Super Gene - Chapter 424: Unsettling in the Mind

Chapter 424: Unsettling in the Mind

Chapter 424: Unsettling in the Mind

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Han Sen looked to his mind and saw the cursed wolf, golden growler, holy angel, and other super beast souls were sitting in a circle, staring at one thing greedily with fierce looks.

Meowth and beetle knight were standing afar, clearly coveting the item as well. However, they were afraid of the seven super beast souls and did not dare to come any closer.

Han Sen’s eyes fell on the item in the center of the super beast souls and became overjoyed. The black crystal which he failed to find in his own body had somehow entered his mind and hovering there. What the beast souls were eyeing was exactly the black crystal.

"How did this end up in my mind? Can I still take it out?" Han Sen focused his mind on the black crystal, but it did not move at all. Obviously, it was not like a beast soul which would respond to Han Sen’s thought.

Han Sen frowned slightly. Since the black crystal could not be moved at his thought, it would be difficult to get it out.

Glancing at the beast souls that were trying to take the black crystal for themselves, Han Sen suddenly thought, maybe this black crystal could be fed to not only creatures, but also beast souls?

Han Sen looked around and found that he had sold most of his beast souls, except for the super beast souls, Meowth, and beetle knight, as well as a few primitive beast souls that he did not manage to sell.

Those primitive beast souls were s.h.i.+vering far away from the crystal, unable to bear the horrendous aura of the super beast souls. If they could, they probably would have wet themselves already.

Han Sen controlled a primitive copper-toothed beast to walk toward the black crystal. The primitive beast soul looked incredulous and surprised. However, it was quivering under the glare of the super beast souls.

Even the super beast souls could not disobey Han Sen’s order. They had to watch the primitive beast walking toward the black crystal.

Han Sen was simply testing on the copper-toothed beast to see if the black crystal could be fed to beast souls the same way it was fed to creatures. Once Han Sen made sure there was no risks, he would then feed the black crystal to the advanced beast souls.

As the copper beast was walking toward the black crystal in fear, a figure suddenly moved on its own, grabbing the black crystal before the primitive beast. It was the holy angel.

Han Sen frowned. Ever since the holy angel swallowed the meat of the golden growler, she became somewhat different. Sometimes she would act voluntarily, although it was still within certain boundaries.

Han Sen initially wanted to order the holy angel to let go of the black crystal but hesitated as the holy angel looked at him expectantly with puppy eyes, yearning for the black crystal.

Thinking of the fact that the holy angel could further evolve, Han Sen decided to let her have it. Since she wanted it so much, it should not be harmful to her.

With Han Sen’s order, holy angel became overjoyed and swallowed the black crystal in her hand.

Han Sen was dazed. If he knew this was an option, there was no need for him to take the risks and swallow the black crystal. He could have fed it to one of his beast souls.

Indeed, I am still too young. In the future I must think twice before I act. Han Sen criticized himself inwardly. Luckily, nothing went wrong this time.

After the holy angel swallowed the black crystal, she suddenly huddled up, her body glistening with holy aura as if she were in heaven. The aura quickly turned into a gigantic coc.o.o.n of light, hugging the holy angel. And then everything became calm again. The coc.o.o.n of light was hovering in Han Sen’s mind, throbbing with a special rhythm of life.

All the other beast souls became disappointed and scattered. The most disappointed among them was the copper-toothed beast.

Han Sen looked at the coc.o.o.n of light, which did not seem to be changing anymore. Han Sen decided not to pay attention to his mind for a while.

"I wonder what the holy angel would become after another evolution?" Han Sen felt expectant and excited.

The black crystal could be fed only to the creatures but also the beast souls. If the black crystal could make primitive beast souls turn into sacred-blood beast souls, and even super beast souls, then its ability was simply appalling.

Although Han Sen was strong in fitness, it will still take him some time before he could kill a sacred-blood creature in Second G.o.d’s Sanctuary. It was certain that the sacred-blood creatures in Second G.o.d’s Sanctuary all had a fitness level above 100. As for the super creatures in Second G.o.d’s Sanctuary, since no one had ever killed one so far, Han Sen had no idea how strong they were.

If the black crystal could be fed to beast souls of Second G.o.d’s Sanctuary and turn them into super beast souls, then Han Sen would not suffer as much on his way to hunt super creatures in Second G.o.d’s Sanctuary.

However, it was just Han Sen’s own wish. He did not know how effective the black crystal was yet.

After going out of the scanning device, Han Sen looked at Zero who was waiting for him outside and thought, this time I enter G.o.d’s Sanctuary again, I will appear in Second G.o.d’s Sanctuary, so there would be no way for you to follow me anymore.

In order to get rid of Zero, Han Sen directly walked toward the teleport device, took a deep breath, and chose to teleport.

This was his first time to enter Second G.o.d’s Sanctuary, so the location he would be teleported to was random. Han Sen was praying that he would be sent to somewhere ruled by humans, which would be much more conducive to his cultivation.

If unfortunately, he was sent to a place where there were all creatures with no human, or where there was a large spirit shelter, it would be difficult for him to even survive.

Whichever G.o.d is listening, please give me blessings to end up in a nice spot. Han Sen was praying to all the G.o.ds in the world before he started the teleport device.

After a temporary lightheadedness, Han Sen was no longer in the teleport device. What he saw was a huge ice cave.

The ice surround him was as tough as gla.s.s, probably having been frozen for centuries. Ice cones and columns were hanging from the ceiling of the ice cave. There was nothing but coldness, except for the teleport device under Han Sen’s feet.

"What is this d.a.m.ned place?" Han Sen looked around and only saw one hole leading to the outside. He wondered what was outside.

It was impossible for human to build a shelter in such a place. Even if there were humans, it was highly unlikely they would live in this cave. Han Sen still had hope and wanted to crawl out of the hole to have a look.

Before Han Sen acted, he suddenly saw a blur in the teleport device, and someone else appeared there.