink. Embarra.s.sed, she said, "Don’t mess around. There is a surveillance camera here."

"No way, there is a surveillance camera in the captain’s cabin?" Han Sen said incredulously.

Ji Yanran blinked and said, "Daphne is wars.h.i.+p that carries out exploration missions. Even as the captain, I do not have the absolute power. In fact, I am only in a supportive role. Those who are really in charge are the experts and scholars on Crystallizer civilization."

"So, you’re just a driver of a flying bus?" Han Sen said, not letting Ji Yanran go.

She did not mind people watching. He did not care because it was more than natural for him to kiss and hug his wife.

Ji Yanran curled her lips and said, "That’s one way to put it. My main mission is to send the scholars and experts to their destination, provide them with staff members and help. When it comes to excavation and fieldwork, it is completely up to the experts."

Ji Yanran paused and said apologetically, "I know it is not fair for you to be just a cookhouse soldier, but the exploration of Crystallizer ruins is crucial to the Alliance and the clearance level is very high. I did everything I could to put you here."

"What’s so important about the Crystallizer ruins that the Alliance put so much effort on them?" Han Sen asked curiously.

"You should have heard that the mental power of Crystallizers is so powerful that they could control objects with their mind?" Ji Yanran thought about it and said.

"I’ve heard something about it." Han Sen asked curiously again, "Is that all true?"

"Maybe, I don’t know for sure. But one thing was certain, Crystallizers have many crystal technologies. The most commonly seen is a sort of memory crystal. Humans with strong mental power could put their memory inside the memory crystal and read from it. That is much more advanced than our AI," Ji Yanran explained.

"That is very impressive. What else is there?" Han Sen was very interested.

"There are many things like that, but most of them require mental power to operate. Human had much weaker mental power compared to Crystallizer. Even we get our hands on some memory crystals, we could only read some fragments from it. Even so, we have already been able to improve our memory chips significantly. If we could figure out the majority of the Crystallizer civilization, our science and technology would very likely to have another huge leap."

Ji Yanran then picked up a crystal the size of a fist and shoved it in Han Sen’s hand. "Put this on your forehead. See if you could feel anything."

"This is from the Crystallizers?" Han Sen took the crystal and looked at it carefully. It was like a purple gemstone of a random shape. There did not seem to be anything special about it.

"Yes." Ji Yanran smiled and nodded.

Han Sen knew that Ji Yanran would never harm himself, so he put the crystal on his forehead, ready to perceive anything.

The next second, Han Sen suddenly felt electricity was generated from the crystal and penetrated his scope, making his brain a bit numb, which scared him into taking the crystal away from his forehead.

"What is that?" Han Sen stared at the crystal and asked.

Ji Yanran smiled and said, "Feel it. Is there anything different?"

"What would be different?" Han Sen did not know what Ji Yanran meant. In addition to the shock, he did not feel much different, nor was he injured.

Ji Yanran took a file from her desk and placed it in front of Han Sen. She turned the pages over quickly and asked Han Sen to look at the contents. After going through the entire file, she closed the file and put it back, asking, "What is the sixth word on the third line of page 13?"

"You were so fast. How could I possibly…" As Han Sen was about to say how could he possibly remember, he suddenly had the memory of that page in his mind. He remembered clearly that the sixth word of the third line was "black."

"How is that possible? Is it the crystal?" Han Sen looked at the purple crystal in surprise. After the evolution, although his memory was enhanced, it was not this good.

However, when Han Sen looked at the purple crystal again, it was already full of cracks. Han Sen moved his fingers and the purple crystal was suddenly shattered. The fragments of the crystal fell on the floor.

"This kind of crystals excavated from Crystallizer ruins had a special power that could enhance the functions of human brain. The effect was the best in the beginning, and then it gets weaker and weaker. However, a small part of the enhancement was permanent, which was great for the development of human brain," Ji Yanran explained.