Super Gene - Chapter 432: The Impossible Eighth Kick

Chapter 432: The Impossible Eighth Kick

Chapter 432: The Impossible Eighth Kick

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Lu Bin also roared, his kicks going up from the ground, meeting Han Sen's kicks in the air, making sonic booms.


The strength of the kicks from above was too strong for even Lu Bin, the inventor of Seven Kill. After taking five takes, Lu Bin could hardly lift his legs.

The stubbornness of the veteran made him raise his arms, trying to block the two last kicks with his teeth gritted.

Boom boom!

With two loud sounds, Han Sen's last two kicks were also blocked by Lu Bin. However, Lu Bin's arms were broken in the process and fell limp.

At this point, Han Sen was about to land. Lu Bin who knew everything about Seven Kill knew it was the perfect moment for a comeback. Han Sen had used up all his force and had not prepared a new move. In addition, he was in the air so there was no way he could fight back.

Disregarding his broken arms, Lu Bin and used the other one to kick at Han Sen as hard as possible.


However, before Lu Bin's kick was made, Han Sen who was in the air made another kick, hitting right at Lu Bin's chest, making Lu Bin fall back immediately with an incredulous look on his face.

"The eighth kick!" Gasped w.a.n.g Daqing. The reason Seven Kill was called that was because after seven kicks, one's force would be used up and there would be nothing left to make the eighth kick. However, A Soldier On Wars.h.i.+p kicked the eighth times in the air, which was unbelievable.

Not only w.a.n.g Daqing, but all those who had seen and learned Seven Kill knew it was impossible to make the eighth kick, because there was no way for one to leverage on anything in the air.

However, A Soldier On Wars.h.i.+p accomplished that, which was beyond imagination.

Han Sen landed and kicked at Lu Bin who had already lost balance without pause.

Side kick, high kick, crossing kick, leg whipping… Han Sen's leg skills were dazzling, with Killer Kicks fully integrated in his moves. Lu Bin did not have any chance to fight back until he was eliminated.

Although Lu Bin was trying his best to find an opportunity, Han Sen was a master in holding back, so he did not give Lu Bin any chance to make a comeback.

The stands were silent. No one could believe that Lu Bin was beaten with Killer Kicks and that the eighth kick was possible.

"Who is he?" Everyone was staring at A Soldier On Wars.h.i.+p, who gradually faded away and left the Gladiator platform.

The audience could hardly contain themselves. They were either Lu Bin's friends or his students, so they all knew how hard Seven Kill were.

Many people could not even accomplish Seven Kill, let alone the unbelievable eighth kill.

"Captain, who is that person? Is he one of your students?" w.a.n.g Daqing ran to Lu Bin and asked. He could not imagine someone could use Seven Kill like that, unless he was taught by Lu Bin himself.

"I can only even make seven kicks myself, so how can I possibly teach that kind of student?" Lu said and asked, "Did you record the fight just now?"

"Yes," w.a.n.g Daqing nodded and said quickly.

It was rare that Lu Bin would partic.i.p.ate in a fight himself, so his friends got the video down. Many students of Ares Martial Hall also recorded the fight. Initially, they intended to learn from it and did not expect to be able to record such a mind-shattering fight.

"Play it. The eighth kick after Seven Kill… I wonder myself how he achieved that." Lu Bin said.

Everyone was dazed. Even Lu Bin, the inventor of Seven Kill did not understand how A Soldier On Wars.h.i.+p made the eighth kick.

The video was played again and again. They found that after the seventh kick, the soldier indeed had used up his force. However, after that, he had leveraged on the air and made another kick, which was unbelievable to watch.

Lu Bin himself watched repeatedly, but still failed to understand how the soldier leveraged on the air.

Some attention-seeking audience uploaded the video to the Skynet and named it "Killer Kicks: Eight Kill against Seven Kill," attracting a lot of people who had practiced Killer Kicks.

Initially, they all thought it was some kind of a bluff, because everyone who had practiced Seven Kill knew it was impossible to make the eighth kick, which was why Eight Kill was out of the question.

However, after watching the video of the fight, many people became shocked as someone had really made the eighth kick, beating the inventor of Seven Kill, Lu Bin.

The video soon became popular, especially in the military. The soldiers and officers who had practiced Seven Kill were all in awe.

Many had tried to make the seventh kick as well, but they all failed with no exception. Seven kill was the limit, and after finis.h.i.+ng that, it was impossible to make the eighth kick. Unless one had already become a surpa.s.ser and could ignore the limits of human body, it was simply impossible for one to make the eighth kick no matter how strong once fitness was.

In fact, it was normal to fail at the eighth kick, but abnormal to succeed.

The reason that Han Sen could make the eighth kick was not that he was better at Seven Kill them Lu Bin. In fact, in terms of Seven Kill, Han Sen was still weaker.

The reason was simply that Han Sen had studied Seven Twists of the Chens, which allowed one to leverage on the air for seven times if one practiced it well.

Han Sen had seen Seven Twists used by Chen Zichen and Zhu Ting and was very interested in that martial arts. However, Han Sen did not find anything similar after a lot of research. In the end, he found a way to leverage on the air briefly.

However, that cannot be compared to seven twists at all. Han Sen was only able to accomplish that based on his understanding of seven twists, which was his limit already.

In fact, Han Sen really wanted to learn seven twists, but the family secret like this was so hard to get his hands on. Plus, Han Sen had never had the opportunity.

At the same time, on a wars.h.i.+p, a few soldiers in the cookhouse were watching the video of Lu Bin's fight together. A fat soldier saw the eighth kick from A Soldier On Wars.h.i.+p and exclaimed, "that is impossible! How could this be?"