Super Gene - Chapter 427: Certification as Aristocrat

Chapter 427: Certification as Aristocrat

Chapter 427: Certification as Aristocrat

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It was very crowded in the Certification Bureau. All the service windows had long lines in front of them, but the majority of the people were there for the certification as mutant evolvers and primitive evolvers. Although the mutant evolvers also had the status of aristocrat, their status was significantly lower than sacred-blood aristocrats.

Men were doing better and better in First G.o.d’s Sanctuary, and more and more people were able to kill a super creature. However, those who could max out on sacred geno points were still quite limited.

Seeing how crowded it was, Han Sen joined a shorter line and waited there. The line was moving rather slow, and there was nothing Han Sen could do other than keep waiting.

Because some tests must be run, there was no way for him to apply online. Han Sen had to come in person and wait.

"Brother, you are so young to become an evolver. You must be less than twenty-three?" Someone in front of Han Sen, who looked around thirty years old was quite talkative and started to chat with Han Sen, seeing that the line was not moving.

"Almost." Han Sen smiled. In fact, he had not even had his twenty-first birthday yet.

"You must have maxed out on your primitive geno points already?" The guy asked again.

"My primitive geno points are maxed out, yes." Han Sen nodded.

"The young people nowadays are so great. Maxing out on primitive geno points at such a young age. Back when we started, there were very few master fighters. Every time we killed a primitive creature, we had to work together, and a few of us would always get hurt…" The guy felt nostalgic.

"Brother, you must have maxed out on mutant geno points?" Han Sen quickly asked.

The guy straightened up his back and said contently, "After so many years, I have eventually maxed out. Brother, you should stay there for a few years more. There is a huge difference between maxing out on mutant geno points and primitive geno points. The status of mutant aristocrat could make your life much easier…"

A lot of people near them started to cast envious glance am the guy. Maxing out on mutant geno points and becoming an evolver around thirty years old was something heavenly for ordinary people. After all, for modern humans, thirty years old was just a beginning, with a bright future ahead.

Four mutant evolvers, thirty years old was young. There were many patient people who would wait to max out mutant geno points when they were forty or fifty years old. Since evolvers had a lifespan of 300 years old, it was okay for someone to become a mutant evolver when they were fifty or sixty.

Of course, there were many young people who could not wait. And many of them would choose to evolve with just primitive geno points maxed out. People had different strategies and plans about life, and there was no right or wrong about it.

"What is to brag about? Isn’t it shameful to evolve on mutant geno points when you’re already thirty years old. If I were you, I would not even show face in public for the shame," snorted a young man waiting in line, annoyed at the guy’s words.

The guy suddenly flushed and exclaimed madly, "What’s wrong with thirty years old? I am a mutant evolver after all, which is much better than a primitive evolver like you."

"Who told you I’m a primitive evolver? You think everyone is as dumb as you and evolve so late? Have you ever seen a twenty-year-old guy who had already maxed out on mutant geno points? I am a decade faster than you are," said the young man with his nose in the air.

The guy suddenly became silent, his face flushed and fists clenched. However, he felt powerless to argue.

Other evolvers in line all felt envious about the young man, hearing he had already maxed out on his mutant geno points. A few girls even started to wink at him.

A mutant evolver as young as twenty years old had a bright future ahead of him. Successful men like this were very popular among girls.

"Friend, you can’t put it that way. If there were no previous generations that had fought and learned about the creatures in G.o.d’s Sanctuary, if it were not for the meat and beast souls that they brought back, how would we have meat to eat, beast souls to depend on and experience to learn from? And how could you have maxed out on mutant geno points so soon? We are only making these achievements on the shoulders of them. You don’t have to be grateful, but you can’t disrespect them," Han Sen couldn’t help saying.

Thanks to the previous generations, humans were able to make today’s achievements. The earlier people entered G.o.d’s Sanctuary, the more they had suffered. People in First G.o.d’s Sanctuary these days were already very blessed.

"Brother, well said," said the guy.

The older people all felt touched by Han Sen’s words. Two or three decades ago, the environment of First G.o.d’s Sanctuary was much worse than it was at this point. At that time, not to mention sacred-blood creatures, people would even need to take tremendous risks when hunting mutant creatures.

Circ.u.mstances had been much different. As long as one was patient, it would be easy for someone to max out on mutant geno points at 30 to 40 years old.

"The week or the week. Cut the c.r.a.p. What’s the point of acting nice when you are just a primitive evolver?" The young man gave Han Sen a stare and said, disdained.

"No matter strong or weak, you must have basic politeness. Otherwise, what’s the difference between you and those creatures?" Han Sen said quietly.

The young man’s expression changed. He felt embarra.s.sed and said with his eyes fixed on Han Sen, " always have all the excuses in the world. If you’re capable, we should argue this out with fists. If you can beat me, you can say whatever you want. Otherwise, shut up."

Han Sen shrugged and said nothing. He had been through so much that he was no longer interested in such meaningless argument. Not interested in wasting a single minute on this young man, Han Sen would never fight him physically.

Seeing that Han Sen had not responded, the young man felt Han Sen must be scared of himself. He made some sarcastic remarks, and Han Sen ignore them.

The guy could not stand watching any longer and wanted to argue with the young men. However, Han Sen pulled him aside and said, "Brother, it is almost your turn. Just focus on the business and did not get serious with a kid."

" are full of excuses," the young man said sourly.

Han Sen did not pay him any mind. People like this young man only dared to be so arrogant in the Alliance, was put on the gladiator, he would definitely have some punching coming. If he acted this way in the G.o.d’s Sanctuary, he would probably have died already.

The young man seemed to feel uncomfortable under such public attention and did not say anything more. Everyone went back to waiting.

After a long while, the guy in front of Han Sen had finished his certification as a mutant evolver, and it was Han Sen’s turn.