Super Gene - Chapter 426: Hiding Away the Beauty

Chapter 426: Hiding Away the Beauty

Chapter 426: Hiding Away the Beauty

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Before getting certified as a sacred-blood aristocrat, Han Sen first needed to make arrangements for Zero. It was almost impossible for him to get rid of her at this point, so he must consider how to deal with the issue.

Because Zero did not have any legal status, it would be hard for him to put her in the hotel. Han Sen hesitated and decided he had to take her home. It was impossible for him to avoid going home forever.

After spending more time with her, Han Sen was certain that Zero had no trouble in intelligence, nor was she a lunatic or idiot. In addition, she seemed to be quite smart, just did not know much about how to interact with people, which made her look odd.

Before taking Zero home, Han Sen took her to the testing hall. He planned to do a simple strength test himself and ask Zero to take the test to determine how strong she was.

It was easy to do a strength test. If one punched at the device as hard as one could for 3 to 5 times, the device would come up with an accurate average of one's strength score.

Han Sen picked an empty room, pointed at the device and said to Zero, "Hit it with all you got."

Zero followed instructions as always, walked to the device, raised her tender fist, and hit the target hard.

Han Sen quickly looked to the numbers, 97.0472, which was lower than what Han Sen had thought. He thought Zero's fitness should be over 100, while it was less than 100.

Han Sen asked Zero to give it a few more shots, and the number was lower than the first one. The second shot showed 96.8964, and the rest were between the two numbers. It seemed Zero's strength was a bit lower than 100.

However, that was still very impressive. Han Sen walked to the device himself and hit it hard. When he looked at the number, it kept go up and the stayed 70.0006, which made Han Sen quite pleased. This was his maximum estimate.

He then made a few more punches and found that there was almost no variation between the numbers, with the largest difference being 0.0002.

"A fitness level of 70! What a great super body! The sacred bodies would be 30+ at best." Han Sen felt exhilarated. With such a fitness, his cultivation would become much easier.

Han Sen hesitated and summoned the fairy queen to shapes.h.i.+ft. Then he used Heresy Mantra and Overload to hit the target with all he got.


With a huge sound, the number kept flipping up and ended at 81.6735, which made Han Sen overjoyed.

Han Sen's number was not that far from Zero's. Although there was still a difference of a dozen points, Han Sen had already got the ability to fight her. Even if she suddenly went mad, Han Sen still could handle it to some extent.

Furthermore, he had become an evolver, which meant not only his fitness was enhanced greatly, his potentials were also increased. He believed he could make Overload work even better.

In addition, the third phase of Heresy Mantra, longevity, was almost completed. If he could make progress in these two aspects, maybe Han Sen could approach Zero's level even without gaining any geno points.

Also, he could start to practice hyper geno arts on the evolver's level. Thinking of the hyper geno arts that could change the structure of his body cells, Han Sen almost wanted to trade for one at the Saint Hall immediately.

Those kinds of hyper geno arts could increase his strength significantly. Evolvers who had practiced those hyper geno arts were significantly different from those who had not. Han Sen was very happy with this test result and became more familiar with his own fitness level, which would be very helpful in his future hunting endeavors.

According to the investigation conducted by the Alliance, in Second G.o.d's Sanctuary, an ordinary creature had a physique between 0 to 20, a primitive creature had a physique between 20 to 50, a mutant creature had a physique between 50 to 80, while a sacred-blood creature had a physique between 80 to 100 plus.

Spirits had about the same level of physique as creatures, which meant an aristocrat spirit should have a strength between 50 to 80.

Although the numbers could be off, it would not be too much off. The most unstable were the sacred-blood creatures, since many were so strong that their strength was off the charts. Han Sen suspected that those might be super creatures of Second G.o.d's Sanctuary.

With Han Sen's ability so far, he could totally fight a mutant creature or aristocrat spirit alone. Of course, it would be even better if he could practice a few hyper geno arts designed for evolvers beforehand.

In addition, he also had Zero who was approaching 100 in her fitness, so Han Sen could totally wipe out the aristocrat spirit shelter. The restrictions in the growth of Xu You's group was no big deal to Han Sen.

However, Han Sen did not have enough time to do that. He took Zero back to his home, which was not the old house of his family, but a three-bedroom penthouse Han Sen bought himself. Originally, he planned to use it with his girlfriend, but it turned out to be vacant.

A few days back, Han Sen regretted that he had bought this penthouse. Currently, it became handy to accommodate Zero. Han Sen would not feel safe for Zero to live in the old house.

Looking at the ragged clothes Zero was wearing, Han Sen felt he was being inhumane. The girl was following him anyway, so she deserved some decent clothing. Dressing like a refugee was a pity for such a beauty.

Han Sen bought something to wear and a comlink for Zero on the Skynet and asked her to take a shower and change into the new clothes. Zero suddenly turned into a modern sweetheart and fas.h.i.+onista.

"Can you stay here alone? Call me with comlink if you need anything?" Han Sen taught her how to use the comlink and regarded her, fearing that she might insist on following him. He was about to report to Daphne, and she could not appear in the military.

"Okay," Zero replied and nodded.

Han Sen suddenly felt rea.s.sured. Eventually he was able to accommodate this mysterious girl and get down to his own business.

Han Sen taught Zero some more common sense and how to search information on the Skynet, asking her to search whatever she did not understand.

Zero was indeed very smart. She almost understood everything after watching Han Sen do it, which made Han Sen feel more a.s.sured. This way, she will not create any trouble staying here.

Does it count as keeping a mistress? Han Sen touched his chin and thought to himself.

Considering that Zero looked only about fifteen years old, not even an adult yet, Han Sen felt his thought was too evil. He shook his head and dismissed the thought.

The next morning, Han Sen left to get certified as a sacred-blood aristocrat, which was the last important matter he needed to tend to before serving.