Super Gene - Chapter 425: Second God’s Sanctuary

Chapter 425: Second God’s Sanctuary

Chapter 425: Second G.o.d’s Sanctuary

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Han Sen looked at the person and became surprised. The gorgeous figure of Zero appeared in the teleport device.

No… It is impossible that she's an evolver. How can she end up here? Even if she was an evolver, it is highly unlikely for her to end up at the same spot as me. The chance is so slim and there must be something wrong… Han Sen was lost, gazing at Zero.

Han Sen believed there were only two possibilities. One was that Zero was abnormal; the other was that his nine-life cat pendant was problematic. Otherwise, how could Zero end up here?

Zero still acted the same way, standing next to Han Sen like a shadow, her eyes blinking from time to time.

"Okay, you win." Han Sen said with a wry smile, knowing that his beautiful wish to get rid of Zero was wasted.

In fact, Han Sen did not really dislike Zero after spending some time with her. She was someone hard to hate. With a sweet face, she rarely spoke or did anything annoying despite being a tag-along. Han Sen even felt accustomed to her existence. It was just her weird background that made Han Sen feel reluctant to accept her.

However, when he thought about it, Zero had never harmed him. In addition, Zero would probably be a huge help to Han Sen.

With her ability, she could probably even fight sacred-blood creatures in Second G.o.d's Sanctuary. Such a strong and obedient fighter was definitely a great a.s.sistance to Han Sen who had just entered Second G.o.d's Sanctuary.

I have a fitness around sixty or seventy, so it would be easy for me to break 100 if I gain some geno points. At that time, I would be able to match Zero's ability, and then it would no longer be an issue for me to keep her around. Han Sen thought about it, decided to let it go, and crawled out of the hole.

The hole led to a path that was quite twisted. Han Sen and Zero walked for a long while before they saw the light. The moment he saw what was outside, Han Sen was dazed.

All he could see was icebergs and peaks covered in snow. It was also snowing heavily. The world was all white.

On the top of the largest mountain, he could see a white fairytale-like castle vaguely through the flying snowflakes. Because the snow was too heavy, he could barely see the details of the architecture. However, he could still feel how dedicated and beautiful it was in the silver storm.

Han Sen's face suddenly became grim. Although he could not see any details, it was not a building made by man. Otherwise, there would be some modern materials and practical designs, which the castle did not have.

"Spirit shelter!" Han Sen suddenly had an idea, which was not good news to him. Since Han Sen had not spotted a human building but saw a spirit shelter, it was unlikely for him to meet any fellow man. Judging from the looks of the castle, it was probably owned by advanced spirits. If the spirits were too strong and had a large troop of creatures, Han Sen believed he would suffer in his early development.

"Why are you standing there?" A hasty but low voice sounded from Han Sen's back.

Han Sen turned to look and saw a man with his full body covered in Arctic suit waving at them from the depths of the hole. Han Sen suddenly felt a bit pleased to finally see a human.

He took Zero to walk over to the guy. When he was ready to speak, the guy suddenly pulled them inside the ice channel. Before Han Sen even said anything, the guy looked them up and down and said, "you must be new here."

"We just teleported over today," Han Sen answered and check the guy out.

The guy was over twenty the should be less than thirty. He looked quite handsome, but there was a deep exhaustion and helplessness on his face.

"Then you have terrible luck. It would be very hard for you in the future," the guy smiled wryly and said. "Let's go. Let's talk inside so that we don't alarm the ice-armored beasts. They have sensitive ears and could hear a voice a thousand feet away in snowstorm."

"My name is Xu You, and I came here more than a year ago, so I have more experience than you. Here's a piece of advice: do not wander around." The guy was quite easy-going, talking to Han Sen and Zero as he walked.

"Brother, what is this place? Is there a human shelter?" Han Sen asked.

Xu You curled his lips and said, "A human shelter can never be built under such circ.u.mstances. Even one could be built, it would be useless because of the spirit shelter in the mountains. It is a shelter of an aristocrat spirit. In addition to aristocrat spirit, there were a dozen mutant creatures and hundreds of primitive ice-armored beasts. Let me put it this way, all the humans here combined would not be an adequate meal for those guys."

"Is there no evolver with fitness index above 100?" Han Sen asked.

Like creatures, there were four levels of spirits: squire, night, aristocrats, and royalty, which could be king or queen. The four levels corresponded to ordinary, primitive, mutant, and sacred-blood creatures.

An aristocrat spirit was about as strong as a mutant creature. However, because spirits had higher intelligence and the ability to control creatures, they were greater than mutant creatures.

"How could we ever reach 100 in such a s.h.i.+thole? Only seven or eight guys would be a.s.signed here randomly all year-round. Because we are so close to the spirit shelter, we have to travel far to hunt any creatures so that we don't rattle those guys in the spirit shelter. In addition, the creatures nearby were extremely lacking, so we might not even be able to find a creature that falls behind in days. It is difficult to kill even an ordinary creature, so how could we have enough geno points to strengthen our fitness?" Xu You whined.

"Apparently, even the strongest evolver among us only had a fitness level of a little more than sixty. The good thing is that we stick together. Because we help each other, we are able to hunt some creatures. However, it is not likely that we can make any significant achievements. This d.a.m.n place is h.e.l.l. Whoever sent here are just down in luck."

"Haven't you thought about leaving here?" Han Sen asked.

"How do you propose to leave? This place faces the ocean in three directions, only the direction of the spirit shelter leads to land. Besides, we don't even know where we are. Even if we bypa.s.s the spirit shelter, it would be hard for us to locate a human shelter. We would be more than likely to die on the way."

Xu You paused and said, "Don't get ahead of yourself and don't rush anything. Wait here for a couple of days. When more people arrived, we would be able to go farther to hunt. People here are nice, so as long as you do your part, the meat would be shared to you. So stay and gain some geno points, Know this place better, and then consider hunting on your own."

"Thank you so much for the instructions, friend," Han Sen thanked Xu You for being so straightforward.

"Call me Xu You," Xu You smiled and said.

After going back to the ice cave, Han Sen chatted some more with Xu You and got the basic idea about the place. Then he teleported back to the Alliance together with Zero.

Han Sen decided to get certified as a sacred-blood aristocrat. In addition to all the benefits he could get, he would be able to let his sister continue her study at the posh school with confidence.